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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Pisces

Ruling Planets: Neptune, Jupiter

Romance and friendship

Be careful what you wish for in 2014, Pisces. You have many desires, but not all of them are going to be what you expected once you achieve them! Analyse, discriminate and only go for things that are going to be in your best interests. The next couple of years are going to reshape your personality due to the slow-moving but ever-efficient Saturn.

One of the key transits this year will occur on the 16th of July when Jupiter moves to your sixth zone of workplace activities, health and vitality. At this time you’ll be pushing forward, exerting yourself and possibly doing more than you can handle. In this area, define what you want and what is important to you in life. When Mars moves to your career zone on the 14th of September, you’ll be more dynamic and confident about what you want, at least professionally.

Relationships of all sorts will be another area that dominates your attention this year, but more so after the 11th of November, when Mars moves to your zone of social activities.

Romance and Friendship            

Friends should occupy much of your attention throughout 2014, but with Pluto’s slow, steady influence on this area of your life, you can expect continuing transformation in your understanding of what the true friendship means. There will also be unusual and spiritually revolutionary characters coming into your life during this cycle.

Until mid July, Jupiter accentuates this, and being one of your ruling planets, it is also causing you to seek out new friendships, romance and soul mate connections. This planet is opposed by no less than five other celestial bodies[C1], which means that you need to identify exactly what it is you want from these friendships, especially those of a romantic nature. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself embroiled in too many relationships that could confuse you and ultimately end up hurting you and the other person.

As 2014 commences, you have strong sexual feeling, as evidenced by Mars in the eighth zone of your horoscope, .  but you’ll be confused about many of these issues. This is shown by Neptune, another slow-moving planet in your Sun sign, which is influencing your zone of marriage and long-term partnerships. Before rushing headlong into any committed relationship, my suggestion is to take your time to identify the things and people that are of value to you and resonate with your life purpose. If you discard those who don’t come up to the standard, it will mean a less complicated state of affairs for you in the coming twelve months.

If you take my advice and think carefully about your relationships, you’ll create a positive foundation for your most significant partnerships in 2014. On the 12th of January, Mercury moves to the quiet zone of your horoscope, indicating a need to analyse your past and correlate your current circumstances with previous actions. Up to the 25th, your thinking will be slow and deliberate, and you shouldn’t let others push you into decisions of an emotional nature.

You are idealistic in all your relationships this year, as shown by Saturn moving slowly through your ninth zone of spirituality and karmic influences. Fortunately, this planet gives you a more focused attitude and will help you to make the right decisions.

The lunar eclipse of the 15th of April in your zone of sexuality and deep intimacy is an important transit and will reveal many things to you about yourself, your partner and what you need to do to cement your love. What is revealed will not always be palatable, but if you look at it as part of your growing process, it will work to your advantage.

When Mercury moves to your zone of love affairs on the 29th of May, you could expect three or four weeks of pleasure, amusement and romantic interplay. For singles, this is also a time when you can seek out new partners, but Mercury in retrograde motion indicates that you’ll be second-guessing your choices.

Once again, the favourable transit of Mercury into your zone of marriage on the 16th of August heralds a new cycle of positive communication and reciprocal interests. If you’re currently in a committed relationship, this can open the doors of communication and take your relationship to a new level.

The year ends on an excellent note with Mercury passing through your zone of friendship on the 17th of December. Consider this ‘party mode’, but also a time when some of your deepest emotional needs can be fulfilled.

Work and money
monthly special

You need to consolidate and build upon the previous couple of years if you are to achieve lasting satisfaction in your work and professional objectives, Pisces. Uranus has the ability to transform your attitude and reveal new methods of doing things. This is exactly what is happening in your horoscope and what will continue to happen in the next few years. You mustn’t be afraid to try new things and push yourself beyond your usual limits. This will enable you to utilise the creative and far-reaching insights that your Piscean nature has endowed you with.

You can be forceful in discovering new techniques as well as using different types of technology this year. Mars can challenge you as it moves into its opposition aspect to Uranus, but if you persist, you’ll have a great sense of achievement and gain a better understanding of new gadgetry, internet protocols and so on. Use this to the best of your advantage.

To network is important and you can use social media avenues to forge new pathways in your professional activities. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and friends of friends if they know of any opportunities that are available for you. Pluto, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon activate this networking area of your horoscope so you can be successful in meeting new acquaintances who could open doors for you.

[C3]Neptune, your ruling planet, is going to spend a long time in your Sun sign. This shows that you’re now at a point in your life where you can achieve your dreams. But this can only happen if you don’t compromise and avoid menial and soulless jobs that are not in keeping with your Piscean traits. Take a careful look at the career chapter of this book to align yourself with work that will bring out your best. Helping professions, spiritual and psychic activities or at least careers that use these powerful Piscean character traits will augment your satisfaction and success in the coming years. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.

Many people are scared to confront their employers on legal and contractual issues. With Saturn in your zone of legal and ethical activities in the coming few months, this is the perfect time to put your foot down and demand those rights, privileges and financial perks that you believe you deserve for the work that you’re doing. Again, this is not a time to compromise, and you’ll be absolutely surprised at the positive response you receive if you approach your employers in a respectful and professional manner.

You’ll also be surprised at the action of Uranus, which will bring you additional cash, bonuses and commissions, possibly even a bigger-than-expected tax return. This is also the modality of Uranus; it can bring big surprises, especially in the area of money.

You’re off to a good start with the Sun in your zone of profits and networking on the 10th of January. As mentioned earlier, connect with as many people as you can, especially if functions, celebrations and parties overlap with professional activities. Grab that opportunity!

On or around the 15th of February, the Sun and Mars enter favourable relationship. This means you can work on solving all your tax and banking issues. Doing so early in the year sets the stage for a clear mind and more focus on what is important—making more money!

The Sun is a double-edged sword on the 21st of March when it transits your zone of finance and income. You have the energy and drive to make more money and put in extra hours to prove that you’re worth the work you do. By the same token, you may be tempted to spend that money quicker than you earn it. Try to find a balance between the two extremes.

The lunar eclipse on the 15th of April and the Sun’s transit to your third zone of contracts on the 20th indicate a period when you need to revisit your workplace agreements. If you’re not happy with what’s going on, then by all means make some changes. By the 21st of May, you may find yourself in a bit of a lull and this could be compounded by the fact that you’re not particularly happy with what you’re doing.

Creativity returns in abundant measure after the 21st of June when the Sun moves into your fifth zone of creativity and love affairs. The excellent trine aspect to Saturn also indicates more focus and practicality in your work ethic, and this will bring with it good results.

Important dates for completing work and achieving a great deal are the 23rd of July when the Sun moves to your sixth zone, and then again on the 14th of September when Mars moves to the upper part of your horoscope. These indicate opportunities for professional success that will pave the way for more money.

Mars, a favourable planet to you, continues to work its magic on the 26th of October when it enters your zone of profits and self-fulfilment. Use this period of the year to accumulate as much money as you can, and if you’re a business owner or an independent operator, expect surplus profits.

Jupiter is your best ally in 2014, and its creative impact upon you will be strongly felt from the start of the year up until the middle of July. Don’t waste this opportunity to showcase your talents, creative abilities and quirky work techniques to attract the attention of those higher up.

On the 6th of March, Jupiter increases its energy, and with the Sun also moving through your Sun sign, particularly around the 10th, this is an excellent time to make a career move. On the 21st of March, the Sun enters your zone of income, and this could be a hint that money will on the increase.

Ratify your contracts on the 20th of April when the Sun moves through your third zone of contractual negotiations. You have the confidence to arrive at agreements that will favour you both professionally and financially.

Jupiter’s entry to your sixth zone of work and career on the 16th of July, and then again on the 23rd of July, when the Sun also enters the same place, points to the fact that you can make an important career change around this time. This is a lucky period, and when the Sun conjoins with Jupiter on the 25th, you can look upwards and see your stars shining brightly upon you.

The Sun enters your zone of public relations on the 23rd of August, and then it powerfully ascends the apex of your horoscope on the 22nd of November. These are key periods and openings for you to make a move, either within the organisation you work for now or outside of it, by attending appointments that will give you the chance to further your career and outshine your opponents.

Karma, luck and meditation

Your key past karma planet is Mars, and its movement through your eighth zone of sexual intimacy, secrets and shared resources indicates that you may need to work on this area throughout 2014.

Manipulation, disputes and power plays can rear their ugly heads around the 23rd of April when Mars moves into the hard aspect of Pluto. How you manage the relationship aspect of these transits will be very telling, and they’ll reveal your deeper value system during this phase. Don’t allow money and materialism to undermine what could be otherwise important, intimate relationships. You experience these hard aspects around the 23rd of April and the 14th of June, but expect a resolution to these issues around August when these planets enter a favourable aspectual cycle.

Mars offers you abundant energy and physical vitality around the 28th of August. This will not only enhance your health but also bring with it some better financial and career opportunities around the 14th of September. Because this is a planet of past karma, I would say that some of your actions from the past, which may have been forgotten, are now bearing fruit. This will be seen in the results you achieve professionally. As they say, what goes around comes around.

The Moon is also an important future karmic planet, and important financial benefits can arise from this ]transit on the 8th of October. This is a continuation of the previous eclipse in your eighth zone of shared resources on the 15th of April. Both of these dates bring with them important karmic ramifications for your financial disposition.

On the 26th of October, Mars moves to your eleventh zone of finances and profitability, and it will connect with Pluto on the 11th of November. If you recall, these are the two planets that caused so much angst earlier in the year, but fortunately they will now work together to forcefully drive you into the future with a bag of good karma to bring to greater success.

This year, learn to sit back and not react too much as this will be the way to maintain emotional and spiritual harmony, and to fully enjoy the fruits of your past karma.


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