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Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

Ruling Planet: Mercury
August 2014
Highlights of the month

Welcome again Gemini.  It’s August 2014.  Dadhichi here with your brief monthly synopsis for this coming four weeks.

As I have said to some of the other star signs, the really significant transit right now is this movement of Jupiter into the sign of Leo which is your third house.  Third house has a lot to do with communication, what we call the superficial mind, short journeys, sometimes educational pursuits.  And certainly communication and the way you deliver your ideas to people around you and of course you know you are an ideas person because of the sun sign that you are born under. 

So this really is a significant transit, one that only occurs once every 12 years through this particular zone of the zodiac.  And what that indicates of course is that a stepping up, a ramping up of these energies in that sphere of your life.  So for some of you, certainly educational pursuits are going to take on a new meaning.  For those of you that are already studying, you may have felt some sort of challenge there, we see there we have got the right angle of Saturn that’s been occurring for some time, slowing your mental acuity down.  Mars has just entered down, I am going to talk about that a little bit later. 

And you have still got the right angle now between this entry of Jupiter to these two planets.  So although the challenges are there, I think the optimism and the desire to see through what you have commenced is very much what I would be predicting for you right now.  That’s further enhanced after the 12th when we see Venus very friendly planet to you also moving into this vicinity.

So what we have there is actually a stallion, a stallion which is the cluster of planets which really gives a lot of weight to this area.  You have got the sun there right now with Jupiter, Mercury and then we can add that Venus energy to the mix so that really fortifies the communication and educational aspects.

The other side of this of course is short journeys.  Having so many planets there is certainly a kick in the butt if I could put it that way to get moving, to move around, to travel.  Now having all these planets in this house also indicates the travel bug.  But you know from the 11th sector of your horoscope Gemini you have got this what we call right angle or square aspect from that area relating to friendships.

So I would be saying to you that if you have got the travel, you are probably better to travel alone.  Just do a bit of your own self-discovery, a bit of exploration on your own.  It’s quite likely the past karma that you have with friends right now is not conducive to your travels nor for your educational pursuits.  In fact you could feel quite stifled by some of the people that you have been hanging around with during this particular period.

Now I said that on the 12th Venus would move into this area as well.  That could be the timing when you are likely to do something very abrupt.  So when we talk about journeys, exploring, even when we talk about social interactions, this is the time when something sudden, something unexpected can happen.

Then again on the 16th we see Mercury moving into your fourth sector.  So let’s just shift now from this whole idea of travels, intellectual understanding, studies etc to this other sector with your horoscope which has to do with your domestic sphere.  The 16th is important, that’s your ruling planet.  So we see that moving there, definitely giving focus to that area of your life.

So I would be saying if you have to travel it’s quite likely a lot of that stuff will happen in the first couple of weeks of the month.  Then the shift occurs with your ruling planet moving to your domestic sphere.

Again on the 23rd we see the sun moving into this area, so that’s going to give even more weight to the domestic sphere.  These two planets are very strong communications planets as well when they are together.  So it’s likely that the shift from communication with friends or that difficulty with friends shifts to the family affairs, someone in your family.  The sun of course is the paternal archetype, the masculine archetype, authority figures.  So there could be something going on in that area in your life right now.  When the sun is in the lower part of the horoscope the professional activities tend to be withdrawn.  You may not have the real get up and go to do your professional work, you just don’t have that energy.  You have got the interest in learning, but work per se maybe not so much.

That takes us up to the new moon of the 26th.  Now that again is going to occur in the vicinity of your domestic sphere.  And often when the new moon occurs it means a whole lot of new happenings.  So for some of you this could mean purchasing a new property, maybe even a new car because it’s not just restricted to property, these are fixed assets, big ticket items that you may be looking at.  You might want to buy a new car. 

And that coincides with a rather difficult and frustrating aspect of Mars moving into conjunction with Saturn in the sign of Scorpio which is your sixth sector.  Now I mentioned to you that you are in a bit of a downward trend for your work.  The sixth sector is your work environment.  So there’s no doubt you are feeling some sort of frustration there.  It’s not a good time to be dealing with your co-workers.  You might actually be quite antagonistic or find that antagonism coming back to you from some of the people that you work with. 

And here again we mention the square from your friendship sector.  Another square or 90° to these two planets in the sixth house of workplace activity.  Incidentally Gemini the sixth house according to Hindu astrology has to do with your enemies.  These are open enemies.  So it’s likely if someone has been really, really irritating you, this is the time when a head on confrontation can take place.

But having said that, the new moon that I have just mentioned in the fourth sector shows that you are probably likely to look at things in a new perspective at this time.  The fourth house has to do with your peace of mind.  So is all of this angst worth it?  I think it’s for you to balance that out, and I think you will agree that the answer is very very clear.  The peace, conciliation, harmony, equilibrium and the communications approach that is a win/win for everyone is the best possible approach. 

That’s one other thing I didn’t mention about that third house where all these planets are congregating right now.  This is the house of negotiation, it’s the house of contracts and therefore you have the best possible opportunity if what you have in your life right now is a whole lot of problems from your enemies, those people you work with, now is the time to reconcile, bury the hatchet and move forward. 

I hope to see you here next month.  That’s a brief synopsis, my website has a lot more information on this.  Of course the daily horoscopes can give you a day by day account of what’s going on and how you can manage the things that I have just said a lot better.


Take now and see you here in about four weeks.  Take care.  


Aug 1, 2014     11 PM(July 31, 2014 to Aug 3, 2014)Sun Sxtil Sun

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE NATAL SUN--This transit occurs twice a year, roughly two months before and two months after your birthday. It is a time when you need to integrate your energies with those around you--friends, neighbors, co-workers, and groups you are involved with. You will be able to cooperate effectively with others at this time. You will enjoy their company and interaction will be pleasant and beneficial. When this transit occurs two months before your birthday, you should check out how well you have done and in what areas you need to improve. the next occurrence two months after your birthday you should check out your goals for this year and see how well you have moved toward achieving them. You will need to be alert and realistic about your progress, and not be lackadaisical about where you are. If you fail to be aware, you could be challenged in ways that you don't understand and unexpected conflicts with others could occur. Mostly, this is an inventory time for checking your progress toward achievement of goals since the birthdays. This is too good an opportunity for evaluating where you are for you not to take advantage of it. There is not likely to be any cosmic energy or pressure to shape up involved here, but you should move ahead with faith and confidence.


Aug 5, 2014      2 PM(Aug 5, 2014 to Aug 6, 2014)  Merc Sxtil Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE NATAL SUN--This transit indicates a busy and mentally stimulating period. The phone is likely to "ring off the hook", and it may seem as if everybody wants to contact you. Your mind is sharp, alive, and ready. It is a good time to reinforce how you stand on any given situation, and communicate your honesty and forthrightness. Group discussions are likely to be positive and you will command the respect of others. Travel is possible.


Aug 12, 2014     7 AM(Aug 11, 2014 to Aug 13, 2014)Ven Sxtil Asc

TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit brings a very lighthearted time for enjoying yourself and relaxing with friends and loved ones. You are able to express your feelings of affection, and relationships are improved. It is a good time to meet new people, also.


Aug 12, 2014         (Aug 11, 2014 to Sep 5, 2014)     Ven 3rd H.

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE THIRD HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express the Venus attitudes in the various areas of your life. In the third house it emphasizes an intellectual interest in artistic and cultural pursuits. This is also a pleasant Venus position for relations with neighbors and friends, short journeys, social activities, and correspondence. You are likely to have a special love for literature and poetry. You will communicate harmoniously, through both speech and writing, especially beautiful love letters and romantic poems.


Aug 15, 2014     5 PM(Aug 15, 2014 to Aug 16, 2014)  Merc Sqr Asc

TRANSITING MERCURY SQUARE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--Squares usually produce challenges and/or obstacles to be overcome. This transit is no exception. It could encourage all kinds of communications, but don't expect everyone to agree with you. You will want to exchange ideas with others, but watch for a tendency to do all the talking. Mental energy is high and much can be accomplished, provided you can get beyond the talk stage. You may need to slow the mouth and let others catch up with you. Try to consider and respect other points of view besides your own, and avoid making impulsive decisions.


Aug 15, 2014     5 PM(Aug 15, 2014 to Aug 16, 2014)Merc Oppos MC

TRANSITING MERCURY OPPOSITE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN-- Opposition aspects usually produce challenges and/or obstacles to be faced and overcome. This is the time for a good hard look at your personal life, your goals, and your objectives. Cut through any self-delusion or confusion, decide what it is you really want, and make plans to go for it. This includes home, family, personal affairs, and financial obligations. Pay bills, and schedule your work for the near future. However, do not exclude a significant other's point of view--you could get tunnel vision now.


Aug 15, 2014         (Aug 15, 2014 to Sep 2, 2014)    Merc 4th H.

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE FOURTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. The fourth house position indicates that much of your thinking and learning will happen in your home. Even your business may be conducted from the home, as that is where the practical side of your mind is likely to be the most effective. You may collect a large home library as your intellectual pursuits will be many. Your desire to constantly improve on your intellectual environment may cause you to move often, possibly in mobile homes or trailers. Your communications center will revolve around your telephone, but you may choose a nomadic type of life.


Aug 20, 2014     4 AM(Aug 19, 2014 to Aug 21, 2014)Ven Sxtil Sun


TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE NATAL SUN--Sextiles are supportive, and this one is a pleasant one. People will be good to you under this transit, and you will enjoy group activities and being with friends. It is a good time for working with others, especially those in authority, and opportunities for advancement could result. This is an extremely good transit for any kind of an interview where you need to make a good impression. It is a good time to ask for favors of any kind. You will also be interested in all things artistic.


Aug 20, 2014    10 PM(Aug 20, 2014 to Aug 21, 2014)  Merc Sqr Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY SQUARE NATAL SUN--Mercury is intellect and communications. This transit indicates a day of busy mental activity and communications with others. Group conferences, letter writing, and paper work should go smoothly. Your statements will have energy, thus will be convincing. Downplay ego and stick to facts. Avoid controversy with authority figures. Some astrologers believe that Mercury retrograde dulls the intellect and creates conflicts in understanding. This astrologer has Mercury retrograde in his natal chart and finds that the opposite is usually true. It is always a good idea to be "perfectly clear" in all of your communications during this time.


Aug 23, 2014     5 AM(Aug 22, 2014 to Aug 24, 2014)   Sun Sqr Asc

TRANSITING SUN SQUARE THE NATAL ASCENDANT--This transit gives you much energy in dealing with others. Since it is a square, you must be careful how this energy is applied. You could try to dominate others, or the reverse is possible. The lesson to be learned is harmony. Don't be so willful that you are unable to manage cooperation with others. With care, it is possible to make a favorable impression from the very strength of your position, provided you can prove it without bulldozing it over others. This is a powerful transit for getting things done--but, very carefully.


Aug 23, 2014     5 AM(Aug 22, 2014 to Aug 24, 2014)  Sun Oppos MC

TRANSITING SUN OPPOSITE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This is a time to attend to domestic affairs--your personal life and family matters. You need to get in touch with yourself and your personal work. Professional matters should go on hold, except for things that have to be done. You could have some professional opposition. Negative ego experiences will come with this transit, so it is vital that you keep in touch with loved ones in your personal world while you determine what your real needs are.


Aug 23, 2014         (Aug 22, 2014 to Sep 23, 2014)    Sun 4th H.

TRANSITING SUN IN THE FOURTH HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it influences the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. In the fourth house, it enhances the desire for establishing a secure home and family. You are proud of your family heritage, and may tend to have an aristocratic outlook. You will want your home to be a showplace of art, beauty, and opulence--limited only by the extent of your wealth and social class. The early part of your life may be an uphill pull, but you are likely to achieve your security and prosperity toward the end of your life. You have a strong interest in land, houses, ecology, and the natural resources. You may want to dominate your domestic scene, but you need to watch for a tendency toward unreasonable family pride.


Aug 29, 2014         (Aug 24, 2014 to Sep 3, 2014)  Jup Sxtil Sun

TRANSITING JUPITER SEXTILE NATAL SUN--This is an easy transit when life just seems to flow. You are optimistic and confident. You should find that most relationships are on an even keel, even those with superiors. It is a good time for making plans and thinking "big". You can't bother to be angry, but will get along with people who are normally difficult. Sometimes there is unexpected income, and the transit is favorable for most financial efforts.

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