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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Taurus

Ruling Planet: Venus

Romance and friendship

There comes a time in our lives, Taurus, when our values are completely out of sync with our lifestyle. When this happens, incredible changes take place. This is exactly what is going to happen to you in the coming 12 months.

In your horoscope, a cluster of planets astrologers call a Stellium, which includes Venus, Mercury, Pluto, the Sun and the Moon, congregate in your ninth zone of the higher mind, philosophy and morale values. The tough aspect from Mars and Uranus, as well as Jupiter at the commencement of the year, also set the trend for what should be some challenging changes, but if you embrace these changes, it will be an exciting year.

The most intense area of your life will be your romantic involvements, as shown by Saturn in your marital zone throughout the whole of 2014. With the beneficial influence of Jupiter in this sector, however, any trials and tribulations you experience will ultimately be an extraordinary learning curve for you, bringing deep insights into yourself and others. This is a year for change, but you must be prepared to embrace what is to come.

Romance and Friendship

For most star signs, Saturn is a feared planet, but in your case it governs excellent astrological directions. This, karmically, makes it your best planet. This doesn’t mean that you are not going to have your challenges, as indicated at the outset, but meeting your emotional and marital challenges with a positive attitude will bring immense results to you, leading you to a new level of awareness and a deeper bond of affection between you and your significant other.

If you have been keeping a lid on your feelings and felt unable to articulate your frustrations, this will continue until the latter part of July when Mars, a not-so-friendly planet for you, makes its entry into your most important marital zone. This will herald the start of a new cycle where you will want to challenge your spouse or partner and get to the bottom of the problems that have been troubling you.

I have often described the combination of Mars and Saturn like a person at the wheel of a car with one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator. We all know what that means, don’t we? A lot of burning rubber, smoke and no movement, which means it’s not easy to get to your destination. My advice between July and September is to take a calm and non-reactive approach to what’s bothering you and, if necessary, wait it out and discuss them after these transits have passed, no matter how compelled you are to push the issue.

There are some relieving planetary aspects, so I don’t want you to think that it is all doom and gloom in the romance department, because it is not. Your ruling planet, Venus, punctuates what seems to be a dire period with some excellent, loving energy, especially in March, April and then again in June, September (when it will be most needed to counteract the Mars and Saturn influence) and then very significantly in late October, when it moves into your zone of marriage. It is at this time that peace is likely to be made.

I have touched on the general timing of events, but now let’s have a look at the important transits of your ruling planets and when they are likely to bring you some romantic benefits.

Leading up to the 17th of January, Venus and Mars produce some angst in your relationships, but this is probably because you are looking for something more and greener pastures will certainly be on your mind. Redirect these energies into more social activities, especially around the 20th, when the Sun moves into your social sphere.

Because Venus moves to and fro in its retrograde motion, you will experience some of these niggling and unfulfilled passions around the 3rd of March. After the 6th, some exciting new friendships and possibly even romance may emerge from your networking and social connections. A low-key period can be expected between the 6th and 25th of April when Venus passes through the quieter zone of your horoscope and makes a positive aspect to Saturn just before the solar eclipse on the 29th.  This may bring you in contact with family members, and there will have a connection to your married life or your romantic involvements. There may also be some disapproval over your choice of partners by members of your family or friends.

The 3rd of May is an excellent date as it indicates the transit of Venus into your Sun sign. This is always welcome because it brings with it a soothing and attractive energy that draws people to you. Don’t be too cocky and proud, especially between the 11th and 19th of May, as your ruling planet enters into difficult aspects with Mars, the Sun, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, bringing with it a mixed bag of energies that can throw you into emotional confusion.

Important transits relating to your love life happen around the 16th of July with the all-important and beneficial Jupiter moving to your zone of love affairs and creativity. Expect an upswing in your romantic life at this time. This is a very positive influence.

If you are looking for something a little wilder or more unusual, then look no further than the 1st of August when Venus aspects Uranus. You will be taking a walk on the wild side and have a strong need to explore the unknown. Towards the end of the month, after the 27th, you’ll need to be on your best behaviour as diplomacy will win out over antagonism. Talk calmly through your problems.

A much better phase in your relationships takes place after the 30th of September when Venus enters into your zone of marital affairs. Once again, you must not be too compulsive about sorting out any lingering issues. Patience is required, and if you can manage to hang on until the

28th of October, the influence of Neptune on Venus allows you to realise some of your passionate ideals in love.

The end of the year is excellent as Venus moves into the upper part of the horoscope, ensuring a satisfactory romantic close for 2014.

Work and money
monthly special

One of the highlights of 2014 is the presence of Jupiter in your zone of contracts, communications and daily activities. This planet indicates expansive processes, the ability to grow and achieve success through work, and an ability to negotiate. Bear in mind, however, that Jupiter brings with it some debt or liabilities to Taurus-born individuals, so you need to be prepared to step up to the plate and take some risks this year, but without going overboard.

The other advantage of Jupiter in this sector is that it influences, very powerfully, your zone of business partnerships. For those of you who prefer to go it alone, might I suggest that you consider throwing open the doors and enlist the help of others who will be able to achieve your goals more easily. As the old adage goes, ‘Many hands make light work’.

Speaking of partnerships, the presence of Saturn in your zone of business affiliations tells us that you should work with older, more experienced people, even if that may not be ‘cool’. Remember when I mentioned the positive influence of Saturn as your supremely good ally? Well, this planet’s slow but lucky movement in your zone of partnerships gives us a big hint as to where your best fortunes lie in the next 12 months.

Although you have some secret ideas you wish to develop, you’re warned against being rash, impulsive and pushy. This is due to the opposition aspect of Mars and Uranus, which also tells us quite a bit about your attitude to your work environment. Follow the slow and steady energies of Saturn rather than exploding onto the scene with your bright and fresh ideas. You need to rely on your steady Taurean nature to guide you through these exceptionally exciting but also precarious business cycles in 2014.

Legal issues or some bureaucratic entanglements may be part of your fate this year, as shown by the cluster of planets in the ninth zone of legal happenings. Don’t get too bogged down in trying to win a fight that may drain your resources and exhaust your mind. Balance the pros and cons, and look at the return on your investment, both creatively and financially. This is the key to coming out on top this year.

Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter are all important planets for Taurus as they signify personal income and profits if you happen to be independently employed. We can see that Jupiter and Neptune have a more long-term effect, so let’s look at how the opposition of Jupiter to Pluto across your work and family axis sets the trend this year.

Power plays seem to be part of your destiny, so you need to be careful with how you balance work and play. Family may be demanding, but employers are too, so divided loyalties will present a problem as the year commences. Finding inner and outer equanimity is essential to finding satisfaction in these key areas of your life.

Because Jupiter moves through your zone of property and family throughout the early part of the year, you will be spending considerable amounts of money beautifying your house and trying to improve your living space, especially after the 2nd week of July. Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun brighten and accentuate your interest in real estate and other fixed assets throughout August. Between late August and September, the connection of Venus to Jupiter is very lucky, so financial upliftment is likely during this period. You may look at investment properties to help you gain the edge financially.

When the Sun moves to the sixth zone of debts and health issues, you must be careful not to overwork. This takes place between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September. My advice is that you should spend some time nourishing yourself and not getting too obsessed with money.

Some sudden but fortuitous financial event may occur after the 26th of September with the powerful and positive aspect from Jupiter to Uranus. Expect the unexpected at this time. This also heralds a new cycle of confidence in your business when things can take shape and move forward, but probably from unexpected quarters.

The entry of Venus into your career zone on the 11th of December marks a successful professional cycle when you can anticipate increased cash flow.

There are several key dates that you should watch out for, and the first of those is the 1st of February when Venus enters your zone of career. You won’t need to make too much of an effort to increase your prospects of a promotion. A small nudge to your employer should be enough, but don’t miss this opportunity.

Although the Sun is moving in the zone of workplace activities, it is particularly powerful after the 23rd of August and you must be extremely careful in weighing up your options. You have your eye on the money, but you could overlook what’s involved in committing yourself to a new position and it may run you ragged. Make sure you maintain your quality of life if you do go for a new job at this time.

Approaching employers, both within your existing organisation or else- where, can bring you success after the 11th of October. Don’t take the first position on offer, however, as you may be somewhat impulsive up until the 10th of November.

When Mars transits towards the upper part of your horoscope around the 11th of November, some excellent opportunities arise and your leadership potential is clearly visible to those who count. On the 11th of December, when Venus enters your zone of career, you may be surprised to find and plugging into the social and cultural scene to showcase your talents and good looks. Venus is favourable on the 25th of August, after the 30th of September, the 17th of November and finally on the 11th of December when it hits the pinnacle of your horoscope, bringing with it renewed popularity and success.

Karma, luck and meditation

It is essential for you to take time out this year, and some of the important dates for doing so occur when your ruling planet moves to the quiet, meditative zone of your horoscope after the 6th of April. Because Uranus will also occupy this part of the zodiac, you may find instant, sudden flashes of insight that may not be easy to articulate, but which have a very long-lasting effect on your life, emotions and attitude to life.

The twelfth zone of your horoscope has much to do with sharing, charities and humane projects. You may feel prompted to do something out of the ordinary this year, particularly during the phase up to and including the 3rd of May, when you may discover a cause that will open your heart and elevate you spiritually.

Your key spiritual planet is Saturn, and we seem to keep coming back to this throughout 2014. The biggest challenge, but also the most liberating influence, is to work through and understand your role in relationships. Look at others as a mirror to yourself and remember that the difficult or irritating personality traits you see in others only point at some psycho- logical complex within yourself. By doing this, you’ll limit your critical attitude and improve your own personality in the process. This will be a major revelation to many Taureans.

The big challenge happens in late July when Mars moves into the same position as Saturn. Biting your tongue and redirecting the flashlight of awareness on your own shortcomings is difficult, but it will be a key factor in your spiritual evolution, especially over the coming 12 months.


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