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Your Past Life Spread
Your Past Life Spread
Scroll down for your interpretation. Click on individual cards to see a larger representation.
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Past Life Emotional Influence

Two of Pentacles

At ease with change. Able to juggle more than one situtation at a time. New ventures may be hard to get underway. Hard work mixed with unreliability.

Past Life Mental Influence

The Empress

This card represents wealth, marriage, fertility and creativity.

Past Life Spiritual Influence

Nine of Pentacles

Material wealth enjoyed alone. Knowledge of the workings of those things in your best interest. Love of home and garden.

Past Life Physical Influence

Ace of Pentacles

Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.

Karmic Debt You Must Pay

Four of Swords

A period of rest and restoration of energies. Tensions subside. Good changes are soon to come.

Karmic Lesson You Must Learn

The Star Reversed

The Reversed Star represents pessimism, doubt and obstinacy.

Past Life Impact On Your Life Now

Three of Pentacles Reversed

Gain is not realized and skills are not mastered.

Past Life Impact On Your Future

The Tower

This card represents change, conflict and possible catastrophe.

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