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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Scorpio

Ruling Planets: Pluto, Mars

Romance and friendship

You have been a lot more cautious in the way you live your life, and you have probably felt somewhat jaded by your professional and personal relationships. But the excellent influence of Jupiter brings a positive new spin on your life in 2014 . 

Unlike the last year or two, you will be more likely to open up to new social opportunities, travel and communication. This Jupiter aspect is also influenced by Mars, and it warns that you shouldn’t invite too many people into your immediate personal circle until you adequately size them up. 

The very important transit of Neptune continues in your zone of creativity and love affairs and indicates the beginning of new creative adventures and a deeper, inspirational attitude to life. 

Romance and Friendship

You may begin to idealise love due to Neptune’s extraordinary influence on your life, and this can cut both ways, Scorpio. Firstly, you may meet people who are very much in tune with your spiritual ideals and who truly understand where you are coming from.  To be able to share these deeper values in life is not always easy, and when you do come across someone who resonates with you, it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack. The downside, however, is that you may project your dreams and fantasies onto anyone and everyone, and you may believe that the person you have met is ‘the one’.  Try not to put people on a pedestal until you find out more about them. 

Jupiter and Neptune dominate your horoscope during 2014, and being in the triangular direction of the zodiac, they talk of the deep need for spiritual connectivity in love, romance and intimate relationships. You also have a very powerful conjunction of five planets in your zone of communication as the year begins, but this conjunction is adversely affected by Mars and Uranus. While you may be communicating on one level, believing that you are making incredible inroads into a deep and meaningful relationship, the other person may not be on the same page. Stop, listen and try to understand where your partner is coming from, or you may make the mistake of assuming that you both have the same goals in your relationship. 

Mars in your twelfth zone of secrets and, to some extent, sexual activity, doesn’t pull any punches in the bedroom. You want a more sensate expression of your feelings and reciprocation from your partner. With Mercury and Mars making a hard aspect in January, this sets the trend for some rather unpredictable and possibly even negative discussions surrounding this very sensitive area of your relationship.

Try to address issues of sexuality and intimacy as they arise rather than bottling up these feelings and exploding, which will only create more tension in your relationships.  This piece of advice will help you bypass any long-term problems that may result from pent-up feelings and sexual frustration. 

As well as desiring deep intimacy throughout the coming 12 months, having a happy family life and a space in which you can share your romantic ideals will be equally important, especially between the 12th and the 18th of January.  Venus and the Sun produce magnificent effects, and up until the 22nd you should be reasonably happy. But don’t forget to air your grievances after the 22nd as you may start to feel as if there is a creative block between you and the one you love. 

Venus, the planet of love for Scorpio, spends the first part of the year in the lower part of the horoscope, which means that the predominating influences are family and domestic issues. After the 6th of April, however, you will find a renewal of feelings for your partner and a strong creative urge, particularly with Venus coming into contact with Neptune at this time.  As a result, you can share your creative and spiritual endeavours with that person close to your heart. 

The transit of Venus to your zone of marriage and public relations on the 29th of May indicates powerful feelings of love. Around this time there will be dynamic physical and emotional energy thanks to the combined influence of the Sun, Mars and Pluto, and this influence should bear upon you until the 9th of June.  You can expect a more physical, lusty appetite during this phase of the year. Your feelings could be much cooler due to additional responsibilities around the 13th when Venus is challenged by the Sun and Saturn.  Mars and Pluto also indicate intense power struggles, and this could cause you to retreat into your shell.  You will need time to reappraise your feelings and gain a better perspective on love. 

Another peak period is after the 12th of August when Venus transits the upper part of your horoscope. This is a time when you will showcase your finer attributes to make a greater impression on the world around you. This will no doubt continue to bring benefits up to the 6th of September, and then more strongly up until the 15th, when the favourable influence of Pluto makes you magnetically powerful and attractive to the world at large. 

On the 24th of October, Venus enters your Sun sign and this is always a good period to ‘bring it on’.  You will be feeling charming, magnetic and easily able to sway members of the opposite sex.  Use this power to attract the right sort of people into your life up until the 17th of November. 

Lucky influences on the 5th of December are noticeable, and this is because Venus and Jupiter bless you with gifts, opportunities and a feeling of wellbeing, which should continue until the end of the year.  

Work and money
monthly special

Becoming less distracted will be one of your key challenges in 2014.  You have a tendency to say yes to too many people, which depletes your energies and fails to achieve what your Scorpio destiny has intended for you.  This is a year of focus, as shown by the transit of Saturn and its extraordinarily strong influence on your zone of career.  This means that your concentration will be a force to be reckoned with. 

Because your finance and future karma planet, Jupiter, is transiting your zone of past karma this year, you will be able to capitalise on lucky opportunities, and this will be noticeable on and off throughout the year. Due to your good actions in the past, people will remember what you have done.

To tap your moneymaking powers, you must also learn the art of knowing what to discard and what to keep. This year you will be inundated with brilliant new ideas, but be careful, Scorpio, because not all of them will yield positive results, and the return on investment may not be as good as you expect. Neptune in your fifth zone of creative power, and Mars, one of your ruling planets, in the zone of waste, shows that you may exert a lot of energy trying to get projects up and running only to find that your good intentions amounted to nothing. Carefully plan your work before investing time, energy and love into something that may be a waste of time. 

This wastefulness may also come in the form of people who want to use you to achieve their ends. This is shown by the hard aspects to the sixth zone of servants, helpers and contractors. Those of you in business may find that you are too trusting. Some people need to be scrutinised more carefully before you pay them money for work that is going to be less than adequate.  This will save you a lot of time and money. 

With Jupiter in the upper part of your horoscope in what is considered the most spiritual direction of the zodiac, there is every reason to believe that your work should contain some element of spiritual energy.  This means that your work should just be a purely a mechanical, material activity. 

Make sure that you discriminate between deserving individuals and those who are trying to use you for their own selfish ends.  Unfortunately, some of these people may come in the form of good friends.  The moral of the story is that you can tap your best moneymaking powers by choosing activities that will pay off and people who will be worth the investment of your love and energy. 

The overriding factor throughout 2014 is the lucky transit of Jupiter in your zone of good fortune. As your finance planet, Jupiter spends considerable time in this lucky part of your horoscope, and for the first time in 12 years, it offers you the opportunity to capitalise on your talents and moneymaking opportunities. 

On the 31st of January there is a hard relationship between Jupiter and Pluto, which means that communication needs to be clear if you want to understand the nature of your work and any business deal that emerges at this time. 

Unexpected opportunities around the 26th of February and the 20th of April require strong intuition to weed out the men from the boys.  While there will be some scintillating gems of professional opportunity, there will also be some clods of earth, which need to be thrown out.  Knowing which to pursue will be your task this year. 

Politics after the 21st of April may be a problem for you, and unexpected disputes or emotional blackmail will tie you up and limit your ability to achieve as much as you would like to. 

You have a settling period from the 25th of May when Jupiter and Saturn provide you with energy for consolidation and a calm and relaxed method for achieving it.  Opportunities off shore, or at least from a distance, mean that you shouldn’t discount business deals that involve travel.  These could be some of the best opportunities you encounter this year. 

An important transit takes place as Jupiter moves into the apex of your horoscope on the 16th of July. This hails the commencement of another one-year cycle where work, business and professional prestige will be paramount, and it’s likely that you will move forward in leaps and bounds. Some further unexpected opportunities occur after the 26th of September when Jupiter and Uranus once again conspire to bring you luck and assistance by way of employees and helpers. 

The excellent aspect of Venus and Jupiter on the 5th of December indicates some sort of pay off or a sense of accomplishment for your hard work throughout the year. 

Although the period of the 1st of April indicates a strong and possibly unexpected professional move, I’d advise you to think things through before making a decision. When Uranus is involved, impulse may prevail and the ensuing result may not be what you expected. 

One of the best transits for a positive and satisfying outcome is after the 16th of July with Jupiter transits through your tenth zone of professional activity. As mentioned earlier, this is a significant transit that occurs only once every 12 years, but as one of your most beneficial planets, it will certainly bring a sense of expansion, confidence and good fortune.  At this time you also have the favourable influence of Venus and Mars in the eighth and twelfth zone of your horoscope, which can show help from hidden sources.

This favourable time for promotion or movement in your work is further enhanced by the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter in your career zone, and your ruling planet Mars finally making its entrance into your Sun sign around the 26th. It appears that July is going to be the best period for you to make a transition, if that is what you choose. 

Increased income and the fulfilment of your desires can take place when the Sun moves to the eleventh zone and is in good aspect to other planets. This occurs around the 23rd of August, the 4th of September and up to and including the 14th of September when Mars, your favourable co-ruler, enters your zone of finance.  

Karma, luck and meditation

The movement of Jupiter, your future karmic planet, in the zone of past karma in its best sign of Cancer is an excellent omen for your spiritual wisdom and the development of deep inner insights. With this rare transit you should deeply investigate the reasons why you are here and how you can improve your life and happiness. 

Jupiter is influenced by many planets as the year commences, and the diversity of your interests will be a forum in which you can express some of your spiritual insights this year. 

Unfortunately, most people limit spiritual activity to meditation, prayer or church-going. What becomes evident this year is that every aspect of your life can be touched by your spiritual awareness, and this doesn’t need to exclude mundane activities, such as washing the dishes. Awareness is the key word for you this year, and bringing this awareness to everything you do will open up a vista of new spiritual opportunities that will carry you into the years to come. 

You are putting a tight rein on your feelings this year, and although you will have some intense responsibilities, as shown by Saturn moving through your Sun sign, you will still feel controlled and able to use this as fuel for spiritual growth. Jupiter has a very balancing influence on your emotions, especially in the second half of the year when it influences your domestic and family life. During this phase of the year, you will realise that you need to make peace with relatives and people that you have become disconnected from. By making peace with them you can achieve even more emotional balance and, through that process, deep spiritual satisfaction.  


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