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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Sagittarius

Ruling Planets: Jupiter, Neptune

Romance and friendship

2014 is a significant year for you, Sagittarius, because Jupiter will transit your zone of shared resources. This promises an expansion of your collective, financial and material ideals. The first half of the year will be particularly important as it relates to your joint resources and general finances. Dealing with those who control your money, such as bankers and accountants, will be important at this time, and much of your energy, will be dedicated to this.

The movement of Jupiter to your zone of luck, good fortune and karmic activities after the end of July is a sign that the latter part of the year will bring additional opportunities. This will be the commencement of a new twelve-year cycle that offers you a new outlook and the chance to take on big opportunities that you can capitalise on.

Romance and Friendship

Venus and Mercury commence the year in the sign of Capricorn, and this shows that you will be questioning your values as far as relationships are concerned. Because it is associated with Pluto, this is not an easy planetary combination, but if you are prepared to look at your relationships in a more detailed manner, 2014 will reveal aspects of your personal life that you weren’t previously aware of. Of course, if you can’t recognise what the problems are, you will never be able to fix them!

With Mars in your zone of friendship till the end of July, you can expect much of your attention to be on friends and developing new alliances during this period. Be careful, however, because Mars tends to cause disputes, and there will be some pressure associated with some of your key relationships. 

With Mars moving to the quieter zone of your horoscope in the early part of August, you’ll feel less pressured to perform with your friends and you will be more interested in taking some time out and rediscovering yourself. Mercury, the planet of marriage, seems to be more practically orientated this year, and with Jupiter focused on finances, much of your attention will be in this area, especially if you are married or in a live-in, committed relationship.

Mercury transits your zone of communication from the 13th of February, which indicates that much of your thinking will be focused on broadening your understanding through reading, studying, teaching and improving your relationships. This should be of great benefit to you as this planet, which rules your most important and personal relationships, is in favourable aspect with the Sun between the 20th of February  and the 5th of March , bringing with it a more light-hearted cycle that will allow you to enjoy yourself and express your feelings and affections more openly.

The Sun’s movement to your zone of love affairs on the 20th March is a wonderful time for you to pursue artistic activities and share your love, pleasure and romance with your significant other. Your bright, upbeat disposition will attract many friends, and love should occupy your mind much more passionately. Children, too, will come into focus, and if you not yet a parent, these thoughts may start to become more focused as well.

Around the first week of April, the influence of Venus shows that your domestic circumstances will be spotlighted. Closer emotional ties to your family will predominate.

transit takes place when Venus moves to your zone of love affairs on the 3rd of May, and up until the 7th, when Mercury enters your zone of marriage. This period is likely to be lucky for you when it comes to love. The theme of communication will come to the fore again, and your intellectual connections with others will be more important than the physical or intimate side of love.

When Mercury enters your zone of sexuality on the 29th of May, expect a period of more intense and sexual intimacy. Throughout June you’ll want to pursue the secrets associated with the art of love, as well as understanding your partner’s psychology . This should be a thoroughly fulfilling and fun time as Mercury is known to bring a lot of enjoyment. Around the 18th July Venus will enter into your zone of financial gain, but be careful if you are single as this may cause you to connect with others simply for material benefits.

Relationships from the past may come to the fore around the 23rd October. If there are unresolved issues, this is the time to bury the hatchet and finally move on.

As the year concludes, you can expect a great deal of warmth and tenderness with the conjunction of Venus and the Sun around the 4th of December. This is a good-vibe transit, so it should usher in a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas season for you. 

Work and money
monthly special

Finance and money is of vital importance to you throughout 2014. This is obvious from the cluster of five planets in your zone of income, along with Jupiter, Mars and Saturn also influencing this area. Money matters will be high on your agenda, especially in the first part of the year.

Saturn is your key planet this year, and it shows that economy is your primary key word. Although you may have the opportunity to earn a great deal of money, the secret is not so much what you earn as how much you save. This is the key to tapping your money making powers,  or rather, curtailing your money spending powers!

Venus is also an important planet because it rules your zone of profitability, especially if you are in an independent business. We see that contracts and issues relating to your domestic and property situation will be of prime importance, especially between the 6th of March and the 3rd of May. Throughout this period, focus clearly on how you can cut back on expenses in these areas. Renegotiating your home loan and the terms of repayment are an excellent way to cut back on superfluous costs. You would be surprised by just how much you spend over the life term of a loan, but this can be modified to your advantage simply by talking to your bank manager and changing the terms of your home loan.

The issue of debt will come into clear focus throughout June when Venus moves into the sector of debts. Sometimes debt is necessary, and it can even be a source of profit. Having said that, you need to be extremely careful with your spending. Don’t for a minute think that what you hear on the grapevine is going to pay dividends. Verify it first with someone who is an expert.

From the 1st of August, Venus and Saturn, your two primary planets, indicate a steadying effect on your expenditure and a better opportunity for you to see what’s on offer. You will also have better luck after the 12th of August. Be careful, though, because you may become a little cocky and overconfident by the 27th of August, and this could undo a lot of the good that you’ve done in the earlier part of the year.

Venus returns to your zone of profitability on the 30th September. This also happens to be the zone relating to friendships and new acquaintances. You mustn’t waste a moment consolidating the opportunities that arise through your networking at this time.

On the 11th of December, Venus enters into your zone of income. It is at this time that you finally see the light and feel as if your efforts are paying off. Any business you enter into at this time should bring very good results.

I have already given you a few dates that will help you tap your money making powers, but let me give you some  other important timings that can help you amass  greater wealth, but also steer you away from troublesome negotiations.

There is an important eclipse on the 15th of April. At this time, information regarding friends and business associates may come to light, and this indicates a time when you may have to remove the dead wood from your business activities. There may be people who are weighting you down and it’s up to you to determine what extreme measures you may have to take to keep your business afloat and save face as well. Never allow others to use you.

You may be tired on the 24th of April, as shown by the right angle of Venus and the Sun. Pressures at home may distract you from the work at hand. Try to allocate enough time—and I mean quality time—to finish your work in a timely manner and with good results.

A couple of other important dates are the 23rd of June, when Venus enters your zone of business partnerships, and again on the 6th of September, when this same planet enters your professional sector. The first instance shows that you will make a favourable impression on others and create some new alliances. The power of these associations may not be evident until Venus moves into your tenth zone on the 6th of September, and their benefits will be seen after the 30th of September.

Working behind the scenes will be important between the 13th and the 17th of November. The combination of Venus and Saturn in the hidden part of your horoscope shows that you may need to do a lot of effective planning away from others. If you can focus your energies at this time, the results will be magnificent. On the 6th of March, and up until the 30th of March, there are indications that your negotiations may falter. Although you have opportunities to forge ahead professionally, the period between the 25th and the 30th of March shows that you may lack confidence or that your negotiation skills are not up to par. You need to carefully examine documentation and not feel intimidated by those who appear to have more power than you. Stand your ground, and don’t forget, a little posturing goes a long way.

Your creativity needs to be unleashed between the 3rd and the 20th of May. Venus moves to your zone of creativity, children and, to a large extent, speculation. Being creative means taking a bit of a gamble, Sagittarius! Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, especially if you are going into a meeting or interview situation. This is the sort of thing that will help you stand apart from the others.

Just before the 6th of September, Venus enters into a powerful aspect to the Sun. Exercising, paying more attention to grooming, and fashion will help you seize that moment if you are looking to improve your job prospects. Between the 6th and the 22nd of September you must put on a good show for others, but don’t wear yourself out. Your physical health is of vital importance at this time. Exercise, diet and get enough rest.

You have a final opportunity to throw your hat in the ring for a new position around the 17th of November, when Venus enters your Sun sign. This is a wonderful period when your charm and popularity will be at a peak. Of course, this will give you the edge over your competitors.

Karma, luck and meditation

Being born under Sagittarius means that the Sun and Mars are the two spiritual planets that relate to your past and future karma respectively. The Sun has an even greater influence when it moves to your fourth zone of family around the 20th of February. At this time, reconnecting with your mother or people in your family who you have lost touch with will help relieve you of some of your past misgivings or disagreements.

Jupiter is your ruler and its movement to the spiritual zone on the 16th of July is a significant transit that brings with it 12 months of intense seeking and the analysis of spiritual matters. Your spiritual or meditation practices will flow much more naturally, bringing with them a calm inner satisfaction.

 Apart from this, Jupiter brings with it the benefits of past good actions. You may not expect the interesting turn of events that are about to happen, but without too much effort you will see that your past karma will bear fruit, and this could happen in many different areas of your life.

Mars in your zone of finances on the 26th of October may bring some financial disputes, but there are still wonderful opportunities for an increase in income or possibly even a new job at that time. Between the 27th of October and the 5th of December, Jupiter and Mars enable you to renegotiate contracts, which will result in better material status for you. 


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