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Yearly Horoscope for Gemini 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Gemini

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Romance and Friendship


Jupiter moves to an excellent aspect to your Sun sign on 27 January. This is a wonderful trend especially so early in the year and gives you a boost of energy and self-confidence. This new-found buzz will also be noticeable to others around you and is a precursor to general success throughout 2015. You can tackle things in a most confident and enthusiastic away and because of this you will find new opportunities opening up very easily.

When Jupiter moves to your fourth house on 11 August you can expect a very big shift in your life. Your attention will be directed to more personal matters on the home front. And at the same time the energising influence of the Sun will make your personal affairs a joyful experience.


The other most important transit is that of Saturn which will make contact with your marital affairs house on 18 September but only after to-ing and fro-ing between this house and your sixth house of health, enemies and debts. This backward moving Saturn changes its direction on the 15th June so between this date and September your focus will indeed make a dramatic about face. On its forward motion in September however it sets a more serious tone involving greater responsibility where friendships and relationships are concerned. You will find elements of your love life a little tedious during this cycle but if you persist with a much greater level of understanding and compassion for each other you will see a dramatic turnaround in your life.

Romance and friendship

The ninth house of your horoscope is indeed a lucky sector and on 4 January when Venus moves to this zone of Aquarius you can expect your relationships to be particularly lucky. Journeys are also favourable and may involve socialising and meeting new people who could be considered romantic opportunities.

Additional favourable aspects include the Venus Sun trine on the 19th but there is a tendency to go overboard at this time and to be excessive in your emotions as evidenced by the Venus opposition Jupiter on the 20th. On the 28th the transit of Venus into your career zone is an excellent omen and brings you opportunities romantically within your professional sphere.

Friendships increase with Venus's movement to your 11th house on 21 February. Your social connections and love of life will be a strong feature of your personality and it will be difficult for you to not attract one or more people into your sphere of influence.

5 March sees an excellent aspect between Venus and Jupiter but take care as the transit of Venus into your 12th house on the 17th may bring you into illicit sorts of connections and relationships that you'd prefer to keep off the radar. We see by the eclipse of the sun on the 20th that your ego in your personality development may go through some unusual changes and this may have to do with the type of company you keep at this time.

The lunar eclipse on 4 April in your fifth house of romantic affairs indicates powerful emotional under currents so you need to be careful that you direct this energy in the proper way. Venus moves to your first house on the 12th and therefore you will be particularly attractive to the opposite sex. Your self-confidence will be at an all-time high and this will be because you just generally feel good about yourself.

Communications should always be the basis of a good relationship and you can look forward to excellent one-on-one discussions with the person you love when Venus transits the third house on 6 June. If there are any matters which you need to discuss this is the time to do it is what you have to say will be received well and understanding will flow in both directions. The supporting influence of the Sun and Jupiter on the 17th and again on 12 August reveal that this period will open up your heart to others. It will improve the quality of your love life.

Romantic love may take a backseat to more domestic and familial interactions when the sun moves to the fourth house of your horoscope on 23 August. The sun also conjoined Jupiter in the same place indicating some wonderful, joyful experiences emotionally on the home front. You should avail yourself of the opportunity to deepen your bonds with family during this important cycle.

As mentioned above, the fifth house of your horoscope has everything to do with love affairs and you can expect this part of your life to sizzle when the Sun enters this space on 23 September. The lunar eclipse on the opposite sign, your zone of friendships and social affairs will also bring up many emotional issues at this time. Learning to deal with your own inner emotional life will be pivotal to love affairs moving forward in a positive manner.

Whenever Venus and Jupiter come in contact it's considered a very lucky omen indeed. You can expect this to be the case on 26 October and the period leading up to this. This is a fortunate time when gifts as well as emotional sharing will be part of your life and this of course will bring much joy to you and those around you.

The seventh house of your horoscope deals with marriage and long term committed relationships so the Sun's presence here after 23 November activates these issues very powerfully for the month following. Venus from the fifth house and its favourable aspect to the Sun further augments the positive energy that will flow your way in affairs of the heart.

During the final month of the year the Sun in this seventh house does undergo some conflicting aspects on the 11th and again the 15th and on or about these dates you may be challenged to explain yourself and-or adapt yourself to the demands of your significant other.

The final two aspects of the year from Venus include the sex doll to Jupiter on the 24th and the conjunction of Venus to the seventh house on the 30th both of which indicate a loving resolution to any of the above challenges that you may experience.

Work and Money

You have an immense amount of energy and appetite for work in 2015 and you'll come out fighting as the year commences but be careful because by the 20th you will find that the Mars and Neptune conjunction in your career house causes you to rethink and wonder whether or not your efforts have been directed in precisely the right direction. The last thing you want is to be working away at something that is not going to yield the results that you wish. The Mars and Jupiter opposition also indicate that you could be extreme in the way you approach your tasks and so the return on investment as far as your energy is concerned is equally as important as how much money is returned on any financial investment.

Profitability is up by 20 February with Mars moving to your 11th house of fulfilment. This continues up to and including 17 March with aspects such as Mars trine Jupiter, Mars sextile Sun and then on 21 March the transit and solar eclipse of the Sun in the 10th moving to the 11th showing increased income but more so if you happen to be an independent business owner.

Your vitality could be lacking after 1 April with Mars moving to the quieter sector of your horoscope. Gather your energies and plan rather than exerting too much in areas that are not going to yield results. This will continue till 12 May when Mars enters your Sun sign along with the Sun. Once again your energy could be up but you may still not feel free to achieve what you want. Expect obstructions at this time so plan well ahead beforehand.

You may also find at this time that your efforts don't seem to be going anywhere. You have the mental idea of what you want but can't quite pull all the pieces of the jigsaw together. Don't fight with the trend but rather relax a little and wait till you are in sync with all of the factors that produce success.

June is a big month with Mars forming aspects to Jupiter, your career house and the Sun in the first week of the month. It will be gung ho and all systems go with the sextiles of the Sun and Jupiter on the 9th providing lucky opportunities. With the transiting Sun and Mars in conjunction on the 15th you could be rather combative and on the 22nd when Sun and Mars both enter your finance sector disputes over finances could arise. On the 15th as well Saturn makes its retrograde motion into your sixth house. Up till the 18 September your focus will be in this area of your life which relates to your professional working environment and the people you are in contact with on a day-to-day basis. Things will move slowly or you may not know where you stand in this respect so time will need to be allocated to working through these problems. You will experience challenges with those who are rivals, co-workers and even relatives.

From 23 July and to 9 August and beyond, the Sun and Mars enter and transit your third house of contracts and communications. You will be forceful at this time in demanding that your terms and conditions be met. As Jupiter moves to your fourth house of property on 11 August it could well be that real estate and other matters surrounding property will be part of this contractual negotiations. As Jupiter, your planet of marriage and business partnerships is in combustion (burnt by the rays of the Sun) there may be some hurdles to overcome in terms of agreements from those closest to you. Perhaps you both have differing ideas about what you want in life.

Mars produces a rather heated situation leading up to 25 September and on the 28th the lunar eclipse in your 11th house of profits tends to point in the direction of hot-headed negotiations and disputes even with friends over money so be careful.

As far as speculation is concerned you can take a punt when the Sun enters your fifth house on 23 September and forming good aspects on 13 October, indicates the likelihood that you can make some gains in this area. Do take care after the 24th however is the Sun than moves to your zone of debts and liabilities. Put the brakes on hard before this date.

Your working environment takes a turn for the better after 11 November but don't be too demanding of your co-workers or employers particularly leading up to the 13th as the response to further requests may be a flat out no. Better negotiations can take place in the week leading up to 23 November and thereafter when the Sun, the ruler of your communications house transits your seventh house of negotiations and partnerships.

The Sun enters the eighth house on 22nd December indicating that the year finishes on a note of trying to figure out where you are on the question of shared resources. If others owe you money you may need to push hard to get those receipts in before the madness of Christmas. You will need it if your expenses start to escalate.

Karma, Luck and Meditation

Venus is the planet of your future karma and indicates the nature of results based upon your past karma. As it enters the ninth house of past karma on 4 January the early part of the year does tend to reveal opportunities to bask in the glory of your past actions. With Venus moving to your 10th house of career this is where you'll see these positive results. Deep meditative practices, spirituality and an interest in the occult are favoured with Venus moving into your 12th house on 17 March. This transit coupled with the lunar eclipse in your fifth house of spiritual initiation on 4 April reveals that you will be increasingly interested in those things which will ultimately relieve you of stress, worry and apprehension about the future.

One's state of peace can be seen by the fourth house of the horoscope and it's not until 9 October that Venus enters this zone of your horoscope and then again back into the fifth house of spiritual and mental exercises on 9 November. You will continue to make headway in this area and may discover some inner truth which doesn't require teachers, books or any other sort of third-party information. During this cycle you may be surprised at the level of intuitive insight you gain without the help of anyone else.

Your spiritual insights and intuitive processes however are at odds with your rational mind around 26 November when Saturn and Neptune enter into hard aspect. Because Venus enters the sixth house on 5 December and this area is all about service, you can make headway spiritually speaking by forgetting about yourself and helping others unconditionally.



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