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Yearly Horoscope for Taurus 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Taurus

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Romance and Friendship


Saturn transits your 8th house of sexuality, intimacy and the hidden transformational energies of life. This transit is effective in a deeper way than would normally be expected and will have long-term ramifications especially for your relationships.

Relationships are now changing and you have to adjust yourself accordingly. Perhaps the partner that you're with sees things differently and you need to talk about this. In the bedroom your intimacy may also be a focal point for both of you so you will need to be accommodating of each other. The values that you may have cherished in this respect will now change dramatically and that can be rather disconcerting. To complicate things, Neptune transits your 11th house of friends and this means essentially that there are challenges coming from that area of your life as well. There can be deception, uncertainty but ultimately spiritual clarity regarding your social obligations and also the true meaning of friendship. This may spill over into your most intimate and personal relationships as well.


With Jupiter transiting your 4th house of family, property and inner happiness at least for some of the year you will start to feel more of a focus on these areas of your life and will expand your interests on these things. The movement of Jupiter in any sign is a positive benefit and brings with it luck and good fortune for those things that ruled by the house that it transits. Excess however needs to be monitored as Mars challenges Jupiter and causes you to be hell-bent on doing things bigger and better than you usually do. This is the case with new acquaintances and friends that you may put on a pedestal. Try to be discriminating before making decisions because luck comes only in cycles.

Romance and friendship

Romance and profession may overlap during 2015 and around 5 January when Mercury enters your 10th house so communications of all sorts will take place. You want to share your ideas with someone who is of like mind and this may just happen through your professional activities.

The trine aspect of the Sun from your 9th house is an excellent omen of good luck in relationships and further expand your mind to be inclusive of different sorts of people and divergent viewpoints. You'll be more open to listening to people and trying to expand your own base of understanding to improve your relationships generally.

Your self-confidence hits a peak around the 20th when the Sun enters your 10th house and this means you'll be noticed not just in terms of your relationships and friendships but also by employers and those in your professional circle. Expect your status to increase or perhaps there may be an opportunity to meet someone in elite social circles.

In the first week of February you may find yourself conflicted over some relationship. What people expect of you may not all be in keeping with who you want to present yourself as. You will have difficulties coping with some sort of change or crisis in your life. By the 19th when the Sun enters the 11th house however, expect your confidence to be back on track with lots of opportunities to meet new people and share your experiences with peers.

This continues and is once again focused around 13 March when transiting Mercury moves into your 11th house as well. You should enjoy these transits as much as possible as the eclipse of the Sun on the 20th will alter things. This is further testified by the transit of the Sun in to the quiet 12th house of your horoscope on the 21st. You will be more interested in compassionately helping others rather than fulfilling your own personal desires.

Leading up to the 31st there may be difficulties making some decision and of course if you're in doubt you should postpone anything that may be of life shattering consequence. Your two-way communications with friends, family members and lovers will be at cross purposes so misunderstandings may occur at this time.

April commences with an eclipse in your 6th house and this shows your marital or long-term partner may be having problems dealing with their past so keep this in mind if your relationship seems to be on shaky ground. More often than not it's these past emotional issues that resurface and because we are engaged in a more or less habitual contact with others, it's easy to overlook that their past may be dominating their thoughts and words and actions.

If you have something important to say to the one you love it is best to wait till Mercury enters your Sun sign on the 15th. You'll be able to strike up a mutually beneficial arrangement. At this time the Sun also enters your Sun sign on the 20th and bolsters your self-confidence and your ability to increase your love for that important person in your life. By the 24th you feel much more clarity and power of mind and thought and any communication you wish to engage in now will be positive. Expect success in any contract is now as well.

After 15 June Saturn makes its retrograde motion into your seventh house. Up till the 18 September your focus will be in this area of your life which relates to marriage and long term emotional commitments. Up till the 18 September you will experience challenges with spouse, partner and other important people in your life.

Throughout June and July your individuality will set you apart from others. Leading up to 30 June Mercury creates a unique aspect to your Midheaven and on 9 July and is your 3rd house of communications. You need people who are on the same mental wavelength and are capable of understanding your purpose and objective in the world at this time. You have an increased interest in a variety of different topics and wish to share that with others as well.

With the Sun and Mercury entering your 4th house of family affairs on 23 July expect relationships with relatives to become a priority. Use this opportunity to understand yourself and improve your into family relationships. Your mother may be of particular importance to you during this transit.

One of the peak periods throughout 2015 for romance is the entry of Mercury into your 5th house of love affairs on 8 August. Apart from being busily engaged in flirtatious interactions you will find your creative output at an all-time high. You are mentally stimulated to do new things and meet new people. This is further accentuated by the entry of the Sun into the same house and highlights the fact that you have a strong disposition to fun activities and creative pursuits. Children may also play an important role in your life during this phase.

Things may become more serious around 13 September as the eclipse of the Sun takes place in this same 5th house. On the 28th the eclipse of the Moon in your 12th house of hidden activities and sexual affairs spotlights these areas of your life.

When the Sun enters your 7th house of marital affairs on 24 October working with your partner to improve your relationships will be of paramount importance. You may also conduct business with the one you love or may be involved somehow to help them take greater initiative in their professional affairs. This continues well into November and even greater communication can be expected when Mercury enters this zone on 2 November. Agreements may be reached that will have long term ramifications.

On 23 November key sexual issues may resurface and you'll want more physical intimacy and sexual excitement. Secrets, hidden issues that have been suppressed will need to be dealt with. These transits will continue into December till the 22nd when there is a shift to a more spiritual and idealistic view of life. Travel is also on the cards and you and the person you love will be able to engage one another more by travelling to places of mutual interest.

Work and Money

Connecting with friends and networking your business around 28 January will pay off handsomely. Use your energy to connect with those who can further your career.

In February you have the opportunity to orient yourself to those goals and objectives that are worthwhile. Expect this to be a time of personal growth and progress. On the 19th when the Sun enters your 11th house of profits this indicates an increase in income or business profits especially if you happen to be an independent business owner.

The eclipse of the Moon on 4 April in your 6th house of work is an important one and coupled with the transit of Venus into your finance sector on 12 April shows that you may want to improve your work environment by beautifying it. This could involve some expenditure.

You are clever in making money after the 1 May when Mercury enters your 2nd house of income. Advertising and /or packaging you concepts in business will require quick thinking and ingenuity. Be careful that your ego doesn't get the better of you however after the 7th. On the 8th Venus enters your 3rd house of contracts. Some journeys may be made at this time to secure your future by signing off on an important agreement.

The Sun enters this 2nd house on the 21st so your capacity to earn money is stronger but by the same token your desire to spend it is just as powerful. Leading up to the 23rd problems with your communications occur so please read and reread any e-mail, contract or other written letter so as to avoid mixed messages. The trine aspect of Venus to your career zone on the 26th gives you a chance to work well with the group in a team effort.

Real estate, housing and other big ticket items come to the fore when Venus enters your 4th house on 6 June. On the 7th the Sun in trine to your career house indicates an elevation of ideas and a greater desire to become successful. Some achievement may be noted at this time.

Looking for a new job is likely after 30 June and leading up to 9 July preparation and changes in your career are likely. After the 9th, Mercury enters your 3rd house of communications, letter writing and job applications. You can take a punt now and are in a daring mood with your self-confidence very high especially after the 19th when Venus enters your 5th house of speculation. Be careful not to gamble away all your hard earned cash. Home affairs and real estate will take precedence after the 23rd with Mercury entering your 4th house of property transactions.

In September the eclipse of the Sun on the 13th is an indicator that you should be careful not to be too overconfident about how you make money. Health issues on the 23rd and possibly even some problems with co-workers occur between the 23rd and the 28th.

In your relationships communication of a business nature take place when Mercury enters your 7th house on 2 November. You may however have distractions from relationships that require your attention. Finding that perfect balance will be hard.

Leading up to the 9th when the Sun squares your career sector you will be at odds with someone in authority. Difficult choices need to be made so please don't be impulsive in your decisions. This will continue through till after the 12th. On the 21st shared resources are spotlighted. Talking to your bank manager and re-evaluating your banking, savings and taxes will be a feature of your life up to the 23rd. Fortunately, Venus entering your 6th house and casting a good aspect on your career house on the 23rd means you can expect cooperation from others.

You are more likely to feel love and passion in your work leading up to 5 December. Venus transits your 7th house. Try not to socialise too much at this time and keep business strictly business. A final important aspect of the year is Venus transiting your 8th house of shared resources. This should bring an element of understanding to any of your transactions and negotiations. The year finishes on a sensual note by the way!

Karma, Luck and Meditation

Saturn is the natural ruler of your karma and spirituality and Mercury also has much to say about your future and what will happen. During this coming year Saturn will move to your marital zone and indicates that any long-standing issues with your partner will need to be worked on and resolved. Of course this is not an easy task especially knowing how difficult you find change. So this year is a year of compromise.

Saturn brings dynamic changes after 15 June when it moves to your 8th house of inner emotional and spiritual transformation. It's at this point that you may start to realise the implications of your relationship and what needs to be done on an inner level.

Jupiter transits into your 5th house of future karma on 11 August. Although not a particularly friendly planet to your Sun sign, Jupiter's inherent beneficial influence will be felt after this time and this is a one-year transit where you can expect new opportunities in romance and creativity to emerge. The solar eclipse on 13 September in this same area shows just how important this part of your life is going to be.

Towards the end of the year when Saturn challenges Neptune on or about 26 November, you realise that what you imagine for yourself in life is very different to what actually happens. Bridging the gap and making your dreams a reality will be a large part of your spiritual and karmic work in 2015 and beyond.



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