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Yearly Horoscope for Scorpio 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Scorpio

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Romance and Friendship


The transit of Jupiter in your career sector or 10th house of the horoscope really has been a great boost to your professional standing and job satisfaction. This will continue well into the year, in fact up until 11 August when Jupiter then exits this career sector and moves into the profit and fulfilment sector or the 11th house of your horoscope. That last you can start to see the fruits of your work and in some ways this is the combination of 11 or 12 years of work. A new cycle is just about to begin and a 2015 should give some startling results for those of you born under the sign of the scorpion.

With Saturn just edging its way through your 2nd house of finance and income will be more conscious of the value of money and what it has meant to earn it. Saturn moves into retrograde motion from this position on 15 June moving back into your Sun sign and therefore giving you an opportunity to again re-evaluate the course of your actions and what you plan to do financially. You will become more serious in your quest for security in the future and although this planet is one that indicates a greater degree of responsibility especially within your family, it somehow shows due to the influence of Jupiter that you don't mind it at all and will actually enjoy morphing into someone completely new.


Saturn re-enters your finance sector on 18 September with the promise of focusing you on many things throughout 2015. Apart from money, your speech, the things in life you value generally including the people you wish to spend more time with will be carefully evaluated before you commit even another hour to those you may feel are not deserving of your time anymore.

The influence of Jupiter in your 11th house is also noteworthy not just from a financial perspective but also from the perspective of social activities and new networking opportunities. In fact Jupiter glances at your 5th house of romance in the 2nd half of the year and will prove to be lucky in terms of what you wish to fulfil in terms of romance. This 5th house of your horoscope also refers to children and creative pursuits. These areas of your life will also receive considerable attention from you.

Plan your year well as all might appear to be going well until the very end, in fact the latter part of November when Saturn and Neptune challenge each other. Making your dreams a practical reality will not be easy at this time and if you haven't diligently done your work throughout 2015 you may have to go back to the drawing board and at least modify some important elements of this plan.

Romance and friendship

You want to at least enjoy the company of your family as the year starts and this occurs immediately after 4 January and Venus enters your 4th house, on the 5th Mercury as well joins Venus and this is considered a happy conjunction. Venus also attains directional strength here and so meeting with family members in a northerly direction is favoured and will bring a great deal of satisfaction to all relatives concerned.

Shortly after, on 28 January Venus enters your 5th house of love and romance. Venus is a significant planet for Scorpio born natives as it also rules over the 7th house or marital sector. This means when it moves through this area of your horoscope up until 21 February it's likely your passions will be inflamed and the love for your partner intensified. Singles in the Scorpio tribe should keep their eye out for a suitable lover at this time as Venus makes it more than possible.

The eclipse of 20 March will trigger many deep emotional issues to resurface. During the period of 13 March up until 12 April Venus and Mercury activate your marital sector and then your sexual and self transformation zone indicating that this is a high-powered time in your life which throughout the coming 12 months will strongly focuses you on matters associated with relationships, long-term commitment, marriage and shared resources as well. With fiery planets transiting this marital zone throughout the latter part of April and up until 21 June you will find that you and your partner become rather volatile so it's best to avoid head-on confrontations on sensitive issues during these transits.

Friendships and that the way you connect with the people you care about are also spotlighted in 2015. More attention may be given to this after the solar eclipse of 13 September which occurs in your 11th house of social activity. This is a continuing issue for you and even if you don't articulate this with others, the fact is you have been looking at narrowing down your circle of friends, finding those whom you feel have a natural affinity with you rather than being connected to those who are simply by coincidence of circumstance "friends". You're starting to see that friendship requires more than circumstantial association. Having the simultaneous transit of Jupiter through this part of your horoscope ensures that whatever understanding is revealed to you will be beneficial and will have a long-lasting effect. Ultimately Jupiter also promises good luck in the area of friends.

Your social life will continue to be a focus and we can see also that on 9 October when Venus transits your 11th house it closes in on Jupiter on the 26th creating one of the luckiest transits of the year and in that part of the zodiac which is considered the wish fulfiller. During these dates some happy occasion may arise or you may receive a gift or simply may want to share your feelings of love mutually with someone you care for. This can also indicate pregnancy or at least a fertile period if you are a woman.

You may find it hard separating your work from your personal life in the latter part of the year and leading up to 8 December care should be taken to not overlap the two. Try not to burden your loved ones with your work responsibilities as this can create a sense of obligation in them to somehow help you when perhaps they can't. Maybe you're the only one that can help yourself during this transit and mustn't seem too needy emotionally. Exercise your independence at this time and exhibit strength and this will be an attitude which will gain the respect of others as well is even some sort of written acknowledgement around the 26th when Mercury and Jupiter enter a trine aspect.

Work and Money

There is a very big change in the way you approach your finances in 2015 and this is an extension of your re-evaluation of life generally over the past couple of years. Perhaps you're starting to realise that no one else is going to look after your future security except you. And that means carefully assessing what it is you want to spend money on, what's worthwhile and what really is simply just waste based on the whim of a moment.

The challenge professionally is most certainly on and we see the hard aspects of Mars and Jupiter on the 2 January indicating conflicts in communication, and possibly even disconnection by some parties. You have the strength to carry through January however as Mars, one of your ruling planets, moves to the 5th house on 12 January signalling your power, authority and ability to push things through. Your strength and competitiveness will not go unnoticed and it will work in your favour so don't be too afraid of what others may say. This sets the tone for the year career wise. Take care to read and reread documentation around the 22nd when Mercury enters its retrograde phase. It's probably best to wait until 12 February if there are any important decisions to be made.

With the Sun moving to your family and domestic sector on 19 February and Mars to the 6th house of work environment and co-workers on the 20th this will be a highly successful period for you but you need to balance work and family. You may find this difficult but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. You may also be overworking and this could be part of the problem that your loved ones may perceive even though you may be oblivious to it. Step on the other person's shoes and create peace at this time.

A large amount of information could cripple you when Mercury enters your 5th house on 13 March. You could be intellectually brilliant but possibly even a little ahead of others so try to simplify your ideas as Mercury and Pisces does tend to become forgetful or lacking in the proper facts and figures. Don't be afraid to utilise the knowledge and connections of friends after 31 March. Mercury went in your 6th house bringing with it a strong desire for organisation, structure and systems. You may become somewhat hypercritical both of yourself and others. Try not to let this mood get the better of your attitude.

April should be difficult with mostly challenging aspects forming on the 18th, 21st, 23rd and 25th. The days preceding any of these dates should also be checked as challenges from co-workers and employers, even clients will distract you and irritate you know and. Knowing this in advance can help you schedule your diary and appointments in an appropriate way. In particular the 23rd could be a day of arguments when no one is really going to agree so why push?

Any promotion you wish for should be granted after the transit of the Sun to your 10th house on 23 July at the same time as Mercury, and if you are looking for a major change in your profession or employment now is the time to sign up for that interview as you're likely to be successful. Your confidence will be extremely high. Excellent transits all through July and August ensure that this will be an interesting if not very successful time the Scorpions. Lucky aspects such as the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter on 27 August in your profit and social connections house should be watched for intently as it would be a shame to miss any opportunity during these most constructive transits.

You will need a rest at least mentally when Mercury transit your 12th house on 28 August. Please note that on 13 September a solar eclipse in your 11th house and then a lunar eclipse in your 6th house on 28 September all point to the fact that you may be burning the midnight oil. Your health may become an issue to remain aware and listen to what your body has to tell you and if you need to rest take the appropriate time out and get yourself back in top notch condition.

Hone your communication skills because by the 2 November you may have to communicate some important information to others either individually or in a group. Your writing skills may also need to be checked as communications related to contracts, agreements and schedules will be under scrutiny. Try to relax at this time because although the Sun is transiting your Sun sign and energising you, one of your ruling planets Mars, moves to the quieter part of the zodiac creating a tug-of-war or a conflict of interest between what you want and what you realise the universe wants. If frustration and obstacles arise at this time rest assured you are resisting what the natural order is deeming you are destined for. Go with the flow in other words.

Contracts are best dealt with after 10 December when Mercury transit your 3rd house the Sun also transits this same sector on 22 December bringing with it the confidence and power you need to dominate any negotiation in which someone is trying to take advantage of you. The year does finish on a caustic note with Mercury and Mars in a hard aspect on the 30th. Try to keep some control over your Scorpio pincers.

Karma, Luck and Meditation

Jupiter is a 1st rate planet ruling your 2nd and 5th houses but is an important karmic planet along with Neptune in ruling your 5th house of future karma. Throughout the latter part of 2014 at now up until 11 August 2015 enjoy the immense benefits that Jupiter has to offer you in terms of your good karma. Your past actions, the connections you've made the people you've impressed and helped along the way have now come back as the fruits of good karma and will be influencing your career powerfully in the coming 7 or 8 months.

Thereafter Jupiter will activate one of the key sectors of your horoscope relating to profits from work and business. Even if you're not running an independent business you should see an increase in income or at least an upswing in the value of some asset that you may have had for some time. Is this owners should see an increase in the overall value of their business and also of their profits.

Neptune is now moving through your 5th house of intuitive and prophetic insights. This may be triggered by your connection with children who for the most part live in the pristine state of spontaneous, creative awareness. Your own perception and philosophical views may change as a result of your contact with younger people in the coming 12 months. Your own ability to intuit others and their intentions will be marked. For those of you who wished to enter into a career that relates to psychic or spiritual work will be pleased to note that these transits will afford you the intuitive power necessary to be successful in this field.

The important transit of Saturn through your 2nd house of speech indicates economy with the spoken word and thereby a containment of much power which is ordinarily leaking through gossip, useless chitchat and so on. The truly successful people can often be silent in their fulfilment of destiny and this is a period when you will capture much of your own energy and redirected in ways that can improve your income and give you a sense of outer and inner security.



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