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Yearly Horoscope for Pisces 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Pisces

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Romance and Friendship


Responsibilities of all sorts should be welcome in 2015 as this is what's going to toughen you up and make you a better person. Saturn continues to edge its way through your 10th house of career and personal esteem that does move in reverse motion passing back into your 9th house around 15 June indicating unfinished business associated with perhaps education, people at a distance and most importantly your spiritual and religious values. Most of this should be done with by the time Saturn re-enters your 10th house of career and the 18th September. At this point it will transit your professions sector for the next 2 1/2 years.


Jupiter in your 6th house creates favourable aspects to your career sector and depending on which date within Pisces you are born at some point over the next few months will open the doors of opportunity to many of you. Also the solar eclipse on 20th of March as important as it takes place in your Sun sign and reveals a new you emerging. Not everyone will cope with this because they prefer things to stay the same but for you Pisces 2015 will prove to be a year when your identity is very much morphing into something completely different, very much like the worm in its cocoon re-emerging is a beautiful and free butterfly.

Jupiter after 11 August will enter your 7th house of marriage and partnerships and this being one of your ruling planets is a very significant transit. If you've been in a committed relationship this may be the time when marriage comes knocking on your door but for singles born under the sign of the fish this is also a prime opportunity to meet your soul mate or to enter into a more committed relationship over the coming few years. Apart from the relationship aspects, Jupiter aspecting your Sun sign is extraordinarily lucky and shows that you feel comfortable about what's going to take place in the coming year.

With Uranus and your self node of past karma in your 2nd house of finances you still have a lot of work associated with this part of your life. Understanding money, its use and the laws and principles surrounding its acquisition should be part of your curriculum throughout the coming 12 months. Armed with a more thorough understanding of what money actually is, you'll make more of it and be able to do the good things to others as this is inherent in your nature Sun sign Pisces.

Romance and friendship

During the period of the 4th and 28th January Venus the planet of love will transit your 12th house quiet, low-key activities but at the same time will come in contact with Mars producing a passionate energy. This may be a time when you prefer a cloistered environment with the one you love rather than a noisy and social get together. But there are some contradictions here because the Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus show that you have no shortage of invitations.

Affections could cool after the 30th with the square of Venus to Saturn taking place in your Sun sign. You may find it hard demonstrating how you feel but there will be a good reason for this. You're more likely to be animated and speak your mind when the Sun comes to your Sun sign on 19 February and Venus moves to the 2nd house on the 21st. And we also see a far better aspect from Venus to Saturn on the 25th. Although you motions may still be somewhat cold, you will feel as if relationships are stabilising at this point.

You have excellent powers of communication when Mercury enters your Sun sign on 13 March but by the 16 miscommunications may be the order of the day. Wait till the 17th when Venus moves to your 3rd house of communications to make your point. Troubles associated with money could spill over into your relationships during this cycle. You have to be clever in resolving these issues and Mercury may just do that when it comes to your zone of finances on 31 March.

You want to be with family when Venus moves to the 4th house of family and domestic issues on 12 April. You'll enjoy this period because Mercury steps up your desire for intellectual contact on the 15th. Perhaps there could be some divided loyalties during this transit as Venus again enters into a hard aspect with Saturn on the 15th. You may opt to be with family but may not be able to mix social affairs with domestic issues. That could prove to be very problematic.

Transits of favourable planets in the romantic 5th house are always look forward to by astrologers as we can give good news regarding Romance and love and this is the case during the transit of Venus in particular on 8 May, the Sun on 22 June and Mercury on 9 July into this sector of emotional bliss. These transits produce a creative and loving energy giving the opportunity to seek out new romantic partners. If you are currently in a relationship then you'll be able to inject some joy and excitement into the relationship. Doing things that are creatively compatible will help the relationship and if you've been at some distance with the one you love now is the time to bridge that gap by doing things you both love. Meeting someone new is also on the cards if you are single.

These good transits continue with Venus moving to your 7th house on 19 July and this too is one of the more favourable aspects signifying marriage, long-term commitment and generally an appealing energy that the public can palpably feel. You will look and feel attractive and this may have something to do with changing your fashion style, colours or even make up approach. Whatever, others will notice and this put your step ahead of any rivals romantically speaking. In marriage this is also a big booster for your emotional rapport.

Sex, intimacy and matters relating to what goes on between the sheets are signified by the transit of Mercury into your 8th house. This takes place on the 28th but some of you may feel this influence a little before this date. Not only will you want sexual intimacy but you will want to talk about it and engage your partner in this topic. You'll need to broach the issue in a diplomatic and delicate manner and you should do so before 18 September when Mercury moves retrograde and creates confusion in your discussions. You want everyone to be on the same page especially with something this important.

Your self-esteem is on the rise throughout September and the Sun shines a fortifying light on the above zone of sexuality until it exits this sensitive point on 24 October. This area of your life will continue to be spotlighted as several planets moves through this zone of the zodiac including Venus on 9 November. This is a luxurious energy and indicates you won't be satisfied in your normal sexual routine but will want to try things in a different environment, with a different approach may be even employing exotic techniques and accessories to do so.

Journeys with your loved one can take place after 5 December when Venus enters your 9th house and on the 10th when Mercury enters the 11th extraordinary social engagements will be high on your agenda. The favourable Venus Sun transit on 21 December is also notable as it is just a few days prior to Christmas indicating a warm and convivial celebratory period family and friends. The Sun also transiting your 11th house on the 22nd with Venus high up in your career sector on the 30th shows your popularity will not only be confined to your social sphere but will spill over into your professional activities as well.

Work and Money

More care and insight are necessary to establish who your friends truly are particularly when we talk about your work. Being open and sharing about your ideas may not be all that good an approach with Mars and Jupiter in the opposition aspect on 2 January. These 2 planets occupy your 12th house of secret enemies and 6th house of open enemies. You may not feel comfortable in your work environment and by the 12th may want to openly lash out and speak your mind, usually being the sort who prefers a peaceful resolution to the sort of matters.

The Sun enters your 12th house on 20 January with Jupiter forming a favourable influence to your professional sector on the 22nd. Perhaps some of the people around you are envious of your good work and perceived opportunity for promotion in 2015. You need to turn a blind eye to any gossip or rivalry and maintain focus on the job at hand.

You'll be working hard by February and this is evidenced by the Sun opposition Jupiter on the 7th. Fortunately you have the drive and energy to maintain the momentum is the Sun enters your Sun sign on the 19th with Mars transiting the important finance-income house on the 20th. You'll be driven to earn money but may overdo it. Don't become a workaholic and remember to balance your personal needs with those of your professional activities.

Better aspects form between 26 February and 10 March with Mars forming great aspects to Saturn in your profession sector and Jupiter in your workplace environment sector. You'll be able to smooth over some of the difficulties you've had with competitors and work more in unison with them.

Don't forget to that Saturn which occupies your profession house at the outset of the year moves back into your 9th house indicating a need to retool for some of the jobs and projects you perceive may be handed to you throughout 2015. If you don't have the relevant expertise you'll be forced to do so during this transit in this continues up until 18 September when Saturn then returns to its normal course transiting a 10th house of career for the next 2 1/2 years. You have considerable more responsibility to undertake during this transit but this is only possible because you've exhibited the type of work ethic and expertise that others have noted and feel you can deal with.

You want clarity in your understanding and agreements this year and when Mars transits the 3rd house on 1 April you'll be bold enough to ask for what you want and demand that the fine print in those contracts reflects your wishes. This could be all part of a new cycle in your life where you want to be more assertive and this can also be shown by the solar eclipse on 20 March in your Sun sign. The following lunar eclipse on 4 April is also rather significant falling in your 8th house of shared resources, taxation banking and other connected monetary matters. New things will be revealed to you but the way you handle that may be completely different and surprising to your usual group of people that handle these matters. That can include your accountant, lawyer and other business and financial advisors.

On 12 May when Mars enters your 4th house of property you'll be looking at how to acquire some sort of investment leveraged either through your existing property or through purchasing something new. For those of you not in the market this may simply mean working with your landlord others who have control over the property you live in to beautify it, to some construction work and simply enhance the space you live in. There may also be some connection to earning for example creating an office for yourself in which you can work in peace. But be careful as Mars is a contentious character and may cause trouble in your negotiations on this front.

Your competitive leading up to 24 June and as mentioned earlier Saturn transiting into your 10th house with Mars and Sun moving into your 5th house around the 22nd and 24th of June show that you want to be the best you can and will even go head-to-head with competitors that are your equal or better. You should come out on top particularly with Mars transiting the 6th house and 9 August with a favourable trine aspect to Saturn on the 6th. These are all testimonies of success in overcoming your enemies and competitors.

There may be a change in your business partnerships due to the solar eclipse on 13 September. This takes place in your zone of partnerships which in this case may relate to your business associations. With Mars moving into this 7th house on 25 September this is a very sensitive period and one that needs to be handled with the utmost care. You want to build bridges not demolish them so if you feel is if something is amiss in these relationships do take the time to resolve the matter by approaching the other party in a cordial way.

It appears that the transit of Sun on the 8th house at this time with the opposition of Mars to the Sun on 26 October and the right angle of Mars to your career zone are all challenging aspects and this cycle will be one that requires your best to overcome. Maintaining a peaceful disposition is all important at this time and requires even greater control on your part when Mars enters your 8th house on 13 November. Several difficult aspects throughout this month include the opposition of Jupiter to the Sun, Sun moving in your 10th house and then in conjunction with Saturn on 30 November show your need to sleep more, eat well and study your topics well particularly before entering into any meetings. You don't want to get egg on your face so make sure you have all of the facts at your fingertips.

Sun moves to your 11th house on 22 December and this is usually considered a great omen for an increase in income, better networking and the acquisition of good working partners and friends. Certainly a good note to finish 2015.

Karma, Luck and Meditation

Spiritually speaking one of your greatest assets this year, and this is not normally considered an asset in spiritual terms, is your courage and self-confidence. This is notable as Mars moves to your Sun sign on 12 January, early in the year and then comes in contact with your ruling planet which happens to be the significant are of spiritual things generally, Neptune. Sometimes one's vision may not translate easily into practical affairs and this conjunction is operating. For this reason you need to have a clear concept of what it is you want to achieve in the spiritual realm, where you want to be as far as your destiny is taking you and then to translate that into a practical plan.

Saturn, during 2015 is ruling the moon which happens to be the governor of your 5th house of destiny. Its retrogression, movement to and fro the 10th and 9th house shows the significance of your ethics and profession during the coming 12 months. You need to identify clearly what it is you wish to do in the light of the talents that you've been endowed with. Money is not always the main reason for pursuing a professional path. If you have a passion for something you do have the opportunity to pursue that now but that may come at some cost, possibly financial.

The lunar eclipse on 4 April is important in that it takes place in your 8th house of hidden mysteries and self transformation. Those things within your nature such as bad habits, patterns of behaviour that are holding you back can be identified during these important celestial events but coming to terms at that may not be easy as the transit of Mars into your 4th house on 12 May, coming into opposition to Saturn on the 15th and then a right angle to Neptune make you realise that this translation of spiritual idealism to practical affairs can indeed be an obstacle course to say the least.

June is important as mentioned earlier with Saturn moving to your 10th career sector and Mars simultaneously to your 5th house of future destiny and karma on 24 June. This gives you a great deal of energy to pursue meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices. For some of you physical exercise is indeed a way to connect with your inner self so don't discount that as being an unacceptable form of spiritual activity. Forgetting yourself in the moment either creatively or through some sport can be just as effective as yoga or meditation in the traditional sense.

Although you may be argumentative the transit of Mars on the 7th house of marriage does bring with it fortuitous karma related to your relationships after 25 September this continues up until 13 November. Spend time showing your love rather than talking about it and acting through demonstrator will acts of love and kindness. This approach will help your relationship no end and bring you the peace that you looking for towards a closing weeks of 2015.



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