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Yearly Horoscope for Cancer 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Cancer

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Romance and Friendship


Leading up to 13 January Jupiter creates excellent opportunities for you professionally. This is also highlighted by the important transit of this planet into your third house of contracts on 11 August so 2015 is most certainly a year when you will be looking to expand and enhance your ideas, your agreements and your communication generally in business and in personal affairs.

You may still be feeling the impact of Saturn on your work practices. Being such a serious and slow-moving character, this planet reflects your need to clearly understand what you are doing in your employment environment. It also speaks of the constrictions you may have had over the last year or so in your working relationship with co-workers and those who are subordinates. This may not have gone so easily for you and although this influence continues for some time, its influence also extends to your zone of love affairs after 15 June when it makes its retrograde motion into your fifth house. Up till the 18 September your focus will be in this area of your life. You will also experience some challenges with younger people, and if you are a parent you need to primarily deal with a few of your children's issues as well.


You will finally be able to tie up loose ends in your career zone when Saturn re-establishes its transit in the sixth house. Working through your debts, resolving problems with enemies and also taking a more proactive approach to your health and well-being are notable influences of Saturn's transit in this area.

In October and November the influence of Neptune will be felt which means your vision and your thinking could be somewhat clouded by influences that bear no relevance to the issues at hand. Working on the way you think, in particular the way you plan your life will be important components of your agenda and your business and personal planning. The latter part of the year may be one of lethargy and even mental and emotional confusion. Don't allow yourself to get down in the dumps but rather keep yourself active and by all means plan your future clearly so that you have worthy goals and objectives to work towards.

Romance and friendship

Venus promptly moves to your zone of sexuality on 4 January and this would ordinarily mean some lovely experiences sexually however with the hard contacts of Mars to Saturn on the 15th and Venus to Saturn on the 30th, you can expect the first part of 2015 to be somewhat of a challenge as far as your romantic opportunities are concerned.

February seems to be a little better with your physical planet Mars in excellent aspect on 4 February. Challenges to your relationships occur due to this planet's movement into your career sector on the 20th. You will find yourself in a situation of divided loyalties and although by the 25th you may find your relationship on better terms, it may indeed still be a little cool due to the aspect between Venus and Saturn.

The presence of Venus in the 11th house of the horoscope is always a welcome transit and this occurs on 17 March. Your social engagements and networking skills will be at a peak and your popularity should also be something that will make an impression on others. You have a desire to have a merry old time so parties, group and club activities will be desirable.

The lunar eclipse on 4 April makes its manifestation felt in your domestic sphere. Once again the hard aspect of Venus and Saturn on the 15th makes your relationships less than desirable. You need to understand people's motives before passing judgement.

Throughout the months of May and June Venus and Mars both make contact with your 12th house which is considered a secretive zone of the zodiac however ancient Eastern astrologers are of the opinion that this is one of the most sexual parts of the zodiac and even call it the house of bed pleasures. This is a cycle that should offer considerable satisfaction as far as lust and physical pleasures are concerned. As well, when Venus transits your Sun sign on 8 May your attractiveness will certainly capture the attention of the opposite sex. Be careful when Mars enters this same Sun sign on 24 June as you're likely to be combative and disputes with the ones you love most may dampen your emotional pleasure.

After 15 June Saturn makes its retrograde motion into Scorpio your zone of romance, love affairs and creativity. Up till the 18 September your focus will be in this area of your life but because of the nature of Saturn don't expect things to move as quickly or smoothly as you would prefer. There may be obstacles to meeting and connecting with the one you love. If you are already in a relationship your mind could feel somewhat heavy.

An important transit spanning the months of July, August, September and October occur in your third house of travels and communication. This is an important period when discussions should be entered into especially if you need to understand your relationship more clearly. By sweeping these opportunities aside you set yourself up for greater difficulty in moving your love life forward.

Your passion and desire for physical contact is heightened during the strong conjunction of Venus and Mars leading up to 1 September yet once again the harsh Mars and Saturn square on or about 26 September could undermine this and make you feel less than comfortable about your love life. Your personality and desire in life is changing and this is evidenced by the lunar eclipse on the 28th in Aries. You are changing and of course your partner may be changing and this therefore requires a serious reconsideration as to your ideals versus theirs.

The Venus Mars connection repeats on 3 November with Venus moving to the fourth house on the 9th along with Mars on the 13th. Furthermore, family issues will once again be on your agenda but not in a way that you would prefer. This could be time-consuming and circular in motion in that your opinions and desire to help may not exactly be in the way that your relatives would like. You need to draw a line in the sand at this time.

The fifth house of your horoscope has to do with love affairs and creativity and sees the excellent transit of Venus between the 5 and 20 December. Make hay while the Sun shines seems to be the theme of the final year of 2015. Enjoy.

Work and Money

Excessive expenditure, trying to pull in debts that other people owe you and generally a concern over your financial status will mark the first few weeks of 2015. Fortunately Venus on the 28th January moves to the ninth house of good fortune and indicates some opportunities for you and this will continue well into the first or second week of March. In fact good profits can be expected during the transit of Venus into the 11th house on 17 March. If you've been finding it difficult to make ends meet or if your business and commercial ventures have been slow, customers of been slack in paying et cetera et cetera then this is a time when you can expect a turnaround in your business generally.

Expenses are likely to spiral out of control during the transit of Venus to your 12th house on 12 April. The stationary and direct motion of Jupiter a few days earlier is also a testimony to waste and excess. Try to curb your appetite at this time and remember that bigger is not necessarily better.

You can look forward to a pay increase or an additional source of income after 8 May. You will find it difficult staying in the same line of work especially if your routine has become dull and lacking creativity. You'll be looking for something to stimulate your expression and creative insights. It may not exactly be the right time to leave your job and look further afield but there's no harm in planning for the future and considering your long-term financial security. Your confidence is also much higher due to the solar return, which is the Sun returning to the sign of Cancer.

Jupiter makes an impression on your horoscope throughout June with excellent aspect to your career sector leading up to the 26th. Venus too on the 30th in trine to your zone of career doesn't hurt your career prospects in any way. Later, Jupiter makes its way into your third house of contracts and communications on 11 August. You can negotiate a deal very favourably and this should indicate the commencement of better communications all round - not just in business. On this note, the transit of Venus through your third house on 9 October could herald some sort of celebration or achievement. Journeys associated with your career are also on the cards.

Speculation and investment, either on the stock market or on other slightly riskier ventures might be reflected in the solar transit of your fifth house between 24 October and 23 November. As always, due diligence should be employed and look at the fine print of any contract.

You have the energy and drive to succeed leading up to the 10 November but overconfidence could play a part in squabbles on the work front around the 23rd. You could be out of sync with your co-workers but this should or clear up by 5 December when Venus moves to your zone of pleasures, fun and easy living. With the Sun moving to your seventh house on 22 December this is an excellent time to tie up business partnerships and clarify what you want from your business connections. You should also shine in the public eye particularly if you're in any sort of sales or marketing role.

Karma, Luck and Meditation

Unfinished business need to be taken care of throughout 2015. Unresolved emotional issues particularly with maternal relatives are shown by the North node transiting your fourth house. No doubt you'll be challenged to work with close relatives in your domestic arrangement to gain greater understanding in your life. You have a desire to escape with Mars moving through your karmic ninth house, possibly through travels but this won't resolve your problems and in the end you'll have to return to deal with them. On or about 12 January will have some choices to make but don't allow your impulses to get the better of you.

The contact between Mars and Jupiter around 10 March is an important one and connects experiences from your past with what is likely to happen in your future. This requires a subtle spiritual finesse on your part to connect the dots, to understand how what you have done in the past has shaped who you are now and how it continues to determine who you will become in future. Meditating on the notion of your character as being the cornerstone of your future will be a key ingredient to future success.

Jupiter the planet of luck transits your third house after 11 August so it's natural that you'll experience a very dramatic shift in the way you think in the way you see things. This doesn't seem like much of a big deal but the fact of the matter is that one's destiny and therefore your luck is dependent upon one's thinking. You'll start to understand that the way you perceive things can affect the outcome. Your consciousness will be purified at this time and because Jupiter also has a triangular aspect to your marital and relationships zone you can expect good fortune in these areas of your life as well.



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