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Monthly Horoscope for Leo

Ruling Planet: Sun
August 2014
Highlights of the month

Welcome again Leo.  Dadhichi here with your August 2014 monthly astrological synopsis.  It’s a pretty significant month actually, and for you particularly with the planet Jupiter having just recently entered into your sun sign.  That only happens once every 12 years.  We can safely say that the general tone of your horoscope for the coming 12 months should be pretty good.  I mean there are some other mitigating factors there but on balance this is absolutely excellent.

Jupiter brings with it good fortunate, expansion and a real confidence that may have been lacking particularly having Saturn in your fourth sector which we have talked about for some months now which can dull your sense of excitement so on and so forth. 

Right now we do see your ruling planet sun there, that’s elevated your physical energy and drive, and we see also Mercury there, the planet of communication.  Now what’s going to happen on the 12th is an additional dose of energy, positive energy from Venus as she too enters into your sun sign indicating four planets there congregating in the sign of Leo.  Now that can either make or break some of you, if you are well directed in your energies you can use this to your advantage, you can sway the masses even within this, it makes you very very popular, but incidentally for some of you, you may have a tendency to over-read.  Jupiter is the large planet, so I often see people putting on a bit of weight under this transit.

But apart from that, this is the time for you to make your mark on the world, if you have been looking at creating something, moving forward on some project or even getting into a serious relationship, now is the time to do that with these  planets, really augmenting all of those departments of life. 

We do see the position of Mars having just moved into your fourth sector and later on in the month moving into the conjunction of Saturn bringing with it some issues, I am going to talk about that in a moment.  Prior to that we have both Mercury and the sun moving into your finance sector.  So that’s the 16th, Mercury will move there.  Very very positive placement for Mercury.  It moves into its own sign and this brings with it some very very clever money making ideas indeed.  When the sun moves into that sector as well around the 23rd I suspect that you can move forward on some new business idea or if you are waiting for some increased income this is the time when you can approach your boss and look forward to a pay rise.

Incidentally those two planets will be free of some of these harder and more challenging aspects of Saturn and Mars which brings me to that point.  The conjunction on the 26th of those two planets occurring in your fourth sector, the domestic sector of your horoscope.  That can produce a lot of frustration and so that’s going to temper some of the optimism that we see with these earlier forecasts that I have just given you.  You need to really really work on bringing out your Jupiter energy rather than allowing this Mars and Saturn energy to de-vitalise you.  We do see too the new moon in the finance sector which will bring with it those new opportunities that I am talking about.  Not immediately, but over the coming weeks you will start to see a relaxing of those energies, and particularly after the 26th when this conjunction is perfected then you can start to see a relaxation.  Troubles in the home affairs with your mother in particular, because this sector rules your mother, and some of your historic family members need to be managed very very carefully.  Again why not use the optimism of Jupiter to get through these problems. 

It’s a probably a week or two that you are going to feel pretty intense and if you can just exercise a little bit of patience you can get through this, and this will more than likely be a constructive period for you. 

Do join me at  You can get your daily reading there along with a more detailed synopsis of the month in question and in context of the yearly forecast.  So I look forward to your company here next month.  In the meantime good luck with all of that.  Bye for now.  


Aug 6, 2014      1 AM(Aug 4, 2014 to Aug 7, 2014)    Sun Conj Sun

TRANSITING SUN CONJUNCT NATAL SUN--The exact date of this aspect marks your true birthday, even though it may vary a day or two from the calendar date. The transit indicates a day of new beginnings. The things you start as a result of this transit's influences will remain with you throughout the year. You may not feel the influences very strongly, but the Sun's energy will be added to your thoughts and efforts. It is a good time for starting projects you may have been putting off, and for allowing thoughts to surface that you may have been suppressing. They could ride this wave of energy to a satisfactory conclusion, especially if fulfillment can be accomplished within the calendar year. There could be the temptation to just let the feelings produced by this transit "go by", but it would be a shame to waste the energy that comes from your inner core during the time this aspect is in orb. You need to be aware that you may crave to be the center of attention during this aspect. Remember, everything in moderation, but this is YOUR "day in the Sun" -- so ENJOY!


Aug 7, 2014     11 AM(Aug 6, 2014 to Aug 8, 2014)   Merc Conj Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY CONJUNCT NATAL SUN--This transit will enhance your power to express yourself clearly and strongly. You will be able to impress others and gain their support for your point of view. You will be more able to understand your goals and your purpose, and to communicate them to others. Even if some others don't agree with you, they are likely to understand and support your point of view. With all this personal power you must be careful that the understanding works both ways. There will be several and various types of communications bombarding you during this transit. Understanding and discrimination on your part could be vital. You could feel restless and "tied down", so travel if you need to and let your mind be expanded.


Aug 12, 2014     7 AM(Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 13, 2014)  Ven Conj Asc

TRANSITING VENUS CONJUNCT THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit combines the emotional influences of Venus with the "I am" in your life. This is a good time to resolve problems in personal relationships. You feel in harmony with the world. You could meet a new lover or friend, and may even be presented with a favorable financial opportunity. It is a good time to enhance artistic efforts toward fulfilling career efforts.


Aug 12, 2014     7 AM(Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 13, 2014)    Ven Sqr MC

TRANSITING VENUS SQUARE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--Squares usually bring problems. This transit may bring a compulsion to be with a special person in order to express your love and affection. You could feel that you are not quite complete alone and you need someone else to help you be a whole person. This doesn't mean you are insecure, but the influences create the need to share yourself with another. Take care, however, not to blow a relationship out of proportion lest feelings of possessiveness and jealousy enter in. This is a good time to pursue your talents by participating in activities relating to beauty and the arts.


Aug 12, 2014         (Aug 11, 2014 to Sep 5, 2014)     Ven 1st H.

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE FIRST HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses gives us information about how you may express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically in the various areas of your life. In the first house it will influence you to be socially outgoing, with a pleasing manner and friendly appearance. It could enhance a striking physical beauty as well. You will generally have a happy outlook on life, and your natural ability to mix well with other people should contribute to both good business and exciting romantic opportunities. Artistic talent is also indicated during this time.


Aug 15, 2014     5 PM(Aug 15, 2014 to Aug 16, 2014)Merc Trine MC

TRANSITING MERCURY TRINE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--Trine aspects are usually supportive of your main concerns, ideas and activities. With mental Mercury trine your Midheaven, your mind will be on career and job concerns. Keep it occupied with ideas that are pertinent for you. Communications are good, so discuss your interests with others and listen to their advice. You can expect cooperation. Don't allow yourself to analyze some fixation to death, but keep your mind upon the goal. Realizations of your true self and success can be accomplished.


Aug 15, 2014         (Aug 15, 2014 to Sep 2, 2014)    Merc 2nd H.

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE SECOND HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the second house it indicates preoccupation with business and monetary affairs. Your value system from this position will be based upon production of concrete, practical results. You are likely to pursue education as a means toward increasing your earning power, and you could be successful in any field requiring good communications skills. You are likely to plan methodically now, and you will have some very original ideas for making money.


Aug 19, 2014    12 AM(Aug 17, 2014 to Aug 20, 2014)  Mars Sqr Sun

TRANSITING MARS SQUARE NATAL SUN--This is a high-energy transit under which you can assert yourself effectively and accomplish a great deal of work. However, you will be tested along the way and forced to validate everything you do. Anger is close to the surface. You won't be willing to back down or compromise on any issue, but that is exactly what you need to do--especially if you can do so without giving up on essential points. You can accomplish much, but will need the cooperation of others. Decisions made now will affect the next Mars transit to your natal Sun (in about six months). This is a good time for almost any kind of activity you may wish to engage in, if you can practice the art of diplomacy. It is especially good for business ventures and for dealing with authorities. You should be able to get the best possible deal for yourself. Physical energy is high and you should enjoy good health and good spirits.


Aug 23, 2014     5 AM(Aug 22, 2014 to Aug 24, 2014)  Sun Trine MC

TRANSITING SUN TRINE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This trine gives you a clear idea of who you are, what you are doing and where you're headed. With this position also comes an understanding, knowledge and control over the necessary material resources as well as the techniques for achieving your goals. You will work diligently at whatever tasks you set yourself to do, paying careful attention to details. More than just self-confidence, you know you have what it takes, that you have been using it and are able to convince others of your abilities. Leadership may be the result. If you need a new job, now is a good time to go after it.


Aug 23, 2014         (Aug 22, 2014 to Sep 23, 2014)    Sun 2nd H.

TRANSITING SUN IN THE SECOND HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it influences the departments of life most strongly affected by individual will and power potential. In your second house of finance, it directs your attention to the lesson of stewardship in the correct use of your material resources. You need to begin using money and property constructively in ways beneficial to life, and not merely for your own satisfaction. You will definitely want to earn money because of your strong need to attain financial independence, and you are most likely to succeed in those efforts. You are very ambitious, but you need to avoid the trap of believing that you can gain prestige through wealth alone. During this transit you need to examine your feelings toward your financial resources. Do they serve your needs, or are you constantly trying to serve theirs? Are you still trying to "keep up with the Jones's"? You may want to show off your material success to others. Beware of a tendency to squander money just for ego gratification and show.


Aug 23, 2014     8 AM(Aug 22, 2014 to Aug 24, 2014)  Ven Conj Sun

TRANSITING VENUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN--This transit favors creative activities, and whatever artistic ability you have will be useful during its influences. You can express your talents and artistic ability more easily than usual. You are likely to want to share your creativity and your feelings with others, but you are not likely to feel too ambitious. It is a good time for entertaining and just plain enjoying yourself. Seek beautiful surroundings. You will be able to enjoy them more than ever during this time.

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