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Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn

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Romance and Friendship


Welcome to 2015 Capricorn! This is indeed the commencement of a very important few years for you and with your ruling planet Saturn transiting the 12th house along with Jupiter in the 8th there is a deeper more spiritual tone to the effects of the planets for you during the coming 12 months.

Saturn transits your 12th house of quiet self reflection, charitable works and low key activities until 15 June when it then moves back into the 11th house of social activities. During this period up until 18 September you have the opportunity to connect with friends, join in group activities and fulfil some of those deeper long-term desires you've held. Thereafter when Saturn moves back to the quieter zone of your horoscope you will be once again seeking answers to the deeper issues of your life.


Jupiter in the 8th house releases its energy associated with self transformation but by the same token has much to say about finances particularly those which are tied in with other people. This will relate to the loans that you have, shared investments with your spouse or partner or other commercial partners. Jupiter is the 12th Lord on the 8th produces good results and indicates improvement in these areas of your life. Mars in opposition to Jupiter from your 2nd house of income also indicates an increase in income but also shows a tendency to waste. Remember to respect money in 2015

Jupiter transits your 9th house on 11 August and this is one of the better positions of Jupiter in its transit throughout the zodiac. It brings with it a heightened sense of awareness, opportunities in education and generally good fortune due to your past actions. Long-distance journeys are also favoured by the placement of Jupiter and indicate a happy and productive time in foreign places and environments that you are not normally accustomed to being in.

The lunar eclipse on 28 September in Aries brings your attention to family matters and as your karmic axis and the transpersonal planet Uranus jointly transit this sector of the zodiac, issues associated with your mother and your historic family will need to be dealt with. There will be some revelations, secrets un-earthed that will surprise you but at the end of the day the information will be useful in resolving any long-standing difficulties and issues you've had with members of your family.

Leading up to 26 November your ruling planet moves to the right angle of Neptune creating some confusion in your life particularly about yourself identity. Do analyse yourself and remember to stand in the other person's shoes to see yourself from their perspective. This will be a boon to your self-development and success over the coming few years.

Romance and friendship

You're off to a great start romantically with Venus transiting your Sun sign on 4 January. You have the capacity to attract good people and shine in the public arena. This will be because you are taking much more time and paying more attention to your personal grooming in the way you come across generally. You realise that even though it will not be the absolute truth, clothes do make the man and unfortunately we are judged by the way we look and the opinions of others do matter. At least during this cycle you have the chance to put your best foot forward and will be talked about for looking great!

Venus transits your 4th house on 17 March which means there will be a shift to making sure you're happy on the inside and not only relying on others to give you peace of mind and satisfaction. And Venus' move to the 5th house of love affairs on 12 April accelerates your opportunities for romance and love. 26 March is also very favourable aspect of Venus to the Sun. The Sun on the 12th house indicates issues associated with relationships and although your passions are inflamed the practicality of the situation won't allow you to advance in a relationship. This is the time of the year you meet someone particularly with Mars moving through this same area on 12 so can expect these 2 months to be peppered with exciting opportunities.

Marriage and more long-term commitments are forecast during the transit of Venus in your 7th house from 6 June until 19 July. Be careful leading up to 10 July however as Mars is in a very troublesome aspect to the Sun showing that your ego will get in the road of smooth relationships. Concede if it means peace especially if you know that you are not exactly the one who is beyond any faults. Unless you can do this problems will fester until the transit of Mars in this 7th house on 9 August and thereafter confrontations of all sorts will erupt due to the hot tempered nature of Mars.

You can feel very romantic and even sexual when Venus transits the 8th house of sexuality are bringing with it interest in the deeper connection you have with someone on a physical intimate level. This is also the house of personal transformation so your relationships will indeed go through a restorative stage and even such things as Tantra and the spiritual components of love and sex will be uppermost in your mind.

Venus conjoins Mars on 1 September in your 7th house of marriage. This has to be one of the most powerful and passionate combinations in the zodiac and with Venus also moving into its stationary direct position your passion will simply be the barometer of a much healthier relationship during this coming month or two. The solar eclipse in the 8th house also releases a tremendous amount of energy and clears the way for a deeper connection with the one you love and will quickly fan the flames of passion with someone new on the scene.

The lunar eclipse in the 3rd house on 28 September speaks loads about your ability to communicate and the removal of blockages associated with translation of feelings into words. This is one of the most difficult areas particularly for Capricorn as there are times where you prefer to let your actions speak louder than words.

Venus once again moves into the 8th house on 9 October bringing with it a second dose of passion into play. Take heed that money and power games don't become part of your relationship. There is the possibility that you will be emotionally blackmailed during this cycle.

You have loads of physical vitality leading up to 11 October as Mars and Sun enter into favourable relationship and thereafter on 20 October Venus and the Sun also move to the trine aspect and these are excellent combinations for fulfilment in the area of love, relationships and social activities.

You have a repeat of the Venus and Mars conjunction on 3 November with both Venus and Mars moving to the 9th house of travels on the 9th and 13th of November respectively. This is by far the best time to combine travels with passionate love and sex. A rendezvous in a romantic environment is just what the doctor ordered especially if you're trying to get your romance back on track.

The year is set to finish on an upbeat note with Venus moving into your 11th house on 30 December but please note that the social gaiety that comes with this transit is likely to affect you a little earlier and around the 10th when Venus moves your professional sector on the 5th, you'll see that this romantic energy along with the opportunity to enjoy the company of others is tied in with your work. Perhaps your soul mate is somewhere amongst your work colleagues or even your client base. Good luck!

Work and Money

It's a lucky start to the year Capricorn with Venus moving to your 2nd house of earnings on 4 January. Simultaneously, Mercury also enters this zone of finance on the 5th with both these planets forming favourable aspects to your 10th house of profession on 8 January. It's also great to see your communication and negotiation skills reaching a peak early in the year with Mars transiting your 3rd house of contracts on 12 January.

You'll be driven to achieve something of note early in 2015 but with the fortifying and beneficial conjunction of Venus with Mars around 22 February you can expect these agreements and contracts to work very much in your favour. Mars relates to your profits as it rules your 11th house and you can expect the unexpected after 20 February when Mars enters your 4th house of property, home affairs and other larger fixed assets. Thereafter with the conjunction of Mars and Uranus on 12 March something quite astounding can happen and even though you will have been working toward some specific goal the outcome will not all be what you've planned.

Greater communication with your nearest and dearest and other relatives is necessary in early April as we see the conjunction of Mercury and year and is on the 8th. Don't allow reaction to govern your discussions and especially with the lunar eclipse in your 10th house of profession, you will be emotionally vulnerable and could target the wrong people with misinformation. We also see that your attempts to improve your workplace relations leading up to the 12th will not go so smoothly with Venus moving into your 6th house. Being cordial and learning the art of diplomacy will get you out of any pickle you find yourself in during this phase of the year.

You'll be changing your tactics in your workplace environment and communicating with co-workers and employers about how to improve systems and technologies to streamline the job at hand. Mercury conjoins the 6th house and transits this area between 1 and 9 July. During this period it moves into its retrograde motion cautioning you to double-check all facts and figures before making any pronouncement. You could get caught out by making premature decisions.

Within this period you'll experience some difficult conjunctions especially leading up to 12 May, the 19th, 25th, 26th and 27th. During this combined set of transits which include Mars, Venus and Mercury with Uranus included, all sorts of explosive interactions will arise so continue to play devil's advocate with yourself before going into battle. The conjunction of Mercury and Mars on the 27th is particularly notorious for disputes of all sorts.

Any contention about money particularly if that relates to loans or paybacks will be influence favourably by the transit of Venus into the 8th house on June 6 and you should therefore look forward to favourable resolutions with business partners, partners or spouses and even accountants and bank managers in this interval continues up until 19 July.

The 7th house of negotiations, public approval and public relations generally is covered by the 7th house and we see Mercury entering this area of your horoscope on 9 July and once again conjoining Mars on the 16th. If any legal matters are involved during these discussions look forward to the highly beneficial transit of Venus to your 9th house on 19 July. Acquiring good legal advice, connecting with an exceptionally brilliant attorney will help move things forward if these are the areas of concern that you will have.

This also indicates travels associated with your professional advancement and will involve journeys of a foreign nature for some of you. Venus moves in retrogression throughout this period so some of your plans will have to be shelved if you don't have all the appropriate information at your fingertips or there are some players in this game who dance you around. At least with the forward movement of Venus on 6 September you can finally look forward to these issues being finally put to bed.

The exciting new developments in your profession and your capacity to earn more take place after the 10th house transit of Mercury on 2 October and this coincides with the other 1st rate transits including the direct movement of Mercury on the 10th, Mars in favourable aspect to the Sun on the 25th and Venus in favourable aspect to the Sun on the 29th. The period leading up to any of these dates will be exciting and give you the energy, drive to push forward your professional ambitions.

The positive influence of the planets continues through November as well with both Venus and Mars transiting your 10th house up till 13 November. At this late stage of the year you can expect some sort of professional advancement, a new position either within your company or elsewhere. Make sure your CV is in tiptop order to beat your competitors.

The transit of Venus in your 11th house ensures that money should be plentiful. There should also be no shortage of strong contacts who can help you advance your career. This occurs after 5 December and continues through to the very last couple of days when Venus moves to your 12th house of quieter activities indicating a well deserved rest at the end of 2015.

Karma, Luck and Meditation

Some remarkable karmic benefits arise with the transit of Jupiter into your 9th house of past karma, luck and general good fortune on 11 August. This is the commencement of a new 12 year cycle bringing with it immense opportunities which if you are alert and willing to take some well calculated risks will herald the beginning of some wonderful new life experiences.

Principally, Mercury and Venus are your past and future karma planets respectively but we do need to look at Jupiter and Neptune as well. Early in the year we see Mercury moving to your 5th house of speculation and also spiritual initiation. Your intuitive powers will help you sniff out a good deal at this time but this also a fantastic opening in which will help you direct your energies in the right way throughout 2015.

The continuing transit of Saturn through your 12th, then 11th, then 12th again indicate your need to take a more serious look at your spiritual practices, charitable acts and other deeper, more hidden mysteries to make sense of the meaning of your life. The fact of the matter is that forgetting yourself is indeed the fastest way to deepening insight into your spiritual self. Work on perfecting your meditation technique and with Neptune in your 3rd house of mind and communication, try to sift through any confusing aspects of the way you deal with others. If you can do this with clarity your good karma will continue to increase throughout the coming 12 months. Good luck Capricorn!



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