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Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

Ruling Planets: Uranus, Saturn
December 2014
Highlights of the month

Merry Christmas Aquarius, it’s December 2014. You know some of you are probably going to get up and walk away because when Mars moves into your Sun sign on the 5th of December, your militant and revolutionary spirit might cause you to decide to do away with Christmas altogether. Now, for whatever reason its because you don’t want to spend the money or you’re just tired of all the tension and the rush and the madness. Well, don’t walk away yet because there are other things I want to talk about apart from your militant nature and that occurs when Mars moves into your Sun sign. Do be careful of your physical wellbeing because Mars the impulsive planet is likely to make you run into brick walls when you least expect it.

The full Moon on the 6th occurs in your zone of love affairs. What a nice time for this to happen. For those of you looking to enhance your emotional life, you couldn’t ask for a better transit than that full Moon in that 5th sector of your horoscope. Interestingly your 5th sector is Gemini and Gemini is very well known to be somewhat schizophrenic. Will I? Won’t I? Yes? No? It is the sign of duality. So for some of you perhaps entering into a new relationship or having just started a new relationship, you might actually be in two minds about what to do with that. Stay tuned for that into the New Year. I’ll give you a little bit more information on that as we go along  with the continuing Aquarian saga.

The other important transits that occur in the sign of Capricorn, your 12th sector, that of Venus on the 11th, Mercury on the 17th and the Sun on the 22nd. On the same day the new Moon in this sign of Capricorn, generosity of spirit, expenditure of money and sexual debauchery. Am I joking? No. I think a lot of you are going to figure well it’s the festive season, why not just give it my all. Be careful of that attitude, you know the 12th sector, Capricorn for you is the 12th sector, is notorious for really undoing one’s self financially. Getting to the end of the month and going wow I must have been drunk to spend all of that!.  It’s fun spending it but when those credit cards statements come back in, you’ve got to deal with that, that’s called instant karma, fairly instant, normally there’s about a month’s lag between the expenditure and the receipt in the mail of that big, big bill.

You might be forgiven a little because it’s Christmas but still measure that. The new Moon shows us that you may actually decide to commence a new expenditure, a new stream of spending at this time. Now, that’s okay but I always say to my clients look, if you’re going to spend, make sure you have an idea of the return on that investment. Spend it wisely and think carefully about it. The problem having the lunar positions in these new Moon and full Moon houses is that the Moon is a very emotional planet and so a person is likely to be more emotional than rational about the decisions that they make. So use that Aquarian intellectual rationalisation that you possess in abundance and counteract that emotional lunar energy, especially where it comes to spending.

The positive side of this, apart from expenditure of money, is the humanitarian aspect. You know, you’re a natural born group person, you have a social conscience, this can be the time, being a new Moon, where you decide to actually do something rather than talking about it. Something in the community or the world at large is bothering you, you’re feeling the plight of the downtrodden, this is the time for you to step up to the plate and do something meaningful as small as it may be in your own way to help alleviate the suffering of others.

By far the most significant transit is that of the Saturn and that will occur after two and a half years being in the sign of Scorpio then moving to your 11th sector of friendships. Now, that’s going to shake things up quite a bit for you over the next couple of years. I want to talk about that into the first two or three months of 2015 because I think part of your New Year’s resolution Aquarius is going to be a total revaluation of the company that you keep. You know they say birds of a feather flock together but you’re starting to realise that you’re not part of that flock any more. You’ve changed, you’ve developed, you’ve evolved, but some of these other people haven’t. So there is a disequilibrium in the relationships that you’re experiencing now. That is why 2015 is going to be a very, very important year for you.


Do have a safe, happy and prosperous Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Dec 1, 2014      9 PM(Dec 1, 2014 to Dec 2, 2014)   Ven Sxtil Sun

TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE NATAL SUN--Sextiles are supportive, and this one is a pleasant one. People will be good to you under this transit, and you will enjoy group activities and being with friends. It is a good time for working with others, especially those in authority, and opportunities for advancement could result. This is an extremely good transit for any kind of an interview where you need to make a good impression. It is a good time to ask for favors of any kind. You will also be interested in all things artistic.


Dec 5, 2014     12 AM(Dec 3, 2014 to Dec 6, 2014)   Mars Conj Asc

TRANSITING MARS CONJUNCT NATAL THE ASCENDANT--This is the transit of self-assertion with regard to others. You will feel a need to let them know who you are and that you are a person to be reckoned with. Energies are extremely high; and you will need to beware of your temper at this time, and try to make proper use of your feelings of aggression. There could be opportunities for positive action to show the world what you can do, but you will need to be careful of other people's feelings because of the temptation to dominate them. This could bring out the worst in others, with the risk of fights and/or accidents. You need to use your energy appropriately, but take care that you don't overdo and burn out. Physical health could suffer otherwise. Practice a little patience, and you can make great progress with the energies and optimism of this transit. It could boost your self-worth immensely.


Dec 5, 2014     12 AM(Dec 3, 2014 to Dec 6, 2014)     Mars Sqr MC

TRANSITING MARS SQUARE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--The action influences of Mars are squared of against your highest desires for yourself: goals, honor, career, and personal achievements. This transit can make you over-aggressive and self-assertive. You need to avoid impulsiveness, and to consider the feelings of others. Where your ego is involved, conflicts can develop in your professional and domestic life. If you can harness the energy in a positive way, much can be accomplished. If not, it may be best to lay low during this aspect.


Dec 5, 2014          (Dec 3, 2014 to Jan 12, 2015)    Mars 1st H.

TRANSITING MARS IN THE FIRST HOUSE--Mars transiting in the houses influences the departments of life in which you express your actions and desires. In the first house, we find the outgoing, aggressive people who have abundant energy. You will not be a bystander--you must be involved. You are ambitious and will be able to work hard now. Your competitive drive will make you seek recognition and public acclaim. You have abundant stamina and energy which enables you to accomplish much. You will insist on freedom in personal action and will not tolerate interference from others. You need to watch out for rash emotional impulsiveness and combativeness, and a tendency to get into physical fights.


Dec 10, 2014     3 AM(Dec 9, 2014 to Dec 11, 2014)Merc Sxtil Sun

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE NATAL SUN--This transit indicates a busy and mentally stimulating period. The phone is likely to "ring off the hook", and it may seem as if everybody wants to contact you. Your mind is sharp, alive, and ready. It is a good time to reinforce how you stand on any given situation, and communicate your honesty and forthrightness. Group discussions are likely to be positive and you will command the respect of others. Travel is possible.


Dec 10, 2014         (Dec 9, 2014 to Jan 3, 2015)     Ven 12th H.

TRANSITING VENUS IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE--Venus transiting in the houses influences how you may express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically in the various areas of your life. In the twelfth house it brings a love of quiet and solitude. You can be secretive about social contacts and romance--and may even have secret love affairs. Your feelings are sensitive and finely tuned to the feelings of others, giving you much compassion--but also allowing you to be easily hurt. Much of your personal behavior will be motivated from an unconscious level. You will have a deep emotional and artistic attunement to the unconscious mind during this transit, which can bring you some intense artistic inspiration.


Dec 10, 2014     5 PM(Dec 9, 2014 to Dec 11, 2014)   Ven Sxtil MC

TRANSITING VENUS SEXTILE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This transit makes you think about your relationships with others in positive ways. You are in an open and compromising mood. It is a good time for understanding those who are close to you. You will have a tendency to give more than to receive, and to understand more than you need to. It is also a good time to express artistic creativity, and to appreciate the arts.


Dec 11, 2014     2 AM(Dec 10, 2014 to Dec 12, 2014)Sun Sxtil Sun

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE NATAL SUN--This transit occurs twice a year, roughly two months before and two months after your birthday. It is a time when you need to integrate your energies with those around you--friends, neighbors, co-workers, and groups you are involved with. You will be able to cooperate effectively with others at this time. You will enjoy their company and interaction will be pleasant and beneficial. When this transit occurs two months before your birthday, you should check out how well you have done and in what areas you need to improve. the next occurrence two months after your birthday you should check out your goals for this year and see how well you have moved toward achieving them. You will need to be alert and realistic about your progress, and not be lackadaisical about where you are. If you fail to be aware, you could be challenged in ways that you don't understand and unexpected conflicts with others could occur. Mostly, this is an inventory time for checking your progress toward achievement of goals since the birthdays. This is too good an opportunity for evaluating where you are for you not to take advantage of it. There is not likely to be any cosmic energy or pressure to shape up involved here, but you should move ahead with faith and confidence.


Dec 17, 2014     4 AM(Dec 16, 2014 to Dec 18, 2014)Merc Sxtil MC

TRANSITING MERCURY SEXTILE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This transit focuses your attention on your work, career, and professional goals. You can plan for the future at this time and will discuss with others the areas of your life that your highest interests are triggered into. Communications are likely to be multiple and in many forms. Use this time to clarify your thoughts and actions to yourself and to those others who are significant in these activities.


Dec 17, 2014         (Dec 16, 2014 to Jan 5, 2015)   Merc 12th H.

TRANSITING MERCURY IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE--Transiting Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. In the twelfth house, your thinking is strongly influenced by unconscious memories and past experiences. You may have a tendency to make decisions based on feelings, since many impressions filter up from the subconscious. You will be secretive at this time about your inner thoughts, and you may be shy about saying what you really think. You may gain much knowledge from intuition or psychic ability. Avoid fixating on past experiences not relevant to the present lest it lead to neurotic tendencies.


Dec 21, 2014    11 PM(Dec 20, 2014 to Dec 22, 2014)  Sun Sxtil MC

TRANSITING SUN SEXTILE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN--This transit should help you to feel strong, confident and full of vim, vigor and vitality. Optimism and self-confidence is high, and you know inside yourself what you can do--you do not need re-enforcement from others. You are likely to focus your attention on getting ahead professionally during this transit. It is a good time to plan your future course of action. Because of your awareness of personal responsibility and inner strength, your personal and family life also benefit from this aspect.


Dec 21, 2014         (Dec 20, 2014 to Jan 20, 2015)   Sun 12th H.

TRANSITING SUN IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE--When the Sun transits this house of your Natal chart, it will influence the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. In the twelfth house, it indicates a time when your personality may become somewhat retiring. Your will may be directed inward, exploring the resources of your own subconscious. Because of this, you could be lonely and withdrawn. Psychology and psychic research are likely to interest you, and you may find your best self-expression through working in psychiatric hospitals or places established for mental or spiritual retreats. Service to others can provide you with recognition and fulfillment. You need to work to overcome shyness and possible neurotic tendencies during this time.


Dec 23, 2014         (Dec 14, 2014 to Jan 2, 2015)  Sat Sxtil Asc

TRANSITING SATURN SEXTILE NATAL ASCENDANT--At this time your avenues of communication with others are stabilized and solidified. Also you will probably create a set of fully formulated goals and expectations for the next several years. Therefore it is important that you take this transit very seriously. Be consciously aware of what you are doing, because the patterns you establish now will be difficult to alter, and they will determine the success or failure of your relationships over the next several years. It is also important at this time for you to learn other people's views of you as a human being and as a member of society. This does not mean that you should take their words at face value and deny your own beliefs, merely that you should use the feedback from people whom you respect to help you come to conclusions about yourself. This is a time for serious work and the company of serious people. You will need to relax at times, but generally, this is a time for discipline, organization, and growth. If you do not handle this transit well, you will have difficulties with relationships at the next square or conjunction of Saturn to the Ascendant. You need to discriminate between habit and discipline--habit is unconscious, while discipline is consciously self-imposed for thought out, valid reasons.


Dec 23, 2014         (Dec 14, 2014 to June 15, 2015)  Sat 11th H.

TRANSITING SATURN IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE--Saturn transiting the eleventh house indicates a time for you to get out of yourself and begin to be part of the bigger picture--at least to become a part of some kind of a group and to begin some group activities. Friends will be important during this time, and you will find more and more that you do not feel fulfilled alone. Friends can support you now and help to make your life fuller. This is also the house of your hopes and wishes, and Saturn here will force you to take a look at what those have been and to what extent you have begun to achieve them. The first time Saturn transits this house could indicate a sort of "milestone" for measuring the practicality of those personal hopes and wishes, giving you a chance to revise them and to start preparing for more complete fulfillment the next time it transits the tenth and eleventh houses. Saturn is always the planet of order and discipline, and decisions made during his influence are usually serious and down to earth.


Dec 29, 2014     7 AM(Dec 28, 2014 to Dec 30, 2014)Mars Conj Sun

TRANSITING MARS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN--This is an extremely high energy transit. You will have to be careful in everything you do, because the high energy level can have explosive consequences. You can stand up to anyone during this transit, and the ego energy can make you very aggressive. Be careful with superiors and bosses, You need to remember that others have egos, too, for this transit could result in physical and mental fights. Use that physical energy in getting enormous amounts of work done, and if that is not enough, try physical exercise. Do not suppress the energy, for that could cause it to come out in fights or accidents. If you can apply it intelligently, much can be accomplished during this transit.

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