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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Gemini

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Romance and friendship

You idealism is at an all-time high throughout 2014, and as Neptune edges its way through the upper part of your horoscope, you’ll find your- self dreaming about your life and the goals that you can achieve.

But dreams require a practical plan, money and other resources, which may not be available immediately. Saturn in your zone of work and service indicates that you have to focus clearly on the small stuff before you can achieve bigger dreams. Along with the Sun and the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto occupy the important shared resources zone of your horoscope in the first week or two of the year, and this sets the trend for how you will deal with this aspect of your life.

With Mars impacting on your personal relationships, creativity and love affairs, there is no doubt you will be excited about these prospects. And with Uranus also occupying your zone of friendships, this should be a year when you will endeavour to do things a little differently. Associate with those who are unusual and spontaneous and create a more exciting path in the area of romance and friendships throughout the coming 12 months.

Love and Friendship

Anything traditional or conservative will leave you cold this year, Gemini. You are after something quirky, progressive and out of the ordinary. You won’t settle for a dull routine when it comes to love in 2014. Those who are in a relationship with you are on notice! They need to step up to the plate and be ready for an adventure called love.

With Mars and Uranus dominating this area of your relationships, you are likely to undergo disputes or at least differences of opinion. As mentioned earlier, Neptune in the upper part of your horoscope is the most elevated planet as 2014 commences, and you will find yourself fantasizing about the things you want. If these fantasies don’t become reality, you could be in for some challenges.

Those of you already involved in relationships may feel that your spouse or partner is too demanding. Making compromises may be difficult as you are strongly motivated by a sense of freedom and independence, even though you are tethered to the obligations of your relationship. Find a way to inject the sparkle and passion that we all want in our relation- ships. Not only will it keep your love affair going, but it will make it all the more exciting.

It is a year of sudden changes, perhaps even abrupt upheavals, in your social affairs. This is usually the case when Uranus is in the area relating to friendship. Uranus has been in this area for a little while, but many of you will now start to feel its impact on your life. This planet will bring changes, but they won’t be slow and expected. They will be significant changes that happen without warning.

It is vital to know when some of these important changes will take place for you, Gemini, and it looks like Venus and Jupiter are key planets in this area of your life.

Interestingly, Jupiter is retrograded in reverse motion in the first part of the year, and this continues until the 6th of March. You could expect the difficulties and reappraisals you are going through to be resolved by this time. Around the 21st of the same month, the Sun moves to the zone of social activities, stimulating you to expand your social circle and meet with some unusual people, which I mentioned in the first part of your forecast.

March will be a significantly uplifting time as Venus enters into a powerful relationship with Mars, which happens to be in your zone of love affairs. Expect some fairly passionate experiences after the 30th of March.

That idealism that I spoke about also reaches fever pitch after the 12th of April when Venus and Neptune join in the highest part of your horoscope. Many of you will realise what you want in your relationships and dreams, and expectations of love will become clear in your mind. The operative words here are ‘in your mind’. This is because what you dream is not necessarily what will come to pass. You need to strategise ways of making your dreams a reality.

Your zone of friendship is once again lifted into a beautiful space after the 3rd of May when Venus makes contact and urges you to express your love and receive it from your peers and new friends. But be careful not to demand too much from others because Pluto may make you a little obsessive and unrealistic in your expectations.

Mars heats up your sexual passions after the 14th of June, and your physical drive and health strengthens after the 28th when Mars and the Sun are in favourable aspect. If you feel physically better, you are more likely to have the energy to inject into relationships.

You may do some unusual things after the 9th of July when the Sun and Uranus trigger those rather progressive attitudes I talked about earlier. After the 24th of July, love and work significantly overlap, but be careful because you don’t want to muddy the waters of your work activities with romantic interplay.

Some of the other significant dates that give you wonderful opportunities in love include the Mars and Neptune aspect on the 7th of August, and the Venus and Uranus aspect on the 25th. Be careful after the 14th of September when Mars enters your zone of marriage. Arguments and differences of opinion can mar what is usually a good connection between you and someone else.

The 9th14th  and 28th  of October, along with the 5th21st and 27th of December, are all important dates that punctuate the year with interesting and unusual developments in the love life of many Gemini.

Work and money
monthly special

It’s important to grasp the universal laws of attraction and success when dealing with money. It is also necessary to understand that when you love what you do, you infuse your work with the quality of attention, love and perfection. With these qualities you endow your work with a sort of electromagnetic appeal, a power that draws people to your work and makes them appreciate what you do. This generates a desire for people to use your service, buy your products and respect you for the great work you do. This will elevate you to higher and higher positions because you will be regarded as someone who exercises great diligence and skill in your actions.

Gemini, what powers within you are going to help you observe how others make money and put that knowledge into practice? One of the key ideas I want to share with you is Other People’s Money (OPM). By understanding how to use seed funding, you can make more money and set in motion the wheels of success, even with little capital. Using other people’s money rather than your own is a tried and tested method of growing your business. Venture capitalists and bank managers will listen to your ideas, but you must overcome your fear first.

This year, the recurring theme is idealism, dreams and ambitions, as shown by Neptune. Jupiter is an expansive planet, but it sometimes causes you to overdo things, and we can see that it is in an excellent place within your zone of income up until July, after which it moves to the arena of communication and contracts. The first part of the year may involve careful thinking, planning, observation and investigation, as well as discussions with experts to clearly map out what you want to do. I can’t stress this aspect of your financial success enough. The Gemini mind is often as fickle as the wind, jumping from one subject to another. You need to slow things down and pick a particular topic or business plan and stick to it. This is important if you are to find your niche and make your talents work for you.

Work may be difficult this year, but because I see an excellent aspect—a trine between lucky Jupiter and focused Saturn—the financial remuneration you are looking for is likely to occur, but only if you keep your head down and your bottom up! When Jupiter transits to the third house of communication, you’ll be able to solidify the plan, sign contracts and move speedily towards your ambition.

There are some other tips that I need to share with you, and these are of the utmost importance. Because the sudden and unpredictable Uranus is in the area for profitability, you must be prepared for change. This can happen suddenly, and if you are not used to saving for a rainy day, it may throw you off balance.

My strong recommendation is for you to save at least 10 or 15 per cent of whatever you earn, irrespective of how stable and secure you feel. That way, when the fluctuations of life occur, you will not feel buffeted about like a small paper boat in high seas.

Take a leaf out of other people’s books after September and you will become more connected with others in business. You can do this through education, observation and day-to-day experience, but you need to put your ear to the ground and keep your eyes open and learn the lessons of those who have tread the path before you. This way you will avoid blunders that can distract or obstruct you from achieving your goals.

Mars is the dominant force in your finances throughout 2014, so looking at its transits will give you a clearer picture of what’s happening in that area of your life.

Excessive waste must be avoided around the 9th of January, as well as frivolous speculation around the 17th when Venus and Jupiter challenge expansive Mars. Hold onto your money and don’t think that you can get something for nothing.

Profitability is high after the 21st of March. You may not expect a bonus or cash surplus to arrive at this time, but when it comes, do not blow it all at the club on a Friday night. Put money aside whenever you feel that you’ve got an additional amount on hand.

Be wary of expenses after the 20th of April when the Sun moves to the twelfth zone of your horoscope. At this time, Jupiter will also challenge Uranus, and those profits I mentioned earlier may dry up rather quickly when outgoings supersede your income.

Karma, luck and meditation

The first person you must be good to is yourself, Gemini. Stop putting others first. If you can’t love yourself and give yourself the best, there is no way you can help anyone else. This year, the spiritual advice for you is to break free of people who are holding you back or forcing you to perform under par. By the same token, the electric and unpredictable energies of Uranus and Mars caution you not to go to extremes. You need to channel your immense electrical and spiritual energy into clear, inner understanding.

The planet Uranus, your principal planet of past karma, receives several important aspects, and one of those tells us that you may go over- board on the 26th of February when Jupiter challenges Uranus. Waste, excessive expenditures and faulty judgement—all based on the desire to understand and grow—may push you onto the wrong path, so be careful. You do, however, have some excellent karma coming to fruition around the 3rd of May when Venus enters the eleventh house of fulfilment.

Connecting with like-minded, spiritually aware and evolved individuals is the quickest way to accelerate your own evolution. After September, you may find your friendships changing because you’ll desire more nourishment for the soul.

The Sun enters into the fifth zone of future karma on the 23rd of September. This zone of your horoscope also says a lot about your creative impulses. Developing a talent, hobby or love is the fastest way to spiritual liberation or inner freedom. Work hard to discover what this is, and by the 30th of September you’ll be able to make some important spiritual and karmic breakthroughs.

On the 27th of November, your two important karmic planets, Venus and Uranus, enter into a lovely aspect that affects friends, spouses and lovers. Harmony will prevail, and if you can capture the essence of what’s going on in your relationships and repeat this, you may find the right formula for spiritual success in 2014.


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