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Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

Ruling Planets: Saturn, Uranus
January 2015
Highlights of the month

Welcome Capricorn, Happy New Year. It’s January, 2015.

This year I wanted to depart from the usual format. Normally the format is a list of transits, what’s going to happen on this date, this date, this date. You know, hundreds of astrologers do that. We do have those transit reports on our site and following this introduction if you want.

I want to talk to you about what counts. This year, I want you to look at some fairly important key issues in your life and one that jumps out immediately Capricorn is your ruling planet moving into the 12th house; that 12th space of your horoscope. According to most traditional astrologers this 12th house is a bad house. It is a house of suffering, of loss, deprivation. There is one sort of silver lining there, apparently it is the place of sexual bed pleasure according to Vedic astrologers but for the most part it is not the sort of transit you’d want is it? You must be sitting there trembling by now listening to what is coming in 2015. Don’t tremble!

Let’s take this in a different direction. Saturn rules metal. It does rule things of the earth. Iron is its metal, steel. Do you remember seeing the blacksmith when he’d take a piece of metal and stick it in the kiln, burn it and pull it out of the kiln then drown it (sssssssss) in water. And if that wasn’t enough, he’d grab a huge hammer, bang, bang, whack it then place it back into the fire.

This is what the 12th house is going to do to you. But the end result of course, once you’ve been pummeled, once you’ve been hit, once you’ve been knocked down, pulled up, torn to shreds, in the hands of the cosmic blacksmith, you’re going to come out much tougher. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that my friends is what Saturn is about to do to you.

Now of course, the prognosis is not deathly. Although it can in some cases indicate health issues you may have to deal with. The 12th house along with the 9th house has a lot to do with your past karma - those things in your nature that are hidden and really, the things that are hidden often because we don’t understand and prefer to keep hidden deep down. Push it down baby! No wonder we’re sick, we’ve been holding this down for so long. All of those feelings, no wonder we get sick, no wonder we get cancer. We’ve just got to talk about it. At least look at it. If you are not going to look at it, how are you going to fix it? If you are not going to acknowledge it’s a problem, how are you going to fix it, ever?

That’s what Saturn is going to do. Saturn is going to grab you and just stick your nose in it. You can willingly do that through the process of self evaluation; introspection. 20/20 hindsight. I love that one really. It is always 20/20 hindsight. Why did I sleep with that guy again? He beat me for the 3rd time. Seriously, I’ve heard that before from many clients. Sometimes we have to suffer, not once, not twice, thrice, maybe more, until we really get the lesson.

Hopefully with this transit you’ll start to self evaluate for yourself so you do not have to suffer anymore. There are two paths in life according to the ancient Hindu astrologers. One is called the path of yoga or the path of enlightenment. That is the path of wisdom where you’re given the instruction by the master. You trust what is being given to you and you learn from that and apply it to you life. The second path is the path of suffering. In that path you listen to no-one and suffer over and over again. That’s ok. Both will end up the same way – all paths lead to Rome. Just that the path of suffering is much, much more painful.

Saturn’s transit in 2015 indicates you have the opportunity to short circuit all of that suffering, if you are aware enough and understand that who it is that is suffering and going through all of this is not essentially who you are as a spiritual being. That is the meditation for you. That’s the theme this month, 2015 January. That is going to set the trend for you; that attitude. Whether you succeed or fail in elevating your awareness to a new high point is going to determine what happens this year. Your thinking determines your destiny.

Jan 7, 2015     (Jan 6, 2015 to Jan 8, 2015)    Ven Trine MC             

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--Trines are usually supportive. This is a good transit for creative activity. If you are working in a creative field, you should be unusually productive now. Your taste and awareness of beauty is aroused. You should feel extremely affectionate and need to express that to others. You could even take on the role of peacemaker. In any case, it is a time to enjoy peace and tranquility.

Jan 8, 2015     (Jan 7, 2015 to Jan 9, 2015)    Merc Trine MC            

TRANSITING MERCURY TRINE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--Trine aspects are usually supportive of your main concerns, ideas and activities. With mental Mercury trine your Midheaven, your mind will be on career and job concerns. Keep it occupied with ideas that are pertinent for you. Communications are good, so discuss your interests with others and listen to their advice. You can expect cooperation. Don't allow yourself to analyze some fixation to death, but keep your mind upon the goal. Realizations of your true self and success can be accomplished.

Jan 9, 2015     (Jan 8, 2015 to Jan 10, 2015)    Sun Conj Sun             

TRANSITING SUN CONJUNCT NATAL SUN--The exact date of this aspect marks your true birthday, even though it may vary a day or two from the calendar date. The transit indicates a day of new beginnings. The things you start as a result of this transit's influences will remain with you throughout the year. You may not feel the influences very strongly, but the Sun's energy will be added to your thoughts and efforts. It is a good time for starting projects you may have been putting off, and for allowing thoughts to surface that you may have been suppressing. They could ride this wave of energy to a satisfactory conclusion, especially if fulfillment can be accomplished within the calendar year. There could be the temptation to just let the feelings produced by this transit "go by", but it would be a shame to waste the energy that comes from your inner core during the time this aspect is in orb. You need to be aware that you may crave to be the center of attention during this aspect. Remember, everything in moderation, but this is YOUR "day in the Sun" -- so ENJOY!

Jan 9, 2015     (Jan 8, 2015 to Jan 30, 2015)    Sun 1st H.               

TRANSITING SUN IN THE FIRST HOUSE--When the Sun is transiting this first house of self and new beginnings, the focus will be on where you are and where you want to be with your personal life. These influences will help you to make an accurate assessment of your personality at this time in your life and also provide the energy to make changes toward a more powerful and comfortable personality. You will be more forceful with others and will be able to make a better impression upon them from a position of power. You must be careful with this power however, because you may not be sensitive and empathetic to their feelings. Just because you are finding ways to change yourself doesn't give you the power to change others. This transit is more self-directed and can tend to shut out the outer world with its problems and needs. For this reason, now may not be the best time for team-working with others on group projects. On the other hand, the renewed energy of this transit can help you to achieve more difficult tasks than before, and when carefully utilized, can also make great contributions toward the fulfillment of shared goals. However the strong focus is on you. You have a valid need to express yourself now, and if this need is not fulfilled it will hold you back in your future self-confidence and personal growth.

Jan 11, 2015    (Jan 11, 2015 to Jan 31, 2015)    Ven 2nd H.               

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE SECOND HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses gives us information about how you may express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically in the various areas of your life. In the second house, a love of wealth, beautiful possessions, art objects, and personal adornments--in general, all the things that money can buy--will be important to you. You will seek wealth in order to achieve social status, and may also look for marriage partners to provide the material comforts you desire. You have talents in businesses related to the arts, and could make money from artistic endeavors. You like to spend money, and, if male, you will be especially extravagant to impress women friends. You need to learn the true value of money.

Jan 12, 2015    (Jan 11, 2015 to Jan 30, 2015)    Merc 2nd H.              

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE SECOND HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the second house it indicates preoccupation with business and monetary affairs. Your value system from this position will be based upon production of concrete, practical results. You are likely to pursue education as a means toward increasing your earning power, and you could be successful in any field requiring good communications skills. You are likely to plan methodically now, and you will have some very original ideas for making money.

Jan 18, 2015    (Jan 17, 2015 to Feb 26, 2015)    Mars 3rd H.               

TRANSITING MARS IN THE THIRD HOUSE--Mars transiting the houses influences the areas of life in which you express your actions and desires, and where you need to use energy and initiative in order to get results. In three, it deals with intellect and indicates quick thinking in emergency situations. During this transit you will assert yourself aggressively in order to get your communications across--you will be direct and can be caustic. You can be impulsive in daily movements and in short-distance traveling. You may be tempted to drive carelessly now--patience is not related to this position. You need to avoid sarcasm and argumentative tendencies, especially now.

Jan 25, 2015    (Jan 24, 2015 to Jan 26, 2015)    Sun Trine MC             

TRANSITING SUN TRINE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This trine gives you a clear idea of who you are, what you are doing and where you're headed. With this position also comes an understanding, knowledge and control over the necessary material resources as well as the techniques for achieving your goals. You will work diligently at whatever tasks you set yourself to do, paying careful attention to details. More than just self-confidence, you know you have what it takes, that you have been using it and are able to convince others of your abilities. Leadership may be the result. If you need a new job, now is a good time to go after it.

Jan 30, 2015    (Jan 30, 2015 to Feb 26, 2015)    Merc 1st H.              

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE FIRST HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. When it is transiting through the first house, it will give you a more inquiring, intellectual outlook on life. Very little that happens in your environment escapes you. Your actions and self-expression will be based on logic and reasoning, and you have better than average intelligence. You like to talk and write because of the natural desire to express yourself. You are likely to have great amount of mental initiative and willpower at this time, and will be intellectually competitive. Watch your ego and make allowances for the ordinary people.

Jan 30, 2015    (Jan 29, 2015 to Feb 23, 2015)    Sun 2nd H.               

TRANSITING SUN IN THE SECOND HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it influences the departments of life most strongly affected by individual will and power potential. In your second house of finance, it directs your attention to the lesson of stewardship in the correct use of your material resources. You need to begin using money and property constructively in ways beneficial to life, and not merely for your own satisfaction. You will definitely want to earn money because of your strong need to attain financial independence, and you are most likely to succeed in those efforts. You are very ambitious, but you need to avoid the trap of believing that you can gain prestige through wealth alone. During this transit you need to examine your feelings toward your financial resources. Do they serve your needs, or are you constantly trying to serve theirs? Are you still trying to "keep up with the Jones's"? You may want to show off your material success to others. Beware of a tendency to squander money just for ego gratification and show.

Jan 31, 2015    (Jan 30, 2015 to Feb 24, 2015)    Ven 3rd H.                

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE THIRD HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express the Venus attitudes in the various areas of your life. In the third house it emphasizes an intellectual interest in artistic and cultural pursuits. This is also a pleasant Venus position for relations with neighbors and friends, short journeys, social activities, and correspondence. You are likely to have a special love for literature and poetry. You will communicate harmoniously, through both speech and writing, especially beautiful love letters and romantic poems.


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