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Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

Ruling Planets: Jupiter, Neptune
August 2014
Highlights of the month

Well I am back again Sagittarius with your August 2014 monthly horoscope.  And what an extraordinary month it is, mainly because your ruling planet has just moved into really what is considered to be some astrologers to be the best part of your horoscope.  And there’s a bit of a dispute there, depending on whether you are looking at it spiritually or in terms of whether you are looking at it materially. 

On both fronts I would say this is a lucky period, one that only occurs once every 12 years.  Jupiter recently moved into the sign of Leo.  The sun is also there, along with Mercury.  What this means is that your luck quota is definitely up. 

The ninth sector which is what we are talking about here means that Jupiter is fully aspecting by its favourable triangular aspect, your sun sign.  That brings with it a lot of opportunity, certainly a lot of optimism, but don’t forget one of your positive and negative traits is that you tend to be a little over optimistic.  Do try to keep that balanced during this next 12 months, and particularly now in the first two weeks of the month of August.  I have talked to you previously over the previous few readings about the very powerful karmic forces that are playing out in your horoscope during this time of your life.  This ninth sector of your horoscope has a lot to do with your past.  The fifth house has a lot to do with your future, and here we see there’s a bit of tension occurring between these two areas of the zodiac, Venus right now is in the eighth sector.  That’s a spiritual sector but it’s a sector of shared resources.  So what might be happening there is you are paying a little bit of a heavy penalty karmically speaking.  That won’t last long.  In fact Venus moves out of this sector into this very lucky ninth zone along with these other planets on the 12th also augmenting your luck factor. 

So on balance this is a very very good period and particularly in the first two weeks of the month the chance for you to start to see opportunities arising is there.  We see also that the ninth house has to do with journeys.  Some of you may have been planning something for a long time and this now is the ripe time, I put it karmically, when you can finally make those moves.  And you can do it in a very very optimistic way. 

There is a bit of a challenge from the twelfth sector of your horoscope.  There we see an increasingly strong conjunction of Mars and Saturn taking place.  The twelfth house is the house of immigration.  So for those of you wanting to travel, yes I would give you the thumbs up on that.  But the challenge in terms of emigration or moving yourself permanently to some other place, for those of you born under the sign of the sentor this might not be that smooth a transition, and you are probably better to wait for another month or so to seriously consider that.

A couple of other transits I would like to talk about happening before that, the 16th when we see Mercury moving into your tenth house of career.  And then on 23rd the sun moving into this same professional sector.  So I have talked about your luck factor being there.  But now we see the professional, practical, material area of your life materialising.  This is the time when you can achieve some very tangible results in your profession.  This is a time when your employers will look favourably upon you.  This is the time when you should be approaching them with ideas, things that can really really help you make an impression on them, and for them to see you in the best possible light.  For some of you born under Sagittarius this is the best possible time of the year coupled with this transit of Jupiter to get some sort of elevation in your career.  This is a promotion time.  And if you are not happy with where you are working, this is a time when looking further afield will yield the results that you are looking for.

Incidentally on the 26th although I just talked about that very hard conjunction of Mars and Saturn in your twelfth sector we do see a new moon taking place there in your career sector.  That is definitely heralding the start  of new things, commencement of a new career path, new job so on and so forth.  Be careful of your secret enemies, that twelfth house indicates there could be people that are conspiring to bring you down.  Keep your mind focussed on what you want, don’t worry too much about them in this next 12 months generally speaking should go very smoothly.  Of course month by month I am going to be giving you the kaleidoscopic shifts, undulations and the transits to better help you adjust yourself.

But in the meantime do join me at for more detailed analysis of this month, the year and the day daily readings that I offer everyone there.  I look forward to your company again here next month.  Good luck, take care.  


Aug 11, 2014     4 PM(Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 12, 2014)Merc Trine Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY TRINE NATAL SUN--Trine aspects are supportive and this one is no exception. Your mind should be unusually clear with this transit--especially for all mental work and communications. You can state your case effectively and should benefit from negotiations. It is a good transit for organization and getting rid of paperwork. This is a good time to begin a new learning process or a new course of study, especially if it piques your interest.


Aug 12, 2014     7 AM(Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 13, 2014)Ven Trine Asc

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This is another Venus fun transit. This is a time for gratification and pleasure and not for hard work. Love, affection and pleasure are more important than work. Watch out for over-indulgence in food and drink, and spending money--except for beautifying your home. Have a party!


Aug 12, 2014         (Aug 11, 2014 to Sep 5, 2014)     Ven 9th H.

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE NINTH HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express yourself romantically, artistically and socially in the various areas of your life. Ninth house position brings you a love of art, religion, and philosophy. You will love to travel and will be especially receptive to people of other cultures. You could marry someone from a foreign country, and much happiness can come from in-laws relationships during this transit. You could also become a scholar in foreign cultures.


Aug 15, 2014    12 AM(Aug 13, 2014 to Aug 16, 2014)Sun Trine Sun

TRANSITING SUN TRINE NATAL SUN--This transit occurs twice a year: four months before your birthday and four months after. It is a time of balance and equilibrium in your life, when you can be yourself with the least amount of obstacles from people or circumstances. Your energy level should be high and you can work or play with vigor and enthusiasm. Things may be going so well, in fact, that you are tempted to think they will always be that way. "However . . ." Now is a time to firm up your affairs and make them strong enough so that they can weather turbulence and trouble which could come later on. Your energy level is high and your stress level is low, making it possible for you to accomplish this with minimal effort at this time. On the trine preceding your birthday, you should stop and review your recent achievements. Decide how you can use them to prepare for the future and what lasting value they can provide. Don't be complacent, for you will still have challenges to face. Also examine those matters which did not work out, salvaging those that may be worthwhile and discarding the others. Waste no energy on regrets. During the trine following your birthday, also, examine the projects that have worked out well in the last few months and prepare for a time in the near future when they will reach a critical culmination. Prepare yourself for their success. And for those that did not work out so well, decide which are worth saving and cut your losses by discarding the deadwood. Prepare to be firm, since discriminating between them may be difficult. The quiet pace of this trine aspect will assist and comfort you in these decisions.


Aug 15, 2014     5 PM(Aug 15, 2014 to Aug 16, 2014)  Merc Conj MC

TRANSITING MERCURY CONJUNCT THE NATAL MC--This transit with the Midheaven affects those areas related to your career, profession and/or vocation. You may receive an important communication regarding one of these areas, necessitating a well thought out response. This is a good time to discuss your goals and future plans regarding your career. You will be able to communicate these plans logically and effectively, making it appropriate to concentrating upon furthering your career. Use this transit to clarify your actions to others and seek their support.


Aug 15, 2014         (Aug 15, 2014 to Sep 2, 2014)   Merc 10th H.

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE TENTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the tenth house it influence you to pursue education for reasons of professional ambition. You have good organizational ability and the capacity to plan for the future. Your career is not likely to be accidental. You are able to communicate with people of power and prestige, and with the public, so that politics would be a natural for you. Whatever your occupation, it will involve communications media. Ambition is the keyword during this transit, but beware that it could take precedence over principles if you are not careful.


Aug 15, 2014     5 PM(Aug 15, 2014 to Aug 16, 2014)  Merc Sqr Asc

TRANSITING MERCURY SQUARE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--Squares usually produce challenges and/or obstacles to be overcome. This transit is no exception. It could encourage all kinds of communications, but don't expect everyone to agree with you. You will want to exchange ideas with others, but watch for a tendency to do all the talking. Mental energy is high and much can be accomplished, provided you can get beyond the talk stage. You may need to slow the mouth and let others catch up with you. Try to consider and respect other points of view besides your own, and avoid making impulsive decisions.


Aug 23, 2014     5 AM(Aug 22, 2014 to Aug 24, 2014)   Sun Sqr Asc

TRANSITING SUN SQUARE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit gives you much energy in dealing with others. Since it is a square, you must be careful how this energy is applied. You could try to dominate others, or the reverse is possible. The lesson to be learned is harmony. Don't be so willful that you are unable to manage cooperation with others. With care, it is possible to make a favorable impression from the very strength of your position, provided you can prove it without bulldozing it over others. This is a powerful transit for getting things done--but, very carefully.


Aug 23, 2014     5 AM(Aug 22, 2014 to Aug 24, 2014)   Sun Conj MC

TRANSITING SUN CONJUNCT THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This is an excellent aspect for putting all your attention and energy into getting ahead and fulfilling your ambitions. Your home life may take a back seat while this aspect is in transit, and you are likely to be strong-willed and unwilling to make compromises. Pursue your objectives, but try not to be so willful that you alienate others unnecessarily.


Aug 23, 2014         (Aug 22, 2014 to Sep 23, 2014)   Sun 10th H.

TRANSITING SUN IN THE TENTH HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it will influence the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. Tenth house position generally indicates a time when you will be ambitious to attain positions of responsibility, power, and authority. You are likely to be rather dignified and you have a strong will to succeed. You will desire honor and recognition and will work hard to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve your goals. You are probably a good manager and demand respect. You also want to set a good example for others. You need to watch out for an excessive love of power and for dictatorial attitudes.


Aug 28, 2014     5 AM(Aug 27, 2014 to Aug 29, 2014)  Merc Sqr Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY SQUARE NATAL SUN--Mercury is intellect and communications. This transit indicates a day of busy mental activity and communications with others. Group conferences, letter writing, and paper work should go smoothly. Your statements will have energy, thus will be convincing. Downplay ego and stick to facts. Avoid controversy with authority figures. Some astrologers believe that Mercury retrograde dulls the intellect and creates conflicts in understanding. This astrologer has Mercury retrograde in his natal chart and finds that the opposite is usually true. It is always a good idea to be "perfectly clear" in all of your communications during this time.


Aug 30, 2014     8 AM(Aug 29, 2014 to Aug 31, 2014)Ven Trine Sun

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE NATAL SUN--Trines are supportive and this is one of the most pleasant of all transits. It doesn't signify anything earth shattering, but is a good time for all kinds of enjoyable activity. In work you will feel a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness, making it go smoothly. However, pleasure and recreation are the highlights of this transit. It is a good time for personal and love relationships. If you feel the least bit ambitious, it is a good time for creative and craft projects, or for almost anything you may want to do. It could be a shame to waste this energy, but if you really don't want to work, just relax and enjoy.

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