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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Virgo

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Romance and friendship

Money is a key factor and high on your agenda throughout 2014, and because Mars and Uranus the excitable, unpredictable and fiery tend to dominate this part of your life. Be careful with  how you handle your finances.

Neptune’s presence in your zone of partnerships may also hint at a greater need to scrutinise the people you wish to become involved with throughout 2014. If you have an entrepreneurial streak, the analysis of prospective business partners will pay off and you won’t necessarily be hoodwinked and taken advantage of.

Generally, your relationships will continue to undergo transformations due to the presence of Pluto in your zone of love affairs. 

Romance and Friendship

You want so much more love this year, but you may be confused about  how to take your affections to the next level. Neptune, the planet of spirituality and idealism, can put a veil on relationships. Looking at things as they rather than how you would like them to be could take your relationships in a completely different direction. This means you could be in for a reality check. Read the signals, especially if those you are deeply involved with are not being straight with you.

Truth will be a key word for you throughout 2014, but this can be a bitter pill to swallow, particularly if you are slow to see what's going on. The reverse could also be the case, Virgo. You may be trying to present some aspect of your personality to the one you love that  is not in keeping with who you are. Being consist on will be one of your greatest challenges, not just for the coming year, but for years to come as Neptune will be spending a long time in your zone of marriage and key partnerships.

There is an obsessive quality to your love life in the early part of the year, especially after February, and this is because of the combination of Venus and Pluto. Mercury and Neptune also tend to create some confused thinking, and you’ll realise that you need to take some drastic measures to reorient your partner along the path you’ve chosen.

Passions are strong in March, especially when Venus and Mars cause you to impulsively seek out new alliances. Be careful because there is an indication that money may be the source of problems in your partnerships. Look at what you want in an honest manner and be consistent in your actions. Remember, love is a verb. Without a practical expression of this noble feeling, either from you or your partner, you could be setting yourself up for a fall.

Expect a new lease of life in your relationships this year. In the first week of the year, the New Moon, along with the combination of Pluto, Mercury and Venus, should pave the way for some new alliances, or at least the renewal and reinvigoration of your current relationships.              

After the 11th of January, your affections will steady when Venus and Saturn indicate a more sobering type of communication that can get to the heart of problems and clear the air. Around the same time, the bright power of the Sun adds it weight to the mix and ensures a smoother path for your relationships.

There is an obsessive quality to your love life in the early part of February due to the combination of Venus and Pluto. [C3]You could expect some heated debates around the 16th, but this will not be too antagonistic as Mercury and Mars are in supporting aspect. Around the 19th, however, things could slow down and you need to be sure that your words are expressed in a way that doesn’t evoke negative reactions.

The conjunction of Venus and Neptune is a significant transit on the 12th of April. At the same time, around the 15th, Mercury and Jupiter create a conflicting astrological pattern. This means that you may be expecting too much from your relationships and could be let down.

A very important transit occurs in the early part of April when Venus moves to the marital zone of your horoscope. It will spend much of this month and May bringing beneficial energy to your relationships. You’ll find that you and your partner are more attractive and this should be a great time for you both. When Venus moves to the upper part of your horoscope, love will play an even more prominent role this year. Expect your relationships, even those of a professional nature, to be more exciting and alluring, and something may suddenly click around the 7th of July when Venus and Uranus aspect each other favourably. Mercury brings with it great friendship after the 13th of July, and your social circumstances should also be enhanced.

Your attractiveness is highlighted by Venus’ presence in your Sun sign after the 6th of September. Throughout this period and until the end of the year, you’ll feel much more confident about your powers of persuasion and ability to attract others. You’ll be prepared to take bigger gambles when Mars and Jupiter trine each other in a favourable aspect after the 9th of October, but be careful not to overstep the bounds of good taste.

You’ll have a lot more dynamic energy for love, relationships and creativity from the 16th of November when Mars aspects the Sun from your fifth zone of love affairs. Venus once again enters this amorous zone on the 11th of December, ensuring an emotionally uplifting conclusion to the year.  

Work and money
monthly special

A surge of energy can be expected this year with Mars stirring up the financial pot with Uranus. As I mentioned earlier, if you can steady yourself and not be impulsive in your financial transactions, you can rely on your Virgo nature to keenly investigate any opportunity before rushing into speculative ventures.

By using your deductive powers and logic, you’ll quickly spot opportunities that are real and those that aren’t. There may be plenty of opportunities arising throughout the year as the New Moon is in your zone of speculation, along with Pluto, Mercury, Venus and the Sun. This could mean that you have too many irons in the fire. If you want to tap your inner power to make money, you will have to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else, even if those other things appear tantalisingly attractive. Discipline will be your key word this year.

Venus is your primary income planet, along with the Moon. Fortunately, you have Jupiter in the sign of Cancer this year, which means that your profits may be up. But with Mars in your zone of income, you may have a false sense of security, so balance these factors before venturing out to spend.

Business owners can expect a reasonably good period as the beneficial energies of Jupiter and its retrogression at the start of the year ensure some big opportunities that you can capitalise on.

Friends will also be of great assistance this year due to Jupiter’s presence in the zone of profit and friendship. Try not to take everything that is said on face value. You may be so excited about what’s on offer that you overlook one of your basic astrological traits - analysis.

Because Uranus is in the eighth house, it shows that you can transform your financial reality by delving deeply into your physic and spiritual nature and allowing those flashes of inspiration to help you make important financial decisions. This seems to contradict what said about using your rational mind, but a delicate balance between these two extremes will yield the best results for you in 2014.

The right angle of the Sun to Mars on the 3rd of January shows us that you are likely to be impulsive when making financial decisions. This means that your expenses have not been well thought out. Wait, and look before you leap!

Debts can escalate quite dramatically when the Sun enters your sixth zone of debts and workplace activities. You may find yourself working harder just to keep up with the expenses you are adding to your budget.

In contrast, the period of the 15th of February onwards is better for you, so try to find a more effective way of channelling your financial resources and energies. The Sun and Mars give a dynamic lift to your physical capability, and if you felt tired, you’ll experience a boost in your physical vitality, and your appetite for earning will be strong.

Jupiter intensifies its energy around the 6th of March, so expect a window of opportunity through introductions or friends who can help you achieve your financial objectives.

Be careful on the 23rd of April when Mars and Pluto cause heavy financial losses. Don’t allow others to coerce you into parting with money when your intuition tells you otherwise. This may also occur around the 15th and the 29th of May, when the Sun and Neptune are at odds with each other, and again on the 14th of June, when the Mars and Pluto square is also prominent in your horoscope.

When your finance planet, Venus, enters the eleventh house of profits on the 19th of July, you can expect additional income, or at least some light at the end of the tunnel that instils confidence in you. You’ll feel better about making plans in all areas of your life because you’ll have more money to cover those expenses.

Jupiter, the beneficent planet, moves to the twelfth house of expenses after the 16th of July. This shows that your generosity may also contribute to your expenses. Pick your mark before giving away your hard-earned cash.

You could put the brakes on after the 27th of August when Venus and Saturn enter a square aspect. You’ll realise from practical experience the value of money. This is a time when you can save for a rainy day.

It may be difficult for you to get your head around financial planning, but this may be necessary after the 13th of September. This is a time when you should sit down and carefully plan out what you intend to do financially. By the 5th of October, when Mars and Uranus enter a wonderful aspect, you’ll feel confident that your strategy for that rainy day can be made a reality. This may also tie in with some real estate assets, or utilising some of your equity in an intelligent way.

Partnerships are important, especially if you are in business, and from the 28th of October there are strong indications that those in business can help further your interests.

In the last part of the year, you must also be careful not to allow a false sense of security to get the better of you. Venus moving through the fifth zone of speculation and Jupiter remaining in the twelfth could spell trouble if you are expecting to get something for nothing. Remember, balance your hard work with due diligence when it comes to any form of investment or speculation.     

Mercury is your career planet, and Uranus also has much to say about your workplace activities. Let’s look at the dates when Mercury will enter the zones of your horoscope to bring you career opportunities in 2014.

The trine aspect between Mercury and Mars on the 25th of January hints at additional income while it moves through your zone of workplace activities. This is a time when you can prove to your employer that your hard work and presence in the business is an asset. Don’t be scared to speak up. On the 1st of February, when Mercury enters the seventh house of public relations, you can also showcase your communication skills and intellectual abilities.

Other key dates include the 16th of February and, the 1st, 15th,18th and the 27th of March, when the Sun and Jupiter promise bigger and better things. Put your best foot forward and ask for what you want at these times.

Mercury enters your tenth zone of professional opportunities on the 8th of May. This is a particularly important period and may be one of the most important for landing that position you seek. Communications of all sorts will be very important and you should revamp your CV and communicate with people you can help you attain that desired position or job.

The Sun will enhance this prospect around the 21st of May, and you can successfully follow up any other opportunities on the 20th of June, the 23rd of June when Venus enters your zone of professionalism, the 13th of July, the 18th of October and also the 28th of October when contracts should go your way.     

Karma, luck and meditation

Your future karma hinges on the coming 12 months, and with so many new planets and a New Moon kick-starting the year, your spiritual awareness is very strong. When Saturn and Venus are in good aspects this year, your past and future karma will be positive and the fruits of your past actions will start to bear fruit. Venus favourably aspects Saturn on the 25th of February, and it does the same on the 25th of April. Because Venus is in your marital zone at this time, there may be some good fortune coming your way through your partnerships, spouse or lover.

Mercury, your ruling planet, aspects Venus on the 16th of May, and until the 29th of May, when Venus enters the past karma zone, some advantageous events can occur. Your spiritual instincts will be strong and you may even seek out or revive past spiritual activities or rituals.

Although you may be very much attracted to friends and socialising throughout June, this could change when Mercury enters the zone of compassionate help for others on the 1st of August. Your selfless side will come to the fore and you will be interested in doing something to uplift those who are less fortunate than yourself.

On the 21st of September, the 13th of November and, importantly, the 26th of November, your karmic patterns are again auspicious and you will see the positive results of your past actions being realised.


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