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Yearly Horoscope for Virgo 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Virgo

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Romance and Friendship


The adverse positions of unfriendly Jupiter and Mars are actually indeed quite lucky for you this year - and would you believe when you least expect it. You can trust your intuition with Jupiter moving through your 12th house of hidden activities. This also increases your appetite for spiritual and meditative topics which I will speak about later in the forecast. This continues till 11 August when one of your best cycles in 12 years commences and that is the transit of Jupiter into your Sun sign. This is a highly regarded positioning of the beneficial planet and although it is not particularly friendly to your sign it does still carry with it its inherent good fortune, like and sense of goodwill. Because this is considered the planet of luck you will exude an attractiveness that others will be drawn to. Generally this should be good for your relationships and any business partnerships that you wish to enter into.


Jupiter also casters influence on your 5th house of children and 9th house of journeys and therefore these areas are also fortunate to receive the beneficial glands of Jove. The only danger is that the combination of Mars with this planet indicates an exaggerated influence or perhaps and overdoing of things. As long as you can pace yourself, plan well and not allow your emotions to run away with you, this can be a year of beneficial advancement.

With the move of Saturn in your 4th house you may start to feel a little heavy on the home front and that can be expected up until 15 June when he moves back into your 3rd house of mental activities, communications, contracts and siblings and neighbours. All of these areas will come under the spotlight and if you've left off resolving any issues associated with these areas of your life the retrograde motion of Saturn will see to it that you deal with this once and for all. In the middle of the year, on 15 June to be precise.

When Saturn returns back to your 4th house, you may find it difficult to find internal peace and happiness and therefore much of your work during the 2nd half of 2015 will focus on how to be happy without reliance on things outside yourself. Hopefully having had the transit of Jupiter in the spiritual segment of your horoscope it will afford you the insight you need to realise that you happiness has to be self generated rather than being reliant on others.

An important solar eclipse on 13 September in your Sun sign this significant and points to the regeneration of your spirit and the turning over of a new leaf during this coming year. Although you may not feel the full impact of this for the last quarter or so, you have an inkling of it and will be working slowly if not completely consciously towards being the best you can be. As long as you remember not to be too critical of yourself, this can be a year which will afford you great opportunities but also a chance to improve yourself significantly.

Romance and friendship

As far as love and romance are concerned you do have the important love planet Venus on your side even at the outset of 2015. Its move to the marital sector of your horoscope on 28 January is a wonderful vibration to introduce the coming 12 months and when the Sun also comes in contact with this 7th house on 19 February it will add further fuel to the fires of your passion. It could be that you want to clearly define your relationships early in the year to sidestep any of the previous problems you may have been having. You need that as the influence of Saturn will, especially in the 2nd half of the year challenge you in this area of your life.

Venus moving into conjunction with Neptune on 2 February produces some confusion in the area of friendships and love affairs. Clarity is paramount if you are to resolve problems and accelerate your love life on the right path. Playing victim or saviour usually results in a lot of suffering. So be clear in your intent at the outset of any new meeting or indeed in any relationship that is already playing out.

Lucky vibrations are usually produced when Venus and Jupiter enter into favourable aspect and that happens around 5 March. You will generally feel great at this time and want to share your feelings with those of like mind. Giving and receiving gifts as tokens of your affection are also prominent during these types of transits.

Venus in your 9th house after the 17th along with the solar eclipse on the 20th bring to the fore long held desires especially if they relate to foreign travel or relationships with people at a distance. This can in some ways also signal online relationships with strangers or foreigners. Exercise discrimination at all times is the best advice that can be given under these sorts of transits.

Once again aspect between Venus and the Sun can herald favourable circumstances the striking up new friendships and with Venus being in the earth sign of Taurus it can show a similarity of feeling with those who have a practical turn of mind. Friendships this year will also fuel the fire of curiosity, love and intellectual intensity particularly after 8 May. Use this time wisely. You have an opportunity to party, meet new people and join in a cause with those of like mind. Your energy could decline however after 6 June when Venus enters the 12th house of secrets, and quieter activities. If you want love, it will be in the privacy of your own home away from prying eyes.

Your feelings and enthusiasm generally may be dampened by the transit of Saturn into your 4th house of family affairs and historic roots. Although you have the transit of Saturn on the 11th house around this time, that is 15th till 22 June, your mind may be on more personal issues and therefore you won't be able to throw yourself into your social activities as you normally do. These feelings of coolness can intensify under the hard aspects of Venus and Saturn leading up to 14 July and strangely although Venus gives you a warmer and more attractive nature around the 19th this may be against the backdrop of that cooler and more aloof Venus Saturn contact.

Most of your discussions may seem more like a routine rather than any heartfelt connection. Rest assured that these transits are passing so use this time to learn as many lessons about yourself and your partner as you can. Hopefully this will then become a part of the foundation of better and more enduring relationships in future. Please note that this aspect of Venus and Saturn repeats itself on or about 6 August. Whatever issues you have with your partner may not be easily relieved.

Being cautious is not a bad thing especially when we see the repeat confusion of Venus and Neptune are on 17 October some previous decision you made perhaps a commitment may unravel much to your dismay. Although you feel as though you've used your intuitive powers along with your intellectual ability to scrutinise someone you may in the end be disappointed with the result. Being too idealistic, putting people on a pedestal and seeing them is more than human without the typical human frailties is a major error of judgement. Except the one you love with all their faults but never for a minute put them on the pedestal of a God. You may have a niggling sense of what I am saying here but may not feel the practical implications of this until 26 November or the period leading up to that when Saturn with its ruthless Square aspect to Neptune hammers this point home to you very well.

Greater responsibilities can be expected during the transit of the Sun over Saturn on 30 November. You may feel that someone is leaning too heavily on you and expecting more than you can deliver. It's simply a matter of saying no! That may be difficult for you being of the mind that service and unconditional love is superior but you must also love yourself remember that.

The excellent transit of Venus into your 3rd house of communications can smooth things over in the last part of the year leading up to Christmas. Negotiating your needs and perhaps compromising with the other party will be the secret to finishing this year on a better note and along with the Sun transiting to the 5th house of romantic affairs on the 22nd and Venus to your 4th house of inner happiness on the 30th, you may just find that bit of peace you've been looking for in 2015.

Work and Money

Let he who has first served command. This seems to be the essence of Venus transiting in your 6th house after 4 January and with respect to work indicates that you may need to humble yourself and work in a somewhat more lowly position than you're accustomed to and under someone that you may not feel too comfortable with. But by handling these challenges early in the year you create an opportunity to be seen as someone is not scared to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Mercury also enters into this same sector on the 5th so therefore you will be thinking carefully about the work you do, the way in which you do it and even the locality in which are accustomed to performing your functions. You'll become much more efficient due to these transits.

A greater sense of ease occurs after 28 January when Venus enters your 7th house making you popular with the general public and able to elicit the support of your spouse, partner or business associates along the lines of what you feel is the proper course professionally this year. You'll need that support especially by 21 February when matters surrounding shared resources, loans and tax accounts may come to the fore. Having someone that will support you in these areas makes life a lot easier and echoes the age-old axiom that ‘many hands make light work'.

Legal matters between the 10th and 21st of March play on your mind making you feel uncomfortable and somewhat distracted from the work at hand but as Venus is once again the active planetary ingredient moving through your 9th house it's quite likely that the outcome should be positive and in your favour. And this also indicates the desire to improve your skills and hobbies but certainly in the way that will bolster your professional aptitude down the track.

Mercury moving on the 10th house after 1 May indicates a great deal of busy activity surrounding notes, emails, correspondence, business plans and other communications as efficiently as you can in the 1st week of the month to take advantage of the transit of Venus on the 11th house after 8th. Profits could be up much to your satisfaction but so too can social distractions which may knock the edge off the benefits you should hope to achieve during this phase of the year.

Do take care under the retrograde movement of mercury on 18 September. Confusion may surround your communications and more importantly your agreements and contracts. Purchasing anything under this transit may turn out to be complicated and even a great waste of time. If you can't avoid this thoroughly research the issue 1st.

The Sun moves to your 2nd house finance and conjoined is Mercury on 1 October, at the same time Venus, the planet of persuasion and charm moves into your Sun sign and this is an excellent combination along with the stationary Mercury on the 10th to give you excellent results in terms of your income. It seems like it may be time for a pay rise but you have to put your hand up and be in it to win it. The transit of the Sun into the 3rd house on the 24th makes you bolder in your demands but be careful not to push too hard is the hard aspect of Venus to your career sector on the 31st indicates you may not be all that popular with your employer. Diplomacy is the keyword at this time.

You're probably better to wait for the Mercury transit of the 3rd house on 2 November to formalise any contractual agreements. With Venus moving to your 2nd house on 9th this seems to be a wonderful time to expect a pay rise or better still a new job in which your income can see a significant increase. Also, during November particularly between the 21st and the 30th, real estate issues may be high on your agenda and selling, buying, renting or even just beautifying your existing dwelling may be something that stimulates your creative elements.

During the 1st part of December, share your ideas with others and understand that the group mentality can sometimes help you achieve your goals. You may take an early break this year and decide you'd like to travel as Venus moves to your 3rd house on 5 December. With Mercury moving through the 5th house of your horoscope on the 10th speculation may also attract you. This could be a time when you spend money on things that are not actually going to give you the return that you want; at least not in a solid practical way but boy will it be fun!

Karma, Luck and Meditation

Saturn and Venus are your principal karmic planets and their movement and contact throughout 2015 will be significant for developments in this important area of your life.

The good effects of Venus can be felt around 28 January in your romantic and business partnerships. Even though you may have some adverse karma from Saturn relating to your previous actions, you can still come through in a good way with positive results at the end of the day but you need to constantly be aware that your spiritual development and calmer is not always related to the material world. This can become clearly evident with the conjunction of Venus and Neptune on 2 February. You will have a deeper insight into the reason you are here in the true purpose of your actions.

The secretive houses of the zodiac are activated after 5 March with Venus and Jupiter giving you a taste of psychic abilities, foresight and the fact that your intuitive responses may sometimes be more accurate than your intellectual desire to break things down and analyse them. As analysis is your natural fallback, it may not be easy to completely trust this spontaneous intuitive response you will start to feel people and circumstances. All I can say is that at least give it a go and practice on the small things 1st to gain some confidence that your intuition is indeed hitting the mark.

You may meet someone this year who has a big impact upon your life. This is shown by a couple of important transits including the transit of Venus to your 11th house on 8 May and its trine aspect to Neptune on the 17th. Your karmic connections with others are strong during this cycle.

Saturn is a hard taskmaster and its transit to your 4th zone of family and mother indicates past karma that needs to be worked through on this level. Apply some of the advice given above on communication in this context as well. Letting go of past grievances and the notion of forgiveness will be a big learning curve for you but note the forgiveness is not something done for the other so much is for one's own inner peace.

The natural significant are of good fortune and luck Jupiter enters your first house or your Sun sign on 11 August and this should change things dramatically for the better. This planet will influence your zone of future karma and past karma and can help you make sense of how the current situation you find yourself in is very much to do with the choices you've made in the past and this then becomes a foundation of your future activities. Think carefully about the decisions you make now I don't be afraid to step outside the square and do something new as this is where you will start to experience some radically new and fulfilling experiences.



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