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Yearly Horoscope for Sagittarius 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Sagittarius

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Romance and Friendship


This is the commencement of a particularly important period in your life as Saturn transits your Sun sign. You will feel a greater sense of responsibility particularly in work matters will also affect your relationships as well as your social affairs. This transit is a significant one and if you're prepared to accept the lessons that it brings you can achieve much in the next 2 1/2 years.

Moving through your sign up to and including 15 June, Saturn does a backward step, what is called its retrograde motion and in retracing itself makes sure that you understood the lessons you've learned during this cycle. It moves back into the sign of Scorpio which has a lot to do with your past. You'll be reminiscing, and thinking about your life, what you've done and where you are now. Later, on 18 September Saturn once again moves back into your Sun sign with the hope that you've imbibed the lesson.


Personal relationships will also throw up a whole lot of new challenges especially as the solar eclipse in your 4th house on 20 March and the lunar eclipse of 4 April in your 11th house point to family and friends being particularly spotlighted in 2015. There may be additional responsibilities involved in your friendships and family care. The some of you the burden of having to handle more work you'd expected could be your lot. You need to tackle this had on with "can do" attitude. And never forget, that your behaviour will be watched and will either act as a template for model behaviour to younger and less experienced people or turn out to be an example of what not to do when the going gets tough. As always, communication with those you have difficulties with can only help to clarify your understanding and there's and smooth the path for future interaction.

Retrogression also takes place in your finance sector due to the slow-moving and eccentric orbit of Pluto which gains power during its apparent reverse motion. And this impacts upon your income or rather should we say your perception of your income, your perception of values. Pluto's job is to cause you to see deeper into what this part of your life has to say about who you are and whether or not you remain true to your inner calling.

Pluto can be an extremely hard taskmaster causing you to be compulsive, extremely worried or even destructive in the worst-case scenario if financial matters work out the way you'd like. Remain balanced in your approach to earnings and also to what the real value of money is. After all, it is only a measure of your time, expertise and love for what you do.

Some important changes in your profession may also be underway and can come to the fore with the solar eclipse in your 10th house of profession on 13 September. Remember the forward motion transit of Saturn into your Sun sign on 18 September with its full aspect on your career zone is well adds further weight to the importance that these planets will play on significant changes in your career at this time.

Romance and friendship

There are powerful forces shaping your destiny and 2015 will stand out as one such year which may be considered a turning point. With your past karma point and Uranus transiting your 5th house of love affairs the lesson this year is not to fall back on past bad habits. The way you dealt with relationships in the past, even current relationships may be completely inappropriate and utterly useless under the current circumstances. You're called to explore different methods of interaction with those you are intimately involved with.

This should become a little easier when Venus transits your 3rd house on 28 January. With that your feel confident, relaxed and accepted by your partner if there are important things to discuss and this is considered a good time to do so. You do have the contradicting retrograde Mercury affecting with this time so perhaps if actual talk time can't be slotted in, it's an excellent time to think through carefully what it is you have to say.

Inner contentment and happiness is usually shown by Venus transiting the 4th house which occurs after 21 February but it's conjunction with Mars on the 22nd could disrupt things on the home front. Take your time with family and relatives if at something you need to share with them. At the same time, your passion for Romance will be strong as Venus is also powerful by direction in this sector of your horoscope.

You could become even rather competitive if not aggressive when Mars transit your 5th house of romance on 1 April. Friendships could be thrown out of whack by the lunar eclipse in your 11th house on the 4th. And with hard aspects from Mercury and the Sun to Pluto on the 5th, 6th and 8th, the week or so leading up to these dates could be fraught with lots of difficulty in communication. Approach people in a calm manner even if you feel they've done you wrong. Make peace not war.

Mercury and the Sun's entrance to this same 5th house on the 15th and 20th of April respectively, insurer smoothing over and upliftment of your social and romantic circumstances. Rather than moping around and becoming depressed about the situation you are likely to embark on a cycle of entertainment, social interaction and creative pursuits. This may or may not be with someone you love.

Relationships of all sorts seem to fare quite well under the transit of Venus in the 7th house and therefore between 8 May and 6th of June you should avail yourself of these positive vibrations to cement your love and to talk about the future, even marriage if you are single. Don't allow this however to become obsessive as that is also likely to when Venus moves to the opposition of Pluto on the 22nd. Sexual matters could be tied in with these compulsive transits as Venus transits the 8th house on the 6th along with the Sun and Mars transiting your 7th on the 22nd and 24th of June respectively. Most of your focus will be on intimacy, sexuality and improving your direct contact with the one you love most.

Watch out for games of emotional blackmail when Mars and Pluto enter into adverse aspect on 16 July. Mercury can joining Mars on the same date with Venus and than 9th, Sun on the 8th and Mercury on the 8th or that up to ethical, financial and sexual issues overlapping and confusing your mind and your heart.

Break any problem you have up now into constituent parts so you can analyse each separately. This will help to get you out of the mire of confusion and contradicting contradictory feedback. Much of this activity seems to culminate in a very powerful conjunction of Venus and Mars in your 8th house on 1 September. This is explosive not just on the physical/sexual level but also in terms of expression of feeling and intent. Perhaps things will come to a head and finally allow you to move forward on many matters not just issues of love.

Transits of planets into the 11th house are always excellent for bringing you good company, associating with those of like mind and maybe even at times giving you the chance to meet someone who may be considered a good soul mate. The Sun enters the 11th house on 24 October with Venus doing the same on 2 November and for approximately a month there should be a great deal of merrymaking, meeting of new people and fulfilment of some of your inner desires socially speaking. New friends may come out of the woodwork and your feel good with the connections you make during this phase of the year.

The Sun moves to the 12th house or the quieter part of your horoscope on 23 November staying there till 22 December at which point the Sun returns to Sagittarius, your Sun sign! Expect your energy to rise, your vitality and well-being to reach a peak as you close off 2015. These last few weeks of the year give you another chance to enjoy love and the company of good friends.

Work and Money

Venus is lucky for you when enters your 2nd house finance on 4 January. It does however offer only mixed blessings if you're not careful with how you spend your money. Venus has the tendency to be excessive in its essential nature so do be careful that if you earn more money in the early part of the year you are prudent enough to put aside a little for that rainy day.

Earning money through real estate may interest you and when Venus transits the 4th house of property, domestic issues and other fixed assets on 24 February you may seriously consider either buying or selling or maybe even investing in the current property you own to increase its value. Vehicles also come under the jurisdiction of this 4th house. And Venus continues to influence many of your financial decisions this year as it moves to the 5th house of speculation on 17 March. You may find yourself in receipt of some winnings or if you're taking somewhat of a gamble with a property the transit of the Sun on 21 March into this same area of your horoscope also brings with it a streak of luck.

Educational matters could be uppermost in your mind with Mercury moving for through the 4th house on 31 March and throughout April you may even consider doing some home study or online course. This is a good time to learn as you will be receptive and you can use what new information you acquire to further your career in some way. You may need to make some hard decisions at this time as Venus in hard aspect to Saturn leading up to 14 July means that you may not be able to earn and study at the same time. We can extend this to a conflict of interest in other areas that may impact upon your earning ability and that could even be through spending too much as also seen by the transit of the Sun to the 6th house between 21 May and 23rd of July.

Ordinarily you'll want to keep your enemies at a distance however with the favourable aspects of the Sun to Mercury on 31 May and also Mercury can joining the 7th house on 9 July you can communicate with these people and at least make some peace. If that's not possible, you may just have to exert force and impose your will on others and this can be done successfully throughout the transit of the Sun in the 6th house up until the last week of July.

Your savings, annuities, superannuation and other banking and taxation matters will be high on your agenda when the Sun transits the 8th house on 23 July. Mercury also joins the Sun in this same place so expect loads of communication to take place with bank managers, accountants and possibly even your spouse or partner because this is a time when you may not necessarily agree with the way the money is being spent. Negotiations need to bring some resolution to financial issues that are bothering you or your partner or both of you.

The very important transit of Jupiter to your 10th house of career is one of the better transits to look forward to. After 11 August this one year cycle should expand your activities and work and bring you opportunities that you may not have had for years. In fact this transit happened only 12 years ago and if you'd like to understand it better simply look back 12 years ago and see what was happening professionally to you at that time. You'll be able to develop your own insights into what is to come.

Earlier in the year when Mercury prompted your studious nature, this may for some of you have only been a research period but with Venus transiting your 9th house on 9 October and forming a favourable trine to the Sun on 20 October this is an excellent planetary configuration to give you the green light for these sorts of higher educational activities. And in early November when Mercury moves to your 11th house of profits, friendships and networking, you may be able to tie your studies and social engagements into one neat little package that can help you professionally. It is about knowing the right people not just knowing the right things.

November is also a wonderful time and you can shine professionally and also look forward to extra cash in hand. Venus will make contact with Jupiter in the most upper part of your horoscope and this is considered extremely lucky. A fortunate break, an introduction by the right person to another who can further your career is not out of the question during this transit.

Communication will again come to the fore when Mercury transits your Sun sign on 10 December leading up to Christmas and the Sun thereafter on the 22nd indicating that Christmas should be a busy time but also one in which you feel upbeat and extraordinarily confident. What your expenses on the last couple of days of the month as Venus transits your 12th house of big spending.

Karma, Luck and Meditation

Until August Jupiter continues to transit its way through your 9th house of past karma and higher philosophical insights. The South node transiting your future karma segment is in conjunction with Uranus and indicates that your destiny may be subjected to some unusual twists and turns over the coming couple of years. By maintaining your inner composure through meditation, self reflection and other spiritual activities you can weather the storm of whatever changes come and go.

Premonitions, psychic dreams and an intuitive expression are likely during the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune in your 4th house which is considered by some as a somewhat spiritual house if only because it relates to one's inner peace. You may have some insights as to how to find that lasting contentment and this may not necessarily be dependent upon anyone else, rather you will through self reflection find that balance between action and inaction which afford you are calm disposition. Speaking of intuition, you may find that the decisions are not grounded in reality between the 20th and 31st of May. During this period think things through carefully with your brain and don't rely too much on your heart.

Mars transiting through the 8th and 9th house is also an important spiritual cycle and may be more physical in your case. In other words finding spiritual balance may come through heavy duty sports, physical yoga postures and even being in nature where you can connect with the primal forces of life. When the Sun also transits the 9th house between 23 August and 23rd September you may be in touch with teachers or gurus can take you to the next level. Journeys for the sake of learning and understanding spiritual topics will be spotlighted. And in September, around the 28th when the lunar eclipse takes place in your zone of future karma and destiny some important ideas may come to light and these will have an impact on your life. You will want to integrate this concept practically.

We mustn't forget the hard transit of Saturn in your Sun sign particularly in the 2nd half of the year which signals much more responsibility and the need for you to step outside yourself and love what you're doing even if it is not particularly pleasant. Treading this path is not easy but gives very quick results of a spiritual nature. This may be heightened when the Sun transits your 12th house on 23 November and continues their till 22 December. This too is another important cycle when you can step off the wheel of karma so to speak and experience yourself is beauty, love and pure awareness.



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