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Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

Ruling Planets: Saturn, Uranus
April 2015
Highlights of the month

Apr 1, 2015      3 AM (Mar 31, 2015 to Apr 2, 2015)           Ven Trine Sun

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE NATAL SUN--Trines are supportive and this is one of the most pleasant of all transits. It doesn't signify anything earth shattering, but is a good time for all kinds of enjoyable activity. In work you will feel a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness, making it go smoothly. However, pleasure and recreation are the highlights of this transit. It is a good time for personal and love relationships. If you feel the least bit ambitious, it is a good time for creative and craft projects, or for almost anything you may want to do. It could be a shame to waste this energy, but if you really don't want to work, just relax and enjoy.


Apr 2, 2015      4 AM (Apr 2, 2015 to Apr 3, 2015)             Mer Oppos MC

TRANSITING MERCURY OPPOSITE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN-- Opposition aspects usually produce challenges and/or obstacles to be faced and overcome. This is the time for a good hard look at your personal life, your goals, and your objectives. Cut through any self-delusion or confusion, decide what it is you really want, and make plans to go for it. This includes home, family, personal affairs, and financial obligations. Pay bills, and schedule your work for the near future. However, do not exclude a significant other's point of view--you could get tunnel vision now.


Apr 7, 2015      6 PM (Apr 6, 2015 to Apr 8, 2015)              Sun Sqr Sun

TRANSITING SUN SQUARE NATAL SUN--This transit occurs roughly three months after and three months before your birthday. At both times it is a transit of crisis and challenge. Square aspects create challenges to be overcome, and usually will provide insight for how to conquer setbacks. It is not a time to fear, but it is a time for testing the validity of what you are doing. People may oppose you in your efforts and you could get very angry with them, but you need to understand that their motives are the same as yours. In the square before your birthday, you will be challenged to complete various projects and reap their rewards--or other consequences. This after birthday square could bring challenges to your efforts to build something up, to create a material structure, or just to get a project going. There could also be a testing of some new aspect of the personality which is trying to get out into the light of the world. Study the situations of your life, and use this energy to make amends where necessary and start new beginnings.


Apr 9, 2015     12 AM (Apr 8, 2015 to Apr 10, 2015)             Mer Sqr Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY SQUARE NATAL SUN--Mercury is intellect and communications. This transit indicates a day of busy mental activity and communications with others. Group conferences, letter writing, and paper work should go smoothly. Your statements will have energy, thus will be convincing. Downplay ego and stick to facts. Avoid controversy with authority figures. Some astrologers believe that Mercury retrograde dulls the intellect and creates conflicts in understanding. This astrologer has Mercury retrograde in his natal chart and finds that the opposite is usually true. It is always a good idea to be "perfectly clear" in all of your communications during this time.


Apr 11, 2015          (Apr 10, 2015 to May 7, 2015)              Ven 6th H.

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE SIXTH HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically in the various areas of your life. The sixth house transit indicates that your social activities and romantic involvements are likely to be established through your work. And--your work will probably be connected with artistic pursuits and social doings, which you will thoroughly enjoy. You love beautiful clothing and could be very talented in dressmaking and design. You could also try music, art supplies, home decorating, or commercial art and design as vocational or professional endeavors during this time.


Apr 14, 2015          (Apr 13, 2015 to May 1, 2015)              Mer 5th H.

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE FIFTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. Fifth house position indicates an intellectual interest in many artistic and creative endeavors. You will have the ability to express yourself dramatically and forcefully in speech and writing. You are fascinated by games requiring mental competition. You will be romantically attracted to intellectual types who can provide mental stimulation and excitement.


Apr 15, 2015     1 AM (Apr 14, 2015 to Apr 16, 2015)           Ven Trine MC

TRANSITING VENUS TRINE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--Trines are usually supportive. This is a good transit for creative activity. If you are working in a creative field, you should be unusually productive now. Your taste and awareness of beauty is aroused. You should feel extremely affectionate and need to express that to others. You could even take on the role of peacemaker. In any case, it is a time to enjoy peace and tranquility.


Apr 18, 2015          (Jan 24, 2015 to May 4, 2015)            Sat Sxtil MC

TRANSITING SATURN SEXTILE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This transit influences you to want to establish yourself more solidly in the eyes of the world, your community, and your friends, especially through your career. You could be painfully reminded and influenced by earlier conditioning regarding duty, responsibility, and obligation to others, so it is possible that you will pursue activities that fulfill what you think others expect, or have expected, of you. This is OK, provided the goals are appropriate for you at this time of your life. This could be a time of progress, but beware of the tendency to attempt and expect too much. You probably will want to work alone, but don't neglect the significant others in your life at this time.


Apr 20, 2015          (Apr 19, 2015 to May 21, 2015)             Sun 5th H.

TRANSITING SUN IN THE FIFTH HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it influences the departments of life most strongly affected by individual will and power potential. Your Sun in the fifth house gives you a powerful urge toward creative self-expression. You may seek pleasure but you will also want to be noticed and appreciated. You are highly competitive and inclined toward sports, music, theater, and possibly other artistic pursuits. You love pleasure and romance. You are likely to have a sunny disposition and to attract friends readily during this time. Your love affairs can be all-consuming, and you are likely to be an ardent lover, capable of strong loyalty to one person. You probably love children, though you may not have children of your own.


Apr 23, 2015     4 PM (Apr 23, 2015 to Apr 24, 2015)          Mer Trine Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY TRINE NATAL SUN--Trine aspects are supportive and this one is no exception. Your mind should be unusually clear with this transit--especially for all mental work and communications. You can state your case effectively and should benefit from negotiations. It is a good transit for organization and getting rid of paperwork. This is a good time to begin a new learning process or a new course of study, especially if it piques your interest.


Apr 24, 2015     6 PM (Apr 23, 2015 to Apr 26, 2015)          Mar Trine Sun

TRANSITING MARS TRINE THE NATAL SUN--This transit produces high energy, vigor, and self-confidence. It is good for initiating all kinds of activities, especially physical. It is extremely favorable for situations which require decisive action. This is a good time for dealing with men, whatever your sex. In love relationships, it can balance each other's needs for self-gratification, enabling both to give and gain from the other. New opportunities to be personally effective and to prove yourself often occur during this transit. They could bring a promotion or a new job. You are more likely to know what you want now and to have the self-confidence to go after it. Buck for a promotion, go for a raise, or look for a new job. Business and commercial negotiations are favorable during this transit.


Apr 26, 2015          (Apr 9, 2015 to May 16, 2015)             Ura Sqr Sun

TRANSITING URANUS SQUARE NATAL SUN--During this aspect sudden, unexpected events will test your ability to withstand change and to stay on the path you have chosen. It forces you to ask yourself if you truly believe in what you are doing, and if you can perform your tasks in spite of upsets and challenges from the outside world and your own psychological forces. How well you do this will determine how well your life will go during the next few years. If circumstances have developed during the last several years that impede your freedom and ability to function, you will need to make some changes. You may have to re-evaluate the purpose of certain groups you are affiliated with. Are they promoting you or holding you back? If you are doing what you should be doing according to your life experience and your goals are appropriate, this aspect will only serve to make you more aware of the need to dedication and the willingness to compromise. Use these energies in positive ways. To suppress them would be to invite physical illness. It could also indicate a time to enhance your goals with electronic aids.

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