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Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

Ruling Planet: Mercury
December 2014
Highlights of the month

Merry Christmas Gemini!

I’m not peeing in your pocket when I say that I really do love the Geminis that I’ve met. I always had an extraordinarily interesting time talking to them. I only wish I was part of your social circle during this last month of the year, December 2014 when the Moon and Uranus and your karmic planet conjoin in your 11th house of social activities. Before I get onto that a little bit more I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for sort of joining me throughout the year. And to say that this is an important transition, not just for you but for all of us at this time in life.

I’m going to talk about three or four very important transits that cap off the year for you and the fact that this social Moon and then the full Moon occurring in your Sun sign, around the 6th, are all indicators of the really bubbly, electric sort of vibration.  For the close of 2014, Geminis have a nice time ahead. This is the time that you’ll be very much wanting to share your feelings, your ideas and your concepts with people. So feel free to do that with me as well.

There’s some important transits from the 7th house of your most significant relationships. Right there now your ruling planet Mercury, the Sun and Venus are transiting this point in the heavens. So that’s a further testimony to the really strong drive you have to connect with other people. Now that may not just be social but because of the strong social flavour to the planets you’ll be combining your work and social activities at this time. That’s also a given with Christmas but I think you’re going to take that a step further and you’re going to use this to further enhance your networking, your financial opportunities into the New Year. And these are all quite friendly planets to you I might add so it should be done without too much friction.

We see on the 5th of December the important transit of Mars into the 9th house. Now you could be so absorbed in your communication, sharing your ideas with other people, that this Mars can create problems in terms of bringing you in touch with people at odds with your philosophical and political views. It’s important to not tread on other people’s toes in your effusive exuberance. That intense enthusiasm should also be transposed into your study, renewing your skills sets and perhaps resuming educational pursuits that you’d let go of some time ago. That’s the power of Mars in the 9th house, along with the fact that the 9th house has to do with travel. So you’ll be very much geared up to doing that this Christmas and if you haven’t for a while, you’ve got the drive and appetite for adventure at the same time.

From the 11th to the 17th of December we see the powerful transit of Venus and Mercury into the sign of Capricorn and this, having Pluto there at the moment, and the conjunction of Venus as well on the 21st, means that those few days leading up to Christmas could be rather tense and there may be differences of opinion as to what sort of gifts to buy, the visitors to invite to your family Christmas dinner table etc etc. So it’s best not to wait too late before you work that out because the last thing you want is going into the danger zone, you know, when the unwanted relatives arrive on the front gate. I normally get my shotgun out. I sort of hide it there just in case someone’s out of line, boom, they’re gone and then I can enjoy the rest of the Christmas meal. If you’ve got to have discussions about how to spend money don’t pollute the festive engagements you’ve planned.

There’s a new Moon on the 22nd. That also occurs in the sign of Capricorn. What could emerge out of this is a whole new strategy for the way, not just the way you spend money, but if you’re married and in a very committed relationship, or you’re in a business partnership with someone because this covers business partnerships as well, you may formulate together a way to handle your finances. There may have been some confusion as to who pays for what, how those debts are repaid, it’s basically a cleaning up of the protocols in the way you actually handle your finances as a team/couple.

On the 24th an extraordinarily important transit of Saturn into the sign of Sagittarius takes place. Now, that’s a tough one because Saturn is the power of limitation. It's a karmic planet, it’s the planet of time and moving into Sagittarius, your marital sector, indicates the commencement of a two and a half year period where many important changes include not only financial but emotional and mental adjustments These will be addressed. Prepare yourself.

At this time of Christmas let me thank you again and wish you the very best for the festive season. Take care. Read on for the more detailed analysis of what is likely to happen in the last month of 2014.

Dec 1, 2014     10 PM(Nov 30, 2014 to Dec 2, 2014)  Sun Oppos Sun

TRANSITING SUN OPPOSITE NATAL SUN--This transit occurs six months past your last birthday and it indicates a culmination of your life energies. You need to bring your affairs into some kind of order, and you are likely to meet some opposition from others when you do this. The opposition Sun aspect will make you feel like you are fighting against yourself. but it is a time of great strength. It may be difficult to make things work, but keep humbly trying. You may feel like you have failed in many of your activities, and you may have to start over in some. This is not a time to feel defeated, but to take the attitude that some life experiments just didn't work. Insight gained can give you valuable information for fresh starts. You feel the consequences of some life structures during this transit, and you still have the creative power to determine how you will let them affect you. You can always ignore the energies and let them pass, but this period of time provides an opportunity to take action so that your future will be more positive and fulfilling.


Dec 4, 2014      5 AM(Dec 3, 2014 to Dec 5, 2014)  Merc Oppos Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY OPPOSITE NATAL SUN--This transit can increase the flow of communications between you and others, but it can also arouse conflicts of will and ego. This is a high-energy transit and turbulence and unpleasantness can occur. Business dealings began now may not reach successful conclusions immediately. On the positive side, communications between two people will get through to each other clearly and understandably, though not always pleasantly. However, don't hesitate to discuss important issues at this time, for what you bring out into the open could really help you in the future.


Dec 5, 2014          (Dec 3, 2014 to Jan 12, 2015)    Mars 9th H.

TRANSITING MARS IN THE NINTH HOUSE--Mars transiting the houses influences the departments of life in which you exert energy to express your actions and desires. Ninth house transits produce interests in travel and outdoor sports: and, in religious, philosophical, social, and educational causes. You will push for the ideals you believe in, and will actively support institutions which support your views. You believe in action, not just words. You like adventure, and you may seek some broader experiences during this transit. You will need to develop tolerance and understanding for those who do not share your convictions.


Dec 5, 2014     12 AM(Dec 3, 2014 to Dec 6, 2014)  Mars Trine Asc

TRANSITING MARS TRINE THE ASCENDANT--This aspect could provide a time of self-assurance and confidence in dealing with others. In most areas of your life, you could be able to act more decisively than usual. You know where you stand and are able to get others to let you know where they stand, also. You may want to enlarge the scope of your activities now, and you will want to find new methods of expression. This can be a period of good health, if you conserve your energies intelligently.


Dec 10, 2014     5 PM(Dec 9, 2014 to Dec 11, 2014)   Ven Sxtil MC

TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This transit makes you think about your relationships with others in positive ways. You are in an open and compromising mood. It is a good time for understanding those who are close to you. You will have a tendency to give more than to receive, and to understand more than you need to. It is also a good time to express artistic creativity, and to appreciate the arts.


Dec 10, 2014         (Dec 9, 2014 to Jan 3, 2015)      Ven 8th H.

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express the Venus attitudes in the various areas of your life and how you may be affected by those things Venus rules. In the eighth house it indicates the possibility of financial gain through marriage, other partnerships, and social relations. It often indicates an inheritance, or that you might even marry for money. You could have a highly sensuous nature now with an emphasis on sex, so that the physical side of a relationship could be very important to you. Your emotions are extremely intense, and you will need to guard against jealousy and possessiveness.


Dec 17, 2014     4 AM(Dec 16, 2014 to Dec 18, 2014)Merc Sxtil MC

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This transit focuses your attention on your work, career, and professional goals. You can plan for the future at this time and will discuss with others the areas of your life that your highest interests are triggered into. Communications are likely to be multiple and in many forms. Use this time to clarify your thoughts and actions to yourself and to those others who are significant in these activities.


Dec 17, 2014         (Dec 16, 2014 to Jan 5, 2015)    Merc 8th H.

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. The eighth house transit provides interests in deeper phases of science and the occult. These interests could include spiritualism and communication with spirits of the dead. You love mystery and intrigue and will pursue secrets and discover the motivations behind human behavior. You like to get to the bottom of things. You can also plan in secret and formulate strategy behind the scenes. The whole subject of death is likely to hold a macabre fascination for you. Beware of plots for revenge, for you may have a tendency to hold grudges.


Dec 17, 2014     9 AM(Dec 16, 2014 to Dec 18, 2014)Mars Trine Sun

TRANSITING MARS TRINE THE NATAL SUN--This transit produces high energy, vigor, and self-confidence. It is good for initiating all kinds of activities, especially physical. It is extremely favorable for situations which require decisive action. This is a good time for dealing with men, whatever your sex. In love relationships, it can balance each other's needs for self-gratification, enabling both to give and gain from the other. New opportunities to be personally effective and to prove yourself often occur during this transit. They could bring a promotion or a new job. You are more likely to know what you want now and to have the self-confidence to go after it. Buck for a promotion, go for a raise, or look for a new job. Business and commercial negotiations are favorable during this transit.


Dec 21, 2014    11 PM(Dec 20, 2014 to Dec 22, 2014)  Sun Sxtil MC

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This transit should help you to feel strong, confident and full of vim, vigor and vitality. Optimism and self-confidence is high, and you know inside yourself what you can do--you do not need re-enforcement from others. You are likely to focus your attention on getting ahead professionally during this transit. It is a good time to plan your future course of action. Because of your awareness of personal responsibility and inner strength, your personal and family life also benefit from this aspect.


Dec 21, 2014         (Dec 20, 2014 to Jan 20, 2015)    Sun 8th H.

TRANSITING SUN IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it influences the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. In this house, your interest will be directed toward the deeper mysteries of life, such as death, and the survival of consciousness after death. This will probably increase in intensity as you grow older. You are likely to work at self-improvement through the application of your strong will. Spiritual principles will be  important to you, but they may not come easy. You need to transcend the material level of life. The Sun in this house may indicate inheritances and legacies. You are likely to deal much with taxes, insurance, and partners' or corporate finances. Watch out for trouble in litigation of these kinds of matters. Avoid the tendency to squander others resources.


Dec 23, 2014         (Dec 14, 2014 to Jan 2, 2015)  Sat Oppos Asc

TRANSITING SATURN OPPOSITE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit can create a terrific strain on relationships, both personal and others; and the pressure can come from either you or the other. If a relationship is good, and necessary to your well-being, it will be strengthened. If it is not in your best interest and for your best good, however, it will terminate. This Saturn aspect means that you are making an extremely significant breakthrough in your life at this time. For several years now you have been working quietly to get ahead and to make new beginnings, particularly in your professional life. Now the work you have been doing is beginning to bear fruit, and you will be acknowledged. You must realize that some others could feel threatened by this and that all aspects of progress are not necessarily always pleasant. Just do not take any shortcuts to success that violate what you believe to be right, or you will pay the price later. But remember that this is your time to shine, and if some other countenances should be dark--so be it!


Dec 23, 2014         (Dec 14, 2014 to Jan 2, 2015)     Sat Sqr MC

TRANSITING SATURN SQUARE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--During this transit you could have many life choices to make. They will involve career, your personal life, and working with other people. There is some influence towards feelings of alienation, of being cut off from others, during this transit. Fears of your own inadequacies may distort your perspective, but if you have neglected personal relationships in your life, you need to realize that you cannot go on forever without supportive emotional relationships. In another area, the aspect can test your choice of goals and force you to examine whether they are valid for you. If you have not actually set any goals, or if you find your heart is not really in any of those you are pursuing, you need to make adjustments and chart another course of action. If so, now is the time to change. It may not be pleasant, but it is possible.


Dec 23, 2014         (Dec 14, 2014 to June 15, 2015)   Sat 7th H.

TRANSITING SATURN IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE--While Saturn is in the seventh house you are tried and tested for "public" expression. You may now feel thrust upon society and your environment, and you will be required to evaluate your relationships. Your personal relationships will be tested, and your responsibilities to others may become burdensome at times. This is a time of assessment and correction--for pruning away the deadwood, and some relationships are likely to end, while others will survive and even strengthen. Good relationshps will get better, so-so ones must improve or die, and bad ones will not survive. Partnerships will be tested, and your influence on the public could be in the limelight.

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