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2014 Yearly Horoscope for Aquarius

Ruling Planets: Uranus, Saturn

Romance and friendship

Secrets, everything hidden, the unknown! Sounds rather ominous, doesn’t it, Aquarius? Well, not really, but there is a huge amount of energy due to five planets occupying the hidden, karmic zone of your horoscope as 2014 begins. This is not as bad as it sounds. In fact, there is an opportunity for you to gain a deeper under­ standing of yourself, and to clear the decks of all of your emotional baggage.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, continues its way to the uppermost part of horoscope, and it has the favourable aspect of Jupiter. This is lucky because it shows that your sense of self is becoming more highly developed, and that you are eliminating elements from your past that have been holding you back. This is the key focus and message for you throughout the coming 12 months.

The presence of Mars, the career planet, in your zone of higher education and foreign affairs also hints that you will be looking for new horizons as far as your career and life are concerned.

Romance and Friendship

You really want to know what makes your relationships tick this year, Aquarius. For this reason, you may get under the skin of your partner or spouse, particularly with your numerous questions about what their true intentions and life objectives are. This can make you irritable, standoffish and, in the extreme, aggressive, as they may misconstrue your intentions.

To understand the nature of your relationships, you need to go back through your past and carefully analyse how you’ve arrived where you are now. This is the key ingredient to improving your love life and social relationships.

The Sun is partly aspected by Jupiter in the early part of the year, and although these are not your most favourable planets, there is an indication that you can improve your circumstances with hard work, even though you may receive some flak for doing so on your own terms.

The fact that you will be unrelenting and uncompromising in your relationship demands this year is shown by the close conjunction of the Sun, Pluto and Mercury. These three planets in the hidden zone of your horoscope attest to the fact that you are more intuitive and interested in delving into the nature of your lovers and, for that matter, anyone you may meet.

Gone are the days when you simply accepted superficiality. You want more meaningful relationships. Jupiter, your planet of friend­ ships, is in a zone that requires hard work, and it may even hint at the fact that you are tired of offering your best efforts to people with little response or return. This disequilibrium in your social affairs will come to an end as you realise relationships are a two­way street.

Early in the year, Venus will move into your Sun sign, and this shows that your confidence, charm and ability to mingle with others will bring ample opportunities for you to improve your circumstances and affairs of the heart. This is a good omen; you will not have to put up with less than what you feel you deserve.


Relationships on the Rise

Communications can flare up on the 3rd of January when Mercury and Jupiter oppose each other. Don’t allow money to intrude on what could otherwise be an excellent cycle for communicating your deeper feelings. This continues until the 6th and around the 1st of February. Establish good lines of communication to deal with your financial differences.

One of the highlights of the year is when Mercury, your planet of love and romance, moves to the creative and entertaining fifth zone on the 8th of May. Excellent aspects from the Sun around the 17th means that this cycle should be one of enjoyment, exploration and creative joy. The Sun enters this same zone of love and creativity on the 20th of June and accentuates the already light­hearted effects of Mercury.

Expect an upliftment in your relationships and general attitude around the 23rd of July when the Sun enters your marital zone. On the 25th, the Sun and Jupiter produce a lucky combination for you, and this can provide you with stellar opportunities, even indi­ cating potential engagement or marriage. If it’s not yours, then you will hear news of someone marrying or tying the knot at this time.

A new understanding can be arrived at when Mercury enters your marital zone on the 1st of August. It also makes a connection with Jupiter on the 3rd, which is highly favourable. Between the

16th and the 23rd of August, you’ll finally be able to set aside your concerns and give yourself fully to the one you love. This period indicates a renewal of your relationship and possibly even sexual ties.

You’ll be putting a lot of focus on one relationship throughout the  period  of  September  and  October,  but  when  Mercury enters the eleventh zone of friendships on the 28th of November, along with the Sun on the 8th of December, you can expect your social affairs to hot up. This is a time when new friendships and alliances can be made.

Work and money
monthly special

If you are not careful, this could be a difficult year for you, Aquarius. I say this because of the powerful conjunction of planets in your twelfth zone of expenses and hidden activities, along with Jupiter in the zone of debt.

Exercising moderation and control over your impulses might not be as easy as you think. With five planets in this expenditure area of your horoscope, as well as Mars and Saturn also adding to the mix, this creates a stop­start mentality. There will certainly be periods where you want to exercise your right to retail therapy, but your cautious streak will pull back the reigns of your potentially reckless spending habits.

To tap your moneymaking powers this year, focus on the rulers of your finance, Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is well positioned in its own sign of Pisces, and it will continue to spend many years there. This planet is notorious for confusion, but let’s try to work with its positive attributes, which include creative and spiritual thinking. You’re able, if you choose, to do something daring and out of the ordinary in terms of finance. You’ll be able to earn money by step­ ping outside your normal way of seeing things. Jupiter, too, also has a very powerful influence on Pisces, which means that you can expand your earnings by thinking outside the square.

If you have been reluctant to invest money, Neptune and the strong influence of the New Moon from the hidden part of your horoscope shows that you can work behind the scenes to produce a spectacular plan in the coming 12 months. Mind you, you may not be able to get this plan up and running immediately, but patience will pay off in the long run if you persist and don’t allow fuzzy thinking to influence the way you execute these plans.

One of the benefits of having many planets, such as Mercury and Pluto, in the hidden side of your horoscope is that they can give you insight into opportunities that others may not be aware of. However, being a trailblazer is coloured by the fact that these planets are also in the sign of Capricorn, a much more conservative sign than yours. You can use this to your advantage by taking old ideas and putting a refreshingly new spin on them. Finance, investment and banking strategies should be looked at from a different perspective. By doing this you’ll create something that is uniquely yours, and it will bring financial benefits in the coming years.

With the powerful and stationery movement of Jupiter on the 6th of March, your understanding of debts and, perhaps, a way to curtail them, is spotlighted for you. Knowing your spending habits and how necessary or unnecessary some of these costs are will help you save money. At the end of the day, it is not how much you earn but how much you save that counts.

With the Sun in your fourth zone of real estate on the 29th of April, you’ll be working towards consolidating your home loan, rental expenses and other costs associated with your living circumstances. There are savings that can be made in this area if you take the time to look and work harder at creating a manageable budget.

Jupiter enters your seventh house of partnerships on the 16th of July and moves into an oppositional aspect on the 1st of October. Throughout this period, working through commercial arrangements and financial agreements with loved ones will take pride of place on your agenda. This will show an improvement in your relationships and the potential to create new business partnerships that can further your income streams.

Other key dates are the lunar eclipse of the 8th of October and the solar eclipse of the 24th. These planets signify changes in your contractual arrangements and opportunities  that  can  further your professional activities for the purpose of increasing your income, cash bonuses and other commissions. Around the 9th of December, Jupiter will once again accentuate your partnerships.

With your career planet, Mars, in the upper part of your horoscope and in the zone of adventure, it means that you can look at your career as an exciting pathway for growth and self­exploration in 2014. Around the 11th of January, when Mars and the Sun trine each other, you will see great results and have the opportunity to forge ahead in your work. Your confidence is strong, particularly leading up to the 20th of January, when the Sun returns to your Aquarian Sun sign. Your confidence will be excellent throughout this cycle.

Contracts can be revamped between the 2nd and the 21st of March when the Sun moves through your third zone of negotiations. A low­key period can be expected throughout April from the 20th to the 30th, but your creative energy will be reignited after the 21st of May with the Sun’s entry into your fifth zone of creativity and passion. The Sun and Mars aspect on the 31st of May once again revitalises your efforts, which means that it is the time to aggressively but diplomatically chase your dreams.

Changes occur in your workplace on the 4th, 19th and 23rd of July. This is an important month punctuated by the extraordinarily lucky transit of Mars into your professional sector onthe 26th. During this period you’ll feel restless and have the urge to win that coveted position.

Profitability is up after the 14th of September, which means that a new job opportunity can yield good results for you. October, too, is one of the best months of the year, particularly around the 9th,23rd and 24th when the Sun works its magic in your professional zone. Your network of friends and business acquaintances can assist you in securing a new position after the 22nd of November when your life dreams are accentuated by the presence of the Sun in this area of your horoscope.

Karma, luck and meditation

Take time for deep reflection this year, Aquarius. The planets have aligned in such a way that your spiritual evolution is a foregone conclusion. Gaining access to the inner resources of your spirituality and karmic past will be much easier this year. Don’t waste this valuable opportunity to actualise yourself and be the best you can be!

Your two important karmic planets are Mercury and Venus. The key transits of these two planets and, in particular, when they conjoin, will indicate the moments when your life will reach a pinnacle and you can gain access to the spiritual awareness within you. One such important date is the 16th of May, as well as the time leading up to this. When Mercury sextiles Venus, you’ll be interested in communicating your insight to others. Mercury also produces excellent contacts to Venus on the 28th of May, so use these times to meditate, balance your emotions and gain an under­ standing of the true significance of your time here on earth.

Venus moves  into  its  important  ninth  zone  on  the  30th  of September. Your past will become very clear during this cycle, and up until the 13th of October there will be connections with people from your past who’ve been part of your development. Some of these relationships may now be released as it is time for you to commence the next part of your journey.

Due to your good karma or past actions, Venus entering your career zone on the 24th of October, and your zone of social connections and lifelong objectives on the 28th of November, means that this will be a time when the fruits of your good actions will be realised.


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