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Yearly Horoscope for Libra 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Libra

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Romance and Friendship


The transpersonal planets appear to be influencing your marital and intimate relationships sector throughout 2015 and this means that there may be factors influencing your relationship that are somewhat out of your control. The karmic planets strongly impact upon your love life and matters which have not been resolved in the past may resurface now compelling you to deal with those issues.

Speaking of issues, the issue of trust may also be on the table and will be spotlighted particularly in your areas of work with Saturn in a powerful Square to Neptune in your 6th house of workplace activities. This also indicates your co-workers and people who perform service for you. It's important that you scrutinise each and every person you have dealings with in the coming 12 months as this can create problems in these areas.

Finding peace of mind is one such area that seems to be very powerfully focused with the Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus all located in your 4th house family, domestic issues and inner peace. In fact having the conjunction of the Sun and Pluto shows very clearly you're almost compulsive need to clear up past issues that relate to family so that you can move forward with a guilt free, shame free conscience.


With Jupiter in your 11th house will have no shortage of friends particularly in the first half of the year. Meeting new acquaintances, especially those that come from professional activities is quite likely. The fulfilment of some of your long cherished dreams may also take place in the first half of 2015 as the 11th house has much to do with one's desires and the accomplishment of those wishes.

When Jupiter moves to your 12th house on 11 August there will be a distinct shift in focus from social and more outgoing activities to quieter more spiritual disciplines. Yoga, meditation self-help and psychology will be on the top of your agenda in this latter half of 2015. With this placement of Jupiter you must also be careful not to spend too much money as Jupiter rules your 6th house of debts going to the 12th house of expenditure. Try to be more frugal and realise that sometimes the cost of an item doesn't guarantee the quality or real value of it.

Romance and friendship

The abrupt influence of Uranus promises both exciting but uncertain times in your romantic affairs in the early part of 2015. On 3 January the Sun squares Uranus and this not only affects your love life but also the family and domestic circumstances as well. There is some relief however by the 20th when the Sun moves to your 5th house of romance and creativity. You'll be able to balance the extremes in your environment and make heads or tails perhaps some new romantic affiliation.

With Mars transiting your 7th house after the 20th February care need to be taken in how you discuss sensitive topics. This planet of war usually ends up producing conflicts if diplomacy is not the basis of your communications especially with loved ones. And with the growing sense of responsibility your feel with the Sun and Saturn in square, you might take out your frustrations on those you love the most. By the 26th the Mars and Saturn trine stabilises things but not necessarily in an enthusiastic way.

In March the unexpected may happen with Uranus again being involved with Mars which can be explosive as far as marital affairs are concerned. Impulse can lead to big problems, and those issues may be completely unexpected but can have long-term ramifications. The Sun enters your 7th house of marriage on 21 March and by the 26th produces a more favourable influence due to the calming effect of Saturn.

Sexual affairs and the hidden side of your emotional nature will come to the fore when Mars enters your 8th house on 1 April. With the lunar eclipse in your Sun sign on the 4th, the Sun can joining you and is on the 7th and the Sun then again on the 20th moving into your 8th house of sexuality and self transformation, this month will prove to be an intense one indeed.

You can further your communications during the month of May but only if you don't allow the frustration of being challenged to thwart your efforts. You must realise that differences of opinion a part of relationships and mutual respect should be at the heart of any meaningful interchange. You'll be much more controlled in matters of discussion when Saturn transits your 3rd house on 15 June. This is the commencement of a new 2 1/2 year cycle where you may be much more serious about what you are trying to convey to people. Hopefully you'll try to do so in a way that is more conducive to peaceful intellectual exchanges.

Social activities are augmented with Saturn's transit in your 11th house on 23 July and any of the sudden events that happened earlier in the year can be resolved now particularly with the favourable aspect of the Sun Uranus on 13 August. You may meet with people that are not your usual crowd socially speaking and this will inspire you to think and perhaps even act differently. You may experience some exciting events or get-togethers during this cycle. Mars also enters this 11th house bringing with it immense physical drive during the period of August and September. You may not only want to interact intellectually and emotionally with those you love but will definitely be physical. Outdoor activities, exercising and games of challenge may be all part of your strategy to deepen your involvement with those you care for.

Expect a low-key period when Mars transit your 12th house on 25 September and along with the lunar eclipse on the 28th this may be a period of deep reflection on your relationships especially because this eclipse takes place in your zone of marriage. A sense of exploration and discovery should always be there in a relationship and this is one such time when you may unearth some interesting facts about yourself and your spouse or partner. But don't be alarmed, because what you find may not be at all what you expect when you begin this process of discovery.

You are energised on 13 November when Mars enters your Sun sign unfortunately by 9 December you can use this energy wisely rather than, as previously in the year when issues arose you may have been unable to cordially solve your problems. The Sun and Saturn trine on 9 December shows that you are able to use clever psychological tactics to entice your partner into discussion. This is important but what you may find is that by the 22nd, just before Christmas with the Sun moving to your 4th house of domestic affairs, you'll be distracted by family affairs and will place this department of your life on a higher rung of priority.

Work and Money

The position of the moon in the 8th house in square to Jupiter as the year commences is a testimony of the fact that you may feel a little strange about your professional prospects in 2015 but you shouldn't allow this initial reaction to dominate your efforts to achieve as much as you can throughout the coming 12 months. In particular this aspect to Jupiter shows efforts which may be hidden rather than outward. And friends may not understand this as Jupiter in the 11th house, although giving good results overall, indicates you may be making efforts in perhaps the wrong direction. This inner reappraisal may be just what you need to crosscheck and see whether or not you are on the path you actually want to be on.

With the opposition aspect of Mars to Jupiter on 2 January you may decide early on to take some sort of risk but this may not all be in your best interests especially with the Sun squaring your Sun sign on the 7th, the Sun in opposition to your career and professional house around the 9th and also the somewhat troubling Square aspect forming between Saturn and Neptune to your 6th house of employment activities. No, it's best to let the first month pass and do some serious ground work and self-study before making any firm decisions.

Better conditions arise with the trine of Mars to your career zone on 5 February and the Sun also in trying to your Sun sign at this time. The Sun moving to your 6th house of work planning and service on the 19th spotlights the fact that you have a more focused energy and are able to direct this in the way that you wish. Be careful however on the 20th and thereafter when Mars enters your 7th house of partners is this may cause some conflicts with those you work in close proximity to.

The trine of Mars to Jupiter on 10 March gives you the green light to push forward on any projects that have been held back and you'll have the mental and physical energy to achieve a great deal during this phase. The solar eclipse takes place in this very same position on the 20th and quickly moves to your 7th house of partnerships on the 21st. These few days should indeed be significant and you should take note of what's happening around you. People with hidden agendas may come into view and some decisions may need to be made about your position with them during this important planetary phase.

Mars transits the difficult 8th house on 1 April and being a combative planet can show that your opinion over money with others is at odds with them. You need to find a peaceful way to negotiate your fiscal differences. This is also a time when you need to talk to your bank manager, work on loans taxes and other issues perhaps related to wills and inheritances. Getting your house in order in this respect will be important and you'll have the drive and energy to do so. This will continue well into the month of May is the Sun enters the same zone on 20 April. The square of Mars to Jupiter on the 18th shows that you could be wasteful and this may well be one of the issues raised by your accountant if you haven't been managing your funds to well.

Legal issues follow on the tail of these events around 12 May in both Mars and the Sun and to your 9th house of legalities on the 12th and 21st of May respectively. Mars seems to be stirring up the pot somewhat and the onus is on you to try to keep some level of composure in any of your negotiations. On a positive note, these planets signify an interest in furthering your studies and improving your skill sets for the type of work you've chosen. Try not to be impulsive if you're finding it difficult to choose the right sort of topics. Further investigation will most definitely be needed.

Thoroughly excellent period can be expected when the Sun and Mars transit the upper part of your horoscope around the 22nd and 24th of June. Opportunities for career advancement a spotlighted and some important event around 15 June may herald these exciting changes for you. In any case, whatever happens at this time whether it be a promotion or some new job interest, the positive, financial benefits will be felt after 23 July when the Sun enters your 11th house of profits. Also on the 9 August when Mars enters this same zone you will have a particularly strong appetite to increase your income, make stronger connections businesswise and work hard to fulfil your professional obligations and aspirations.

The important transit of Jupiter, the planet of luck into your 12th house on 11 August brings with it some interest in foreign affairs or for those of you that way inclined, import and export opportunities. There may be a mixing up of your profession with some interesting cultural exchanges during this transit. This can be accelerated when the Sun enters this same 12th house on the 23rd and then conjoined Jupiter on the 27th. Expect a lucky opportunity during this phase.

You can shine brightly in your professional sphere when the Sun enters your Sun sign of Libra on 23 September. During this period and October you have the drive and the popularity to succeed. With the lunar eclipse on the 28th in your 7th house of partnerships this may be one particular area that you need to focus on especially if you are running an independent business. Expect some challenges between the 10th and 23rd of October. You may be challenged by someone in authority or may not feel comfortable about the way things are done. Also, when the Sun transits the 2nd house on 24 October throughout November as well, you may earn well but could be lax in controlling your spending habits. Be careful of that particularly leading up to Christmas when you'll need some surplus cash.

Fortunately, the trine aspect of the Sun to your profession zone leading up to 11 November is a positive contrast to some of these more difficult aspects I've been describing. Once again you have the opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors and achieve some sort of promotion or at least temporary leadership role. Around the 23rd November when the Sun enters the 3rd house contractual negotiations will fare well for you. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want and always look at the fine print to make sure that your position is secured.

A militant flavour is expected with Mars in conjunction to your natal Sun throughout December and this peaks around the 11th and then on the 14th with the Square aspect of Mars to your career. Don't take opportunities for granted, be grateful and inclusive of others who been part of the process in your success. By doing so you will ensure good karma in the coming weeks and throughout 2016 as well.

Karma, Luck and Meditation

If you're focusing on the wrong things you'll miss good karmic opportunities. Mercury in opposition to Jupiter on 2 March can indicate an exaggerated intellectual position which could cause you to be the one to miss out on information that can further your spiritual and even material development. Be open to the opinions and ideas of others especially as Jupiter newness form good aspects around 3 March from those parts of your horoscope which indicate spiritual quickening.

Mercury forms a better aspect with Jupiter on 6 April and conjoined is Uranus on the 8th in your 4th house of inner peace and happiness. There may be some sudden rush of intuitive insight during this period but if you're not quick enough you may miss the event. Remain alert to the inner promptings of your spiritual nature and you will be benefited immensely. 15 April is a significant transition as Mercury, the planet of your past karma enters your 5th house of future karma. This is also the initiatory house of your horoscope indicating your past actions may now culminate in some event that gives you intellectual revelation. You may also wish to study philosophy, and engage yourself in yoga and other practices of meditation which can help pacify your mind and reveal the hidden aspects of nature.

Transformations take place on the 8th house of the horoscope is activated and this again takes place with Mercury transiting this area between 23 July and 24 August. Working through emotional blockages as part of the process of freeing up internal energy and once Mercury moves to your 9th house on 8 August you'll be in a better position to formalise your understanding and maybe even share that with other people who are of like mind or interested in what you have to say. You may even travel to some sort of convention or retreat where you can solidify this understanding.

When the lunar eclipse occurs on 28 September in your 4th house of family and inner peace, you may make some breakthroughs in understanding your relationship to your family and the blockages of your past can be released. This is further augmented by the transit of Mercury into your 12th house on 21 November. A key to discovering your higher self is to forget yourself and during the transit of Mercury in this position you may take an interest in charitable works were selflessness gives rise to a greater sense of spiritual being.

The year finishes on a good note with Mercury and Jupiter in an excellent aspect on 26 December and on the 28th Mercury again casting its auspicious glance on your 9th sector of higher learning. This year should prove to be one of great inner revelation.



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