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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Aries

Ruling Planets: Mars, Pluto

Romance and friendship

2014 General Overview

2014 is a transformative period for those of you born under Aries. This is because Saturn continues to transit in the mysterious eighth zone of your horoscope. Along with Neptune, Jupiter and the spiritual directions of your horoscope, this adds further weight to the forecast.

There will be many challenges in the early part of the year associated with your work and family. Finding a balance between these two areas of your life will be critical to setting the stage for a smooth and productive year.

As Uranus continues its way through your Sun sign over the next few years, you will find many aspects of your personality, relationships and life in general transformed in ways you could not have imagined. Some of these experiences will be unexpected, taking you and others by surprise. If you are open to where these experiences take you, your spiritual awareness will be markedly uplifted.

Romance and Friendship

This is a passionate and exciting year for you, With Mars occupying your marital zone for more than six months during 2014, you can expect a passionate and exciting year. Whilst this spices up your romantic life, it can also cause you to push others’ hot buttons. This could result in reactive stand offs, confrontations and arguments over trifling matters.

Jupiter moves through your zone of family and domestic circumstances. Towards the middle of July it moves into your zone of romance and love affairs and then communes with the Sun and Mercury in August. At this time you can expect your love life, social interactions and creative output to peak.

With Mars exiting your zone of personal relationships and moving into the proximity of Saturn in your sexual sector, expect fun times to be balanced by serious discussions over matters of intimacy, sexuality and power plays. As I mentioned earlier, managing your feelings and reactions with your significant other will go a long way to smoothing over any differences that you have during this cycle. 

After September you will feel greatly relieved by the transit of your ruling planet into the zone of travels and higher education. Coupled with Venus and the Sun in your zone of relationships, this should give you a sigh of relief and reinvigorate you with respect to those relationships you consider important.

Venus will give you a great deal of satisfaction after the middle of November and throughout December when it transits the fire sign of Sagittarius, friendly to your Sun sign. Given that Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and exciting, progressive actions, is in favourable aspect to Venus, some unexpected decisions in your romantic life may make the end of 2014 unexpectedly sweet and spicy.

The Sun and Mars enter a tough right angle aspect on the 3rd of January and this means you need to monitor your behaviour, passions and words in your most intimate relationships. This could continue up until the 11th when cooler responses will allow you to resolve any emotional differences you may have.

You want some excitement after the 17th of January because Venus and Mars will prompt you to look further afield for love and sexual experiences. That’s also highlighted by the transit of the Sun into your zone of friendships after the 20th. As a result, the end of January should be rather exciting.

Venus brings with it some interesting social and romantic opportunities at work or in the course of your day-to-day business activities. Between the 8th and the 17th, however, you may find yourself in social circumstances that are not too comfortable, so be careful of the decisions you make at this time. You will have to live with them a long time after the event has passed.

You can look forward to an expansion of your social circle and your power to influence others after the 6th of March. With Venus in your zone of friendships and social activities, you will want to be with others rather than spending time alone. Between the 22nd and 30th of March, Venus produces several aspects that indicate a busy period socially.

You could feel a low-key period between the 6th and 30th of April when Venus moves to the quiet zone of your horoscope. But rest assured, throughout May your sense of self will again be catapulted into the limelight with Venus entering your Sun sign around the 3rd. Between the 15th and the 19th, you could be confused in your relationships with Venus making many aspects  not altogether good,  indicating a need to make choices that will not be easy. One of the big highlights of the year would have to be July when Mars exits your zone of personal relationships and Jupiter moves into your exciting zone of love affairs. Look forward to an upswing in your emotional and romantic life between the 16th and the 26th of July.

You are very idealistic after the 2nd week of August, with Mars and Neptune producing some very interesting influences on your personal relationships. Venus enters your 5th house of love affairs on the 12th, but your passions could get the better of you by the 28th. Use your head as well as your heart in making choices about new friends and relationships. Some other key dates when your love life could reach a peak are on the 23rd of September, the 9th of October, the 14th of October and the 28th of October. These are all excellent dates when you can connect with others in a loving and powerfully fulfilling way.

After the 2nd of November, take care not to let your desires overwhelm you. Talk about your feelings and don’t let your imagination project negativity onto your relationship, especially around the 13th. By the end of the year, once you get through the right angle aspect of Venus to your Sun sign, things should move smoothly, but remember to keep a lid on any sort of obsessive behaviour.

Work and money
monthly special

For the most part, you are an industrious person, Aries, and having Mars as your ruling planet indicates that you’ll rarely have a lack of energy or drive in meeting your professional or financial obligations. Having said that, do be careful not to run the risk of being overly confident in 2014.

With Mars in the seventh house of your horoscope, most of this year, especially the first part of it, will be related to your interactions with others because. This planet will dominate many of your affairs and it warns that if you are to improve your finances, you must start with your commercial and business relationships and make sure that these run smoothly. Any hiccup in this area will cause your financial stability and security to stall.

The Sun and New Moon early in the year will bring brilliant ideas that propel your professional life forward during the following 12 months. But with no less than five planets occupying your professional zone, it is quite likely you will be overworked and feeling thinly spread, as further evidenced by the opposition of Jupiter in your fourth zone of family affairs.

You have Uranus and Mars also creating tension, which means that although you are working hard, you may become frustrated when results are not forthcoming. Pace yourself and eliminate whatever unnecessary actions you can to streamline your work in 2014.

In February your profits should be substantial, and in March and April these positive energies should continue as Mercury and Venus have a say in your income, especially if you happen to be an independent business person. These beneficial planetary influences augment your capacity to earn money and be rewarded for your efforts, and if you choose you may even look further afield for new work with great confidence.

Although the month of April may be a little tiring, you will feel a resurgence of your professional interests and your capacity to earn more money during May when Venus enters your Sun sign. At the same time, Mercury and the Sun will be in excellent aspect to Jupiter. This shows that you can earn money through your work as well as other schemes, particularly relating to real estate, which can substantially increase your savings through careful planning.

You may have some difficulties associated with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn throughout August and particularly in September. This relates to the way you handle money of a shared nature, and if you are choosing to enter any contractual arrangement, be careful as a cluster of planets in your speculative zone indicate that your impulse may get the better of you.

Legal issues could be a concern during September and October. Fortunately you continue to receive the excellent, positive rays of Jupiter from your lucky fifth house. Your luck will carry you through, no matter how difficult the challenge this year. 

Between October and December, Venus makes you popular and gives you the opportunity to secure new clients and break new ground in your work, particularly if you are dealing with the public. Use this to your advantage, but, of course, don’t abuse it.

Because your romance planet also has much to say about your finances, many of the dates given in your romance and friendship segment will apply to finances, but Uranus and Saturn also define what may happen to your income throughout the coming year.

In particular, we see the positive influence of the Sun and Venus after the 20th of January. You can earn well at this time, but you must also be careful not to over spend, particularly when Venus moves to your twelfth house in April, which occurs after the 6th. Most notably, its contact with Neptune around the 12th could indicate some deceptive circumstances, a loss of money or some faulty judgment on your part because you are seeing more than is there. Get a second opinion if you feel that you can’t decide firmly on the integrity of someone or an offer that is made at that time.

Banking matters proceed smoothly after the 25th of May. You should schedule in some time to discuss and negotiate your banking and taxes around this date as you will be far more conservative and receptive to what needs to be done to clean up your bank balance.

You could be speculative after the 23rd of July, but the Sun transiting this area, which is an exceptionally favourable planet for you, indicates that you may be fortunate in investing in stocks, bonds and other sorts of commodities that can yield a good result. Look carefully at this as Mercury and Jupiter also provide additional good fortune in these areas.

The 2nd, 26th and 28th of August are warning dates when you should be very careful not to impulsively spend your money or assume that something is greater than it is. Rethink your position.

Contracts must be carefully looked into after the 14th of September as impulse, once again, may get the better of you and you could miss vital points in the fine print. Refer any complex issues to the experts.

As Venus makes excellent aspects to your career zone after the 2nd of November and then moves into your luckiest zone on the 17th, this should be a period when your finances should see an uplift. With Venus moving to your professional sector on the 11th of December, your charm and attractiveness will play a large part in securing some favourable feedback and opportunities, both professionally and financially.

You should be quick off the mark in January 2014 because, as mentioned earlier, you have some extraordinarily powerful influences occurring just as the year commences. The Sun, the New Moon, Pluto, Mercury and Venus reveal your ability to sway public opinion, but most importantly to win over the heart and the cheque book of your boss. You mustn’t postpone any desire to improve your professional status or ask for extra money or a promotion.

Your good fortune continues throughout February and March with Venus lighting up your professional and profit sectors at this time. Moreover, you also have the support of friends and co-workers who will get behind you if you are looking to make a move to improve your professional portfolio. Don’t be scared to ask for their assistance as it will be forthcoming.

Usually, Jupiter indicates powerful and beneficial opportunities in every aspect of life. For you, Aries, the transition of Jupiter to your future karma zone on the 16th of July means that there should be a significant and noticeable shift in energies that bring good fortune and the confidence you need to make a move—if that’s what’s on your mind. What you do now will generally meet with success, mainly because you have positive energy to bring to any situation, meeting or relationship.

In the last few months of the year, Jupiter gives you the perfect supporting energies to re-educate yourself and improve your skills. Don’t miss this opportunity as Jupiter won’t return to this position for twelve years. You must make the most of it.

You may have to be somewhat subversive in the way you achieve promotions or win over people after the 4th of September. You may need to get political and befriend those you ordinarily wouldn’t simply for the sake of ‘getting the numbers’ to push forward your agenda. There are also moments of deception and peopling try to undermine after the 10th of September.

Keep your cards close to your chest. It is best not to share your intentions for self-improvement with others, not even close friends, as some of this information could be divulged to parties who could use that ammunition against you.

Venus will be your ally in all areas of life, particularly your professional arena in the last few months of the year. Look forward to a late opportunity after the 11th of December when Venus, the charming benefactor and ruler of your zone of public relations, hits the highest point in your horoscope, indicating success around Christmas.     

Karma, luck and meditation

Your karmic planets are the Sun and Jupiter, and their favourable aspects and connections point to those times when your past and future karma coincide and bring either great benefits or troubles and dissatisfaction.

There are a couple of important dates when these planets coincide. In March, the Sun, the Moon and Neptune favourably influence Jupiter, and these are in spiritual zones of your horoscope that indicate an upliftment in your self-awareness and ability to understand the events or circumstances that have held you back. This is a deeply psychological period when you can understand and, more importantly, overcome the emotional complexes that are holding you back.

In April, when the Sun returns to Aries, you will feel physically well, fully energised and ready to tackle any problem, but one of the most important cycles is when the Sun and Jupiter join during July. Here we see your karmic planets strongly influence the zone of your mother and your historic family. Whatever good you have done to these people, your relatives and family will be well rewarded, and this will continue into August, when the Sun and Jupiter move into your important future karma zone—the fifth house. This is a cause for jubilation, and the result of your good karma will make you feel as if you have achieved something important within yourself. A period of good karmic luck continues throughout September as Venus and Jupiter move through  your karmic zone  of good fortune.

Remember, meeting the good and the bad with equanimity is the secret of spiritual and karmic success.

Venus, the Sun and Mercury conclude 2014 by moving through your year of past karma. This  indicates that you may still have some work to do, and it could involve making contact with people with whom you have unresolved emotional issues.


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