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Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

Ruling Planets: Pluto, Mars
December 2014
Highlights of the month

Welcome and Merry Christmas Scorpio!

I'm happy to say that a significant Saturn transit, moving out of your Sun sign, will occur and that happens on the 24th of December, a day before Christmas. I’m jumping ahead a little bit but the importance of this transit can’t be overestimated. I wanted to talk about that because for many of you this last couple of years has been hard, it’s been full of obstructions, full of delays, obstacles in terms of  circumstances and the people that you’re surrounded by as well. That has to be a very, very welcome Christmas gift for you. Not exactly what you expected but certainly one that I think is going to have a long term effect on you as it is a two and a half year cycle moving through the signs.

The difficult energies that are affecting you and in particular your professional life, shift to the financial area of your horoscope. What this means too is that you may have been a little lax in the way you’ve been managing your finances. After this date and into 2015, 2016, really a much more conservative approach to your money can be seen.

Mercury, the Sun and Venus in the finance house of your horoscope are going to be strongly influenced by the movement of Mars into the 4th sector of your horoscope. The financial issues are tied in somehow with your property transactions at this time. You’ll be constructing things, looking at new ways to improve your living space etc. This is not just an aesthetic or cosmetic sort of activity but  could relate to construction activities, to build in some robust longevity into the structures that you build. This could also have to do with such things as solar power, electricity, you know becoming more self sufficient. For some of you living in country areas, going off grid so that you can become independent of those traditional structures. And that’s where these two elements tie in your money, how much you’re earning, being more conservative so that you can actually pump some of that money into some of these other alternative energies and alternative activities.

The full Moon on the 6th occurs in Gemini and Gemini for you is very much the work area of your horoscope. The full Moon there indicates you’ve been distracted in your work and these obstacles finally evaporate and  you can  once again feel that connectivity with the person that you love. Work has taken you away from loved ones. The Moon is of course a very emotional and sensitive planet, it’s also very absorptive so if you’ve been feeling a little closed in or disconnected, this is going to be a moment where you can reconnect and genuinely feel it at the heart level.

Capricorn is going to be strongly focused in your horoscope, the 3rd sector of your horoscope that is. From the 11th till Christmas day itself Venus, Mercury and the Sun all moving into that sector which is the sector of journeys, the sector of communications and contracts. For Scorpio at this time it is this start of new things, not just in terms of contracts but maybe turning over a new leaf, working on your habits of communication, and improving your vocabulary. These bad habits of communication often undermine the success or otherwise of a venture and by understanding and improving that, you’ll start to see the benefits returning to you in due course.

There’s a new Moon also in that sign on the 22nd and that takes us to the end of the month with Mercury moving into conjunction with Pluto, again in that same house. Your mind is going to be very, very focused on tying up loose ends with any contracts that have been delayed. These can be verbal contracts as well so get clarification, talk to anyone that you’ve got some doubt about agreements with, and that’s going to help close off the year and start the New Year, 2015, on a clean slate.


I look forward to your company then. We’ll be talking more about that Saturn transit into your finance sector, that’s an important one and one that we’ll be spending quite a bit of time on over the next few months. Join me at, we’ve got more detailed information on you and again have a happy, safe and prosperous Christmas and a fantastic New Year as well. Read on for the more detailed analysis of what is likely to happen in the last month of 2014.

Dec 5, 2014     12 AM(Dec 3, 2014 to Dec 6, 2014)    Mars Sqr Asc

TRANSITING MARS SQUARE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit can indicate a time when relationships are stormy at best. Each person is likely to be strongly set in his/her own point of view, and compromise will be difficult. Disputes and quarrels are likely. The only way to improve the situation is for each one to make his/her position very clear, if it is possible to do so without blaming or moral judgments, and without trying to solve all the problems now. The anger must be expressed however, or it could lead to a violent outbreak later with possible violence. If you can find a positive outlet for your aggressions, much work could be accomplished. Care should be taken if machinery is to be used. If the energy of this aspect is not expressed now, it could find an outlet in illness or an accident.


Dec 5, 2014     12 AM(Dec 3, 2014 to Dec 6, 2014)   Mars Oppos MC

TRANSITING MARS OPPOSITE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--With this transit, your energies are turned inward toward yourself and your domestic life. You could have difficulties accomplishing goals related to business or career. Ego energies are high, and you need to be aware of tendencies toward anger or irritability. A current situation or memory may be triggering certain psychological patterns from the past which can be causing you to feel defensive and argumentative. You will need to bring the problems up to the present and deal with them in the here and now. Break the old pattern, and work on the conscious level. Get at the root of what is really wrong and deal with the truth.


Dec 5, 2014          (Dec 3, 2014 to Jan 12, 2015)    Mars 4th H.

TRANSITING MARS IN THE FOURTH HOUSE--Mars transiting the houses influences the departments of life in which you express your actions and desires, and where you must use initiative and energy to achieve results. In the fourth house transit, it indicates that much of your energy will be expended in the home, with vigorous efforts to improve the domestic scene. You will actively seek to acquire property for your later years. You have much energy and a strong constitution, which is likely to be sustained through old age. There could be some conflict with parents, and better family relations can be attained if you move away from your place of birth. You need to work on your emotional self-control now in order to achieve domestic harmony.


Dec 10, 2014     5 PM(Dec 9, 2014 to Dec 11, 2014)  Ven Sxtil Asc

TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit brings a very lighthearted time for enjoying yourself and relaxing with friends and loved ones. You are able to express your feelings of affection, and relationships are improved. It is a good time to meet new people, also.


Dec 10, 2014         (Dec 9, 2014 to Jan 3, 2015)      Ven 3rd H.

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE THIRD HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express the Venus attitudes in the various areas of your life. In the third house it emphasizes an intellectual interest in artistic and cultural pursuits. This is also a pleasant Venus position for relations with neighbors and friends, short journeys, social activities, and correspondence. You are likely to have a special love for literature and poetry. You will communicate harmoniously, through both speech and writing, especially beautiful love letters and romantic poems.


Dec 17, 2014     4 AM(Dec 16, 2014 to Dec 18, 2014)Merc Sxtil Asc

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This aspect quickens the mind and enhances communications skills. Self confidence and self-worth are enhanced. You will like to talk, and are more mentally alert than usual. It will be easy to reach agreements, and is a good tome to get rid of paperwork and to write letters. It is a good time for any kind of commercial or business transactions, contract negotiations, and/or buying and selling.


Dec 17, 2014         (Dec 16, 2014 to Jan 5, 2015)    Merc 3rd H.

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE THIRD HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind, and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the third house the focus is on education. Your mind is directed to investigate whatever you can do to increase your consciousness and broaden your understanding--reading, study, speaking, teaching, lectures, literature, new thought, science, news. This transit should enhance successful travels, mental development, and matters of correspondence.


Dec 21, 2014    11 PM(Dec 20, 2014 to Dec 22, 2014)Sun Sxtil Asc

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit illuminates the Self with a need to seek recognition from others. In group activities you will want to lead and the others will sense your need for that and won't seem to mind. Your need for social activities will be strong, and will be fulfilled by sharing with others. This works both ways, for no one is alone in this world. Others will respect you for being open and honest, and everybody likes to be needed.


Dec 21, 2014         (Dec 20, 2014 to Jan 20, 2015)    Sun 3rd H.

TRANSITING SUN IN THE THIRD HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart it influences the departments of life most strongly affected by individual will and power potential. Your Sun in the third house introduces a strong drive to achieve distinction through intellectual brilliance and mental accomplishments. You will have a scientific approach with an urge to know and understand the inner workings of life's processes. You are eager to investigate new things and explore all the possibilities in areas where you function. You will also want to travel. It is important for you to be able to express yourself and communicate your ideas clearly. You need to watch for tendencies toward intellectual arrogance or snobbery, and be careful not to force your ideas on others.


Dec 23, 2014         (Dec 14, 2014 to Jan 2, 2015)   Sat Trine MC

TRANSITING SATURN TRINE THE NATAL MC--This signifies a time for organizing your approach to professional and career activities. You will generally feel self-confidence and self-assurance. You will be able to see where you are going and to obtain help to get there. However, you will tend to want to do it your own way and rely too much upon yourself. You need to prove yourself to yourself and to others. You should examine your attitudes toward authority figures, work, achievement, responsibility, change, and, most important, your attitude toward REALITY. Question the source of these attitudes. If you hold any of them because you feel you "ought to", test them to see if they are really yours. If not, you will be uncomfortable until they are changed. This is a time to "shape up".


Dec 23, 2014         (Dec 14, 2014 to June 15, 2015)   Sat 2nd H.

TRANSITING SATURN IN THE SECOND HOUSE--When this transit begins, you begin to work on self-understanding. You have to learn what is really important to you and what you really value. In addition to material things, this includes psychological, spiritual, and moral values. Much of the old literature indicates a time of financial loss and poverty, but this is only likely to be true if financial and material things are keeping you from discovering your true values. You may feel some financial insecurity during this transit, but you must not let fears and insecurity become an obsession. Try to keep your financial affairs on as even a keel as possible and work on psychological identity. This identity will be reflected by your material possessions, and security will come as a result of putting self-understanding first--rather than the other way around.


Dec 24, 2014     6 PM(Dec 23, 2014 to Dec 25, 2014)Ven Sxtil Sun

TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE NATAL SUN--Sextiles are supportive, and this one is a pleasant one. People will be good to you under this transit, and you will enjoy group activities and being with friends. It is a good time for working with others, especially those in authority, and opportunities for advancement could result. This is an extremely good transit for any kind of an interview where you need to make a good impression. It is a good time to ask for favors of any kind. You will also be interested in all things artistic.


Dec 27, 2014     4 PM(Dec 26, 2014 to Dec 28, 2014)  Mars Sqr Sun

TRANSITING MARS SQUARE NATAL SUN--This is a high-energy transit under which you can assert yourself effectively and accomplish a great deal of work. However, you will be tested along the way and forced to validate everything you do. Anger is close to the surface. You won't be willing to back down or compromise on any issue, but that is exactly what you need to do--especially if you can do so without giving up on essential points. You can accomplish much, but will need the cooperation of others. Decisions made now will affect the next Mars transit to your natal Sun (in about six months). This is a good time for almost any kind of activity you may wish to engage in, if you can practice the art of diplomacy. It is especially good for business ventures and for dealing with authorities. You should be able to get the best possible deal for yourself. Physical energy is high and you should enjoy good health and good spirits.


Dec 28, 2014     6 AM(Dec 27, 2014 to Dec 29, 2014)Merc Sxtil Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE NATAL SUN--This transit indicates a busy and mentally stimulating period. The phone is likely to "ring off the hook", and it may seem as if everybody wants to contact you. Your mind is sharp, alive, and ready. It is a good time to reinforce how you stand on any given situation, and communicate your honesty and forthrightness. Group discussions are likely to be positive and you will command the respect of others. Travel is possible.

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