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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn

Ruling Planets: Saturn, Uranus

Romance and friendship

This is a year in which your true self may be rediscovered! A huge amount of energy is building up in your Sun sign due to the presence of no less than five planets at the start of 2014s. With Jupiter in the opposing house of relationships, partnerships and marriage, you will need to find ways to balance the need for independence and self-discovery with the needs of others. This will be your biggest challenge by far.

Uranus continues to track through your sphere of domesticity and this could present some upheavals, particularly in the first half of the year. Sudden changes and unexpected twists that are out of your control will make this year eventful, but it also means that you have to be alert to the whims and fancies of others.

Romance and Friendship

You may need time out from relationships that have been too demanding. At the same time, the coming 12 months means that you can’t afford to be too selfish, even though you are seeking freedom for yourself. In other words, you need to take care of others and look after your own needs as well.

Because of the transit of Venus in your Sun sign as 2014 starts, you could be a little confused about why you are so attractive to other people and may not want their attention. You also have the intense combination of Mars and Jupiter from your work and PR zone tugging at your heart strings. Divided loyalties may prove to be an issue. Finding time may not be easy, which means that this will be a challenge for you in your relationships.            

Throughout the previous 12 months, Saturn has been creating a whole new social environment for you. What this means is that the people you have associated with in the past are no longer satisfying your need for growth, exploration and self-understanding. Hard decisions have to be made, and this will continue as you move forward and connect with people who are going to grow with you.

The Moon, which is the planet of marriage and important relationships, is in Capricorn as the year starts. This means a no-nonsense attitude. You won’t entertain any sort of changeability that unsettles your sense of security. This, too, is going to be a challenge with the right aspect of Uranus in your zone of domestic happiness. Unexpected upheavals could cast doubts on your faith in relationships.

Venus, which also naturally rules your zone of romance and creativity, is also in the sign of Capricorn, and this also tells us that you want stability in your love life and that you are prepared to take your time to do it, rather than compromising and selling your soul.

Venus, your planet of love, is passionate, hot and somewhat impulsive around the 17th of January. Workplace relationships could hot up or maybe even end due to the intense influence of Mars. Patience is necessary to make the right decisions. On the 1st of February or thereabouts, Venus moves into its stationary position, indicating that feelings of love and passion will also dominate and that any sort of relationship that has been stalling is now likely to move in the direction that you want it to. This could continue up until the 3rd of March when the same aspects that formed on the 17th of January reoccur, causing you to retrace your steps and finally sort out any emotional problems that you have had.

The Sun moves to the fifth house of romance around the 20th of April. You can expect a month-long cycle of creative upliftment and a new love affair, as well as good feelings towards others. Leading up until the 29th of May, Venus will also enter this zone, indicating an enhancement of your relationships, social activities and friendships. These transits usually bring a great deal of happiness and fulfilment.

The marriage zone of your horoscope, the seventh house, is activated on the 19th of July, and this wonderful transit continues until the 12th of August. Those of you who are single but who have been in a relationship can expect stronger commitments during this phase. Mars in your zone of friendships influences your Sun sign on the 14th of August, which makes this a great time to connect your love life with your social activities.

Finding a common denominator between you and your partner will be excellent after the 14th of September when discussions about life and what you both expect from each other will help clarify your path. On the 30th of September, Venus moves to the tenth zone of career and professional activities. This is the time to engage your partner in the work you are doing to give them a greater understanding of your profession.

On the 24th of October, Venus moves to one of its best placements, the eleventh zone of social affairs and relationships. As mentioned earlier, you may be going through a process of attrition where friends have reached their use-by-date. But Venus now blesses you, and you can expect a new circle of friends to emerge who will bring you more satisfaction.

Finally, between the 11th and 19th of December, Venus moves to your Sun sign and brings with it the added joy of being attractive and engaging to others. This should be a nice conclusion to 2014.

Work and money
monthly special

This is an important year for you because, as mentioned earlier, several key planets, including the slow-moving Pluto, are transiting through Capricorn. This means that you have the power to show your talent for being economical and prudent in financial affairs. While others are spending money like it’s water, you can use your talents to skilfully deal with financial affairs,  make an impact on others, and gain respect.

Uranus and Saturn are your key income planets, and both are in key positions in 2014. Saturn, the older ruler of your finance zone, is in your profit-making sector, and it has the fine aspect of Jupiter in your zone of public relations. This means that although your profitability may be slow, especially if you are in a business of your own, others will recognise that your products and services are superior in the market place.

Uranus, on the other hand, will challenge you. Having said that, you have the slow, steady skills that financial security require, and the upheavals that are normally associated with this planet may not affect you as adversely as they do others. Also, its presence in your fourth sector of real estate indicates that unexpected opportunities can arise in this area, so utilise your skills and be on the lookout for financial windows of opportunity.

Mars, your principal planet of profit and the fulfilment of dreams, is strongly positioned in the upper part of your horoscope and dominates your interests throughout 2014. Having the planet of fulfilment in your career zone is excellent and shows that you have the energy to make things happen.

You need to keep on the good side of your employers if you want to continue to make strides in your work and finances. Try to be more conciliatory, even if you think you are correct in your assessment of the financial landscape. Showing respect and taking a backseat can be the best way to win the support of those who write your pay cheque each week. The Sun could burn a hole in your pocket when it enters your zone of finance around the 20th of January. Up until the 29th, an excellent aspect between the Sun and Uranus highlights the use of new techniques to seize opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have in the past. For the time being, give these opportunities the green light, as they are likely to pay off, but don’t spend your money before you have it.

Luck comes your way when Venus enters this financial sector of your horoscope around the 6th of March. This is a lucky time, particularly up to the 30th, when your work will bring you additional bonuses and the blessing of superiors. Use this to capitalise on your talents as much as possible.

Venus moves to your zone of contracts on the 6th of April, but with the opposition of the Sun to Mars in your career sector on the 9th, don’t haphazardly sign documents that you haven’t clearly understood. A better time is around the 18th of April with Venus in trine to Jupiter.

Your creativity will help in your money making ventures when it moves to the creative sector of your horoscope on the 20th of April. On the 20th of May, the Sun produces excellent results by giving you the physical energy and mental clarity to seize on opportunities.

Take care not to spend too much money when the Sun enters your zone of debts on the 21st of May. This 30-day period is critical for of holding on to the hard-earned cash you have. You may want to splurge at this time, particularly around the 29th, when Venus enters this same area and indicates a sensual need that could blind you to the practicalities of your finances.

Expenses could also be big when Mars enters your twelfth house around the 14th of September. Note these dates and try your hardest to stay away from expenses that are not necessary.

Finding fulfilment at work and earning the money you want could be possible after the 2nd of November when Venus creates excellent aspects to the Sun. Profits should be high, but you may find yourself chasing too many opportunities around the 10th. Focus on business activities that are yielding the best results.

You’re bold in your financial moves after the 21st as Mars ends the year on a good note. You have the drive and tenacity to achieve your financial objectives.

Venus, your planet of professional activities, enters you zone of fiancé and creates excellent opportunities around the 6th of March. Pay rises are likely at this time. Even if you don’t necessarily make a move to another job, this is a good time to ask for additional money, particularly if you feel you are worth it.

With Venus spending considerable time in your career sector this year, your efforts will be sustained and noticeable to your employers. In the last few days of May, particularly between the 28th and the 30th, Mercury offers you the opportunity to negotiate new work conditions and a situation in which cooperation with others is more fulfilling. Your creative endeavours will also be noticed around the 8th of June when Venus and the Sun bring a touch of luck.

One of the best periods to communicate and chase job on interviews is when Mercury enters the tenth house on the 2nd of September. There may be a few hiccups until the 10th, but your desire for a new position may be fulfilled when Mercury moves to your zone of fulfilment and life goals on the 28th of September. Soon after, when Venus moves to the tenth house as well, you land could land that long-awaited job.

If there have been delays, the intensification of Mercury’s energy around the 26th of October will bring you news that may not be  good. Surprises could be in store for you.  The 2nd, 11th and 20th of November are also excellent dates when good news can be expected.

Karma, luck and meditation

Mercury and Venus rule your past and future life respectively. The conjunction of these important planets, especially around the 8th of January, indicates a convergence of your past and future. This means that where you are right now is directly attributable to the decisions you have made in the past, and you will clearly see how your decisions are constantly creating your destiny.

Other planets like Jupiter and Saturn also have a part to play in your karmic destiny, and Jupiter has a strong influence on your relationships during 2014. There are connections between Venus and Jupiter on the 18th of April, which show that your destiny and future events are going to be strongly influenced for the better around this time. You will make new connections and, if you are currently with someone, you’ll find new ways of dealing with your relationship that will have a strong influence on how it unfolds. Up to the 30th of April, when your past karma planet, Mercury, makes a connection with Jupiter, you will start to see big changes in this area of your life.

You also need time for reflection, and the karmic planets touch the quiet zone of your horoscope between the 27th of November and the 11th of December. This is an important time to be with yourself—and don’t avoid the issues that may be holding you back emotionally and spiritually. Meditation and spiritual practices will yield immensely good results at this time.

After the 20th of December, these two powerful karmic planets enter your Sun sign, and the year finishes on a positive karmic note. Your relationships should be touched in a positive way, and there is an indication that your spiritual ideals may find a satisfactory connection with those you love and their own ideals.


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