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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Cancer

Ruling Planet: Moon

Romance and friendship

Well, Cancer, I hope you have a very large diary for the coming 12 months because you are going to need it! Your social circle and general interaction with the public should increase dramatically throughout 2014. As the year commences, you have no less than five planets in your zone of public relations, with Jupiter and Mars also strongly influencing this sector. As if that is not enough, Uranus is also challenging this part of your life.

Your general horoscope indicates that you have immense energy to put into these activities, but you may, as a result, short-change yourself in more important areas such as work and domestic happiness. Your key focus should be balancing these areas of your life so that harmony, rather than discord, will prevail.

Romance and Friendship                                                                                                                                                              

It’s always difficult when slow-moving Saturn impacts upon an aspect of your life, and in your case, Cancer, your love affairs are very intensely affected by this karmic planet over the following year.

You have some very important lessons to learn during this period of your life, and one of them is that love is not always going to be fun; it requires a high degree of commitment and responsibility. I know, you probably feel that this is too much hard work, right? Well, yes and no! As I said at the outset, balance is going to be a key word for most Cancerians, and if you can find a way to execute your responsibilities in a mature manner, this will free you up to enjoy your relationships and friendships more fully.

If you are in a long-term committed relationship, the planet Jupiter brings its beneficial glance to this placement of Saturn, indicating that all is not doom and gloom. You have to be prepared to make compromises and, more importantly, take the first step, especially if things are becoming a little stale.

Let’s not forget that the transformative planet Pluto, which has been in your marriage zone for some time, continues to work its magic. This is not the sort of magic that you care for, but relationships will be taken to a new level. If you approach your loved one with a  spirit of understanding and a desire to improve things, 2014 can be a year when your love life deepens.

There is something karmic and fated about your relationships this year, particularly after the 3rd of January when Venus brings forth issues from your past. You’ll be dealing with uncomfortable issues that need to be experienced and eliminated before you can move on. Remain open-minded and don’t be afraid to deal with  issues that have long been buried in your subconscious.

Between the 17th of January and the 18th of February, you have an immense amount of passion, as indicated by the cluster of planets in your marriage zone. You have a need for excitement  and want to connect with others, but don’t allow impulse to be the basis of these relationships or you could find yourself in a complicated state of affairs further down the track.

It is not until March when Venus, which is moving backwards and forwards in this sector, finally allows you to grasp the lessons of love this year. It will feel as if a load has been lifted off your shoulders, and during this period, especially up to the 25th of March, communication between you and your partner will be better than usual. You will also find greater harmony within your family and other peer groups. When you release pressure from within, every aspect of your life starts to improve, doesn’t it?

You continue to idealise love throughout April, particularly after the 11th, and you’ll start to feel as if some of your dreams could come true. Keep them realistic as others may not be able to keep up with you. Relationships also continue to get better, especially with the fine aspect from Venus to Saturn on the 25th of April. Your emotions will stabilise at this time, which will release energy for more creative pursuits.

You may have some difficulty reconciling your social appetites with work commitments after the 1st of August. You’ll need to prioritise to make this work for you. This could reach a fever pitch by the 28th when Venus and Mars clash, so be careful to clearly delineate work and pleasure.

You could wear yourself out during October due to the excessive traits of Venus in square to Jupiter. On the 9th of October, Venus squares Pluto on the heels of an eclipse, so there could be considerable emotion and frustration trying to work through your emotional life.

Family life is favoured when Venus enters your fourth zone on the 30th of September. Spend a little extra time with the ones you love, especially if you have been too busy lately. Excellent dates for fostering friendships and relationships include the 5th of November, when Venus aspects the Sun from the zone of love affairs and creativity, and Mercury enters the same zone on the 9th.

The highlight will be when Venus enters the marriage sector of your horoscope on the 11th of December. The period leading up to Christmas should be one of intense fun and pleasure, but a word of caution here. The planet of love creates some conflict with your work around the period leading up to the 21st of December. Once again, as I started out saying, you need to clearly demarcate business and pleasure throughout this period. An excellent period of the year is when Venus enters your zone of marriage on the 12th of December. Enjoy love and romance to the fullest at this time.

Work and money
monthly special

With the Sun associating with Pluto and being your principal planet of finance, we can expect many born under Cancer to be focused and even compulsive about making money throughout 2014. Focus is fine, but don’t let this overwhelm you and create a frenetic, fearful attitude. You have the benefit of Mercury and Venus in this same area, so let your negotiations flow, speak from the heart and genuinely care for the product, service and people you are dealing with. This is the sort of attitude that will win clients and influence people dramatically.

You can’t expect 2014 to be a year when luck through speculation will carry you across the line. Saturn is a slow moving and restrictive planet, so for those of you who would like to speculate, I would suggest that this is not the best time to do so. Instead, it shows that slow, steady work and intelligent use of your skills will be the best way for you to increase profitability in the coming year.

One of your most favourable planets, Mars, transits your zone of real estate and property, and  you should be quick off the mark to capitalise on this positive planetary influence, which will influence this part of your life until the last week of July.

Jupiter, another friendly planet, is well positioned in your Sun sign throughout 2014. This says a lot about how you are able to use the power of your own mind, presence and personality to tap financial opportunities. Never underestimate your own power throughout 2014. The moment your exhibit any self-doubt or lack of self-esteem, it will severely impact upon your chances for bettering your finances and overall status in life.

It would be remiss of me not to discuss the electrical and progressive influence of Uranus in the professional sector of your horoscope. Yes, there will be some challenges as the year begins, but if you channel these unique and inventive energies, you can do something that helps you stand out from the crowd. You may feel uncomfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone, but it will help you tap your money making-powers in the coming months.

If we look at the movement of the Sun, we can get a fairly clear idea of the ups and downs of your financial karma. On the 2nd of January, when the Sun enters into conjunction with Pluto, you must be careful not to let your emotions dominate your business transactions. We also see from the hard angle to Mars on the 3rd that your decisions may be prompted by impulse rather than clear rational thinking. You do have a better opportunity around the 11th of January when the Sun and Venus combine. Mercury enters your zone of joint finances on the 12th and makes some steady headway in your business transactions, especially if you are commercially minded.

Venus is also very important and rules your area of business profits. The 3rd of March may not be the best time to enter into any sort of real estate transactions, even though I have said that real estate should be something you consider this year. It is all in the timing. As Venus enters the eighth house of finances on the 6th of March, there may be better openings for you to investigate. The 14th, 15th and 18th of March, and then several weeks after the 21st of March, are all exceptionally good dates to transact and look forward to some improved finances as a result of your judicious actions.

Some striking highlights for improving your finances occur on the 20th of April, when the Sun moves to your profit sector, and again on the 23rd of April, when Mercury does the same. Venus enters the eleventh zone on the 29th of May, and whilst profits and income may be up, you may start to splurge heavily after the 23rd of June. Maintain a tight rein on your expenses.

Quick turnovers can be expected throughout August when Mercury enters your income sector on the 1st of August. Venus will amplify this on the 12th, but be careful on the 27th and the 28th when you may enter into disputes over finances.

Look again at real estate issues after the 23rd of September. Up until the 30th, when Venus enters this zone, you can look at purchasing property or investing in some sort of negatively geared real estate, which can help offset your tax.

Some unexpected but positive financial news may arrive on the 27th of November when Venus and Uranus do a fruitful celestial tango for you. Luck abounds on the 5th when Venus and Jupiter bless you for some good karma from your past.


Your partners and loved ones will get behind you in any business venture after the 11th of December. An eclipse on the 8th of October is very telling and it shows that you need to reconsider some of your emotional and mental connections to work. Are you truly doing what you love? These are the issues that you need to fully address to be successful and happy.


Venus makes excellent aspect to Uranus on the 27th of November. There may be some unexpected news through a third party that offers you an opportunity. This may be good one for you, even though you have doubts. Trust your instincts.

Karma, luck and meditation

The movement of Mars and Pluto is key in discovering when spiritual enlightenment and self-awareness is likely to occur. If we look at the transits of Mars, we see that the favourable aspects take place later in the year. This means that your good deeds, which are shown by Jupiter, may not come to fruition until around the 26th of July when Mars enters your fifth house of future karma. On the 7th of August, there is also an excellent aspect from your future karma to the past karma house between Mars and Neptune. This is very significant and indicates that some deeds from the past are likely to come to fruition at this time.

You’ll also be more active in seeking out the meaning of life, like why you are here and how you can fit into this complicated world. Don’t rely on your intellect to give you the answers to these very deep questions. Instead, you’ll start to experience pronounced flashes of brilliance and insight that you never had before, particularly around the 5th of October when Mars trines Uranus.

Your spiritual journey can be accentuated around the 26th of October by connecting with others who have a similar view on life. Sharing your experiences up to and including the 5th of December will be very rewarding and help accelerate your spiritual evolution during this period of your life.


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