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Free online Tarot readings, numerology readings, Chinese astrology readings and more. The psychic readings in these sections are free online to help you learn to use your own psychic powers. Remember all psychics start somewhere, it's just a matter of training and developing your individual talents.We all posses a certain degree of psychic power within us, it just takes practice to perfect these powers. With each of the following readings concentrate deeply and let your higher spirit control the outcome.
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Your Daily Horoscope

  • Aries - Mar 21 - Apr 20

    Become acutely aware of your finances, as an oversight now can lead you into trouble. If you're careful enough, however, things should go smoothly. Th ... Read more

  • Taurus - Apr 21 - May 21

    Competitiveness is always thrilling and perhaps you can share that thrill in a romantic way with someone who means a lot to you This drawing, doodling ... Read more

  • Gemini - May 22 - Jun 21

    You could feel depressed that you haven't quite achieved all the goals you have set out to achieve this year. Don't despair. Collect yourself and rees ... Read more

  • Cancer - Jun 22 - Jul 23

    There may be a profitable short trip available to you now which can help your work or your business. This is more likely to be advantageous if you run ... Read more

  • Leo - Jul 24 - Aug 23

    A family reunion is an ideal way to bring relatives together. If there's been tension on the home front, it's time to reconnect and get back to the go ... Read more

  • Virgo - Aug 24 - Sep 23

    Don't try too hard in to makeing friends. You may alienate someone in the process. Allow others to take the lead when it comes to social interactions. ... Read more

  • Libra - Sep 24 - Oct 23

    Today feel encouraged to transform your personality into something that will make an impact on others professionally and personally. Just do it. Be a ... Read more

  • Scorpio - Oct 24 - Nov 22

    You may have a smooth competitor lurking in the shadows, so you need advice to learn how to deal with them. Out and out wars are not the solution. Lea ... Read more

  • Sagittarius - Nov 23 - Dec 22

    Doubling is not enough if you want to become an expert. Relegate hobies to the sideline unless you are serious. You need to reserve your money for som ... Read more

  • Capricorn - Dec 23 - Jan 20

    You want to be noticed today and will certainly be popular. Just don't overdo it or let your ego get in the road. You could expect some advancement in ... Read more

  • Aquarius - Jan 21 - Feb 19

    You can be a lamp, a shining light for others in disseminating information. You feel a greater need for education, to increase your inner intellectual ... Read more

  • Pisces - Feb 20 - Mar 20

    Your feelings of love are strong again today, and you should be attractive to and attracted byto someone else. Don't be afraid to share your affection ... Read more