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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Libra

Ruling Planet: Venus

Romance and friendship

Your values are changing in a big way throughout 2014, and your relationships will come under the microscope as a result. You're serious about improving your love life and won’t tolerate any sort of disrespect.               

As in 2013, Mars and Uranus continue to lift your spirits and your physical drive. You are active, and possibly even a little hot-blooded, so be careful not to react impulsively to the behaviour of others, especially if you are in an intimate relationship with them.

Jupiter transits your career sector for a large part of the year, and up until August there will be considerable focus on improving your professional standing and skill set. Don’t overdo things as this planet has a tendency to push you beyond your limits. Take measured steps, especially if you are looking to do something new.

With Saturn in your zone of money, you'll be more judicious with the way you spend, and even if you don't earn more than you did last year, you'll still be able to set yourself up for a stable future.

Romance and Friendship

You could feel somewhat unsettled as Uranus makes its way through your zone of marriage in 2014. This is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on how responsive your partner is to making changes on progressing your relationships. Having said that, it may not be as easy as you think.

Fortunately, Venus enters your zone of love affairs in late March and this could bring you a much better state of affairs. You will feel more relaxed about love, and if you're single, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with those who are a good match for you.

With Mars in your Sun sign throughout the first part of the year, you are dynamic and, might I say, aggressive in going after what you feel you deserve. Ordinarily more balanced, you are likely to take a proactive approach to make sure that you are satisfied in all areas of your romantic and social life.

In the past you may have been quite happy to play the peacemaker, but in the next twelve months you will stand your ground on important ethical and life issues. This can extend to your social life and your friends might be surprised to see your attitude change. As I said in the introduction, you are looking for more respect this year, and by posturing a little you will get it.

Your social affairs and home life will feature strongly this year, and it is important to make sure that this aspect of your life is well looked after. If you have misgivings or are feeling pressured by loved ones and relatives, it will make it difficult for you to enjoy your intimate relationships, particularly if you feel you're being judged by those who have no right to make those sort of assessments. Again, speaking your mind and letting others know exactly what you want is essential.

You may have had some practice in dealing with the unexpected throughout 2013, but be prepared for more of the same. In marriage, your spouse may be undergoing some unanticipated changes in their work, or health, or maybe they desire a new lifestyle. If this is the case, adjustment will be one of your key words in 2014.

An impulsive attitude towards love and sex take place when Venus and Mars enter a square aspect on the 17th of January. With Sun also transiting your zone of love affairs on the 20th, this period will no doubt be a spicy, one, so choose your partners wisely—and while you are sober! Regrets may be the aftermath of unbridled love and passion.

Interference by relatives during the first week of February will be unwelcome. You may feel that you need a justification for your actions, but this is not the case. Draw a line in the sand if people are meddling in your affairs.

More satisfaction in love can be expected when Venus enters your zone of love affairs on the 6th of March, and then between the 22nd and the 30th, when the Sun and Mars enter the same zone. You will have a more balanced approach to love and feel that your affections are being reciprocated. Problems can occur in April with strong oppositional aspects from the Sun and Uranus. You are likely to overreact to the smallest provocation, and harmless statements may be taken personally. Additional exercise is not a bad idea throughout this month.

You can reach a new level of understanding in June when  Venus transits the ninth zone of ethics, higher education and spiritual insight. Your relationship insights need to be practically implemented. This can happen after the 23rd, and it may even involve some sort of journey or connection to others in a distant place.

When the Sun transits the eleventh zone of friendship, you are likely to extend your circle of friends and acquaintances, and this should be an enjoyable period, but around 31st you may have problems with work and play overlapping. You need to be clear on boundaries, as so should those who are making a play your affections.

Making important changes in your marriage can take place when Uranus is stationary in its motion, and this happens on the 22nd of July. Up until October, you need to step up to the plate and not be afraid to implement the changes you feel are necessary to move your relationship forward. To some of you this may be unsettling, but it’s necessary to get your relationship back on track. Don't settle for anything less than what is going to make you happy in the long term.

Sidestep disputes between the 13th and the 17th of November as Mars, Uranus and the Sun challenge you. It may be a case of excessive tiredness, distraction and overwork impinging on your relationships, so try to control your moods and responses, particularly with those who are being confrontational. By maintaining your equanimity you also maintain control, and this is a key factor when it comes to enjoying better relationships throughout 2014.

Work and money
monthly special

Economy is your key word during 2014 as Saturn meanders through your zone of income and powerfully aspects your zone of shared finances. If you've been a spendthrift or you’ve had little regard for money and future security, this will change. Saturn is well known as the planet of thrift, economy and security. It is also the governing planet of concentration, focus and ambition. This means that  you will be more serious about these issues and cut back on superfluous expenses, a strategy that will lead to a better financial position, even if you don't necessarily increase your income.

Neptune, one of the slow-moving planets, issues you a warning to be clear on borrowing and loaning. It may be difficult to refuse others a loan when they put the hard word on you, but you have to be strong and realise that this is a sure-fire way of ruining a relationship. If you're in business be careful not to go overboard if you are trying to expand your business. This is shown by over-expansive Jupiter in your zone of professional activities.

One of the secrets to making more money throughout 2014 is the opposing aspect of Mars and Uranus. Mars, one of your key finance planets, is being challenged by the progressive planet Uranus. During these changing economic times, you need to be a step ahead of your competitors. This means looking for new ways to be creative and professional in the way you perform your work.

It is not until the end of July or August that you are able to implement these new ideas as Mars is a little lazy in moving out of this Sun sign. At this point in time, you will feel a surge of energy to earn more money and make something more of your life.

Physical health is also important this year, so look at this area as a means of improving your earning capacity. A tired body is incapable of working to its optimum level. Try to balance your workload rather than doing too much. Pace yourself and, by all means, make sure you have a schedule that you can stick to. Although others may try to steer you off course with social and familial distractions, you need to exercise willpower to achieve your best this year.

Gaining insight into moneymaking opportunities can help you time your financial strategies, business meetings and techniques for climbing the ladder of success.

Take on a leadership role, Libra, and be powerful and decisive in the way you execute your business decisions this year, especially from the 8th of January when Mars and the Sun combine in your Sun sign. Others will take note and give you the respect that is essential when doing business.

On the 2nd of March, Mars intensifies its energy and you can do the same by intensifying your attitude and methods when conducting business with the general public or business partners.

If you're looking to acquire other people's money as seed capital for a business project, you can do so when the Sun enters the eighth zone of shared resources. Venture capitalists will be more than willing to listen to your business plan after the 20th of April, and it wouldn't hurt to learn the subtle art of business manipulation and psychological techniques that can help accelerate your plans from the 4th of May.

One of the best tips I can give you this year is to work on your communication. This will be an excellent tool to focus on, particularly when Mars enters your finance sector on the 26th of July. Those of you in sales will be in a perfect position to sell your product or service, but be careful not to steamroll customers or would-be partners as Mars has a habit of being too aggressive.

When the Sun enters the twelfth zone of humanitarianism and charity on the 23rd of August, making a small donation will actually lift your potential for earnings. Both philosophy and business believe in the value of charitable work and donations. The law of karma suggests that giving away a little increases your ability to earn more. Try this is an experiment.

Finally, Mars enters your fifth zone of speculation on the 5th of December, which means that you have the opportunity to invest money wisely and see a positive return for your efforts. Be prudent and you'll see some excellent financial returns.

This is an important year for career moves due to the powerful influence of the planet Jupiter in your zone of profession for a large portion of the year. 

You feel creative after the 20th of January as the Sun moves through your zone of creativity, investments and showmanship. If you are looking to make a move, this is the time to put your best foot forward and be noticed! You can also continue with this successful aura up until the 4th of February when the Sun makes excellent aspects to your Sun sign of Libra at this time. 

On the 19th and the 24th of February, strong ideals dominate your actions, but be careful as you may be overworked and tired. Hold off going for that job interview or asking for a pay rise as you may not be in the right frame of mind to be successful. 

It’s important to make a great impression on others, and on the 21st of March, when the sun moves into your zone of public relations, it is a wonderful time to showcase your talents to others. Try not to exaggerate them, however, because by the 1st of April you may appear too cocky and this won’t go down too well with those you are trying to impress for a job opportunity. 

You can consolidate your talents and skills when Jupiter and Saturn enter into a wonderful trine aspect on the 25th of May.  Talk to your employer and, based upon your steady work in the past you may make some headway in acquiring that sought-after position.

Financial opportunities and an increase in income can occur between the 23rd and 25th of July, and once again when the Sun enters the zone of finance on the 23rd of October. These transits indicate an increase in income, additional bonuses or commissions.

Hard work and a sustained effort from the 18th of November to the 15th of December spotlight the fact that you are able to acquire a good position and get a successful result in job interviews.  Contracts may be a little difficult after the 24th, but this makes sense during the Christmas period. Tie up any loose ends before Christmas to benefit your career move.  

Karma, luck and meditation

Much of your karmic energy this year is tied up with work and money. This is because Saturn, one of the planets of your future karma, is located in the finance sector. 

Your past karma is indicated by Mercury, so when these two planets enter into a favourable aspect, you can expect good fortune at that time.  Periods of excellent karma occur around the 3rd of April when Mercury and Saturn move into their trine aspect. 

Around the 8th and the 15th April, Mercury moves into the vicinity of Uranus, another of your future karma planets.  Expect sudden but pleasant tidings, good news or fateful opportunities through chance meetings.  I say ‘chance,’ but we both know that there is no such thing and that these meetings come through the good deeds you have performed in this life and the previous one. 

Earlier I mentioned the importance of finding peace of mind through meditation, quiet time and rest. You will find an immense source of power from these practices as shown by the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto as 2014 commences. Mercury enters the fourth zone of peace and family contentment on the 17th of December. By focusing on your inner life and relationships you have overlooked in the past, you can find a great deal of solace and understanding in the latter part of the year. 

A very significant transit also takes place when Saturn moves to your third zone of communication on the 24th of December. You will find yourself entering a new cycle when communication can have an important impact on the people around you, and because the third house also has to do with siblings and neighbours, these people may play a more prominent role in your life from now on. You may even become their advisor or helper to some of , but with Neptune in your sixth zone, this may not always work to your advantage. If you’re playing the role of saviour, make sure you don’t end up becoming the victim. 


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