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Yearly Horoscope for Aries 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Aries

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Romance and Friendship


Your focus shifts this year as Saturn transits your 9th house of higher ideals, studies and cultural exchange. This is an important period when you decide on what really matters in your life. What once held value may now no longer apply to your circumstances and therefore you will have to adapt quite a bit. Remember, Saturn's action is slow but sure yet this can and probably will cause a great deal of frustration as you would like things to move far more quickly. Conversely you may not be able to keep up with the pace at which changes happening and will be forced to adjust yourself to the challenges of day-to-day life. Some of the confusion may just have to do with the hard aspect of Neptune from your 12th house. This can produce a nebulous cloud around you thinking and especially where concrete ideas and practical affairs need clarity, you may just not be able to be as lucid as you would like.

On 15 June when Saturn re-enters your eighth house of emotional and sexual activities and personal transformation you'll be forced to revisit some of those issues which in your personal relationships have been swept under the rug. It's an opportunity to re-evaluate your past decisions in the light of current circumstances.


Fortunately Jupiter is in your 5th house of creativity, children and speculation that least for some of the year. The presence of Jupiter in any sign is a welcome omen and brings with it luck and good fortune. You need to be careful not to go overboard however as Mars challenges Jupiter and causes you to be overly confident. This is the case with new acquaintances and friends and you may put on a pedestal. Try to be discriminating before making decisions because luck comes only in cycles.

Romance and friendship

Friendships continue to play an important role in your life particularly with Uranus associated with the karmic axis of your horoscope. Important but not altogether unexpected developments in existing friendships can cause you to rethink your associations.

Venus the planet of love is a doubly important influence on the affairs of Aries is a natural significator of love but also of the presiding ruler of your marital sector. This entry into your 11th house of friendships on 4 January is an excellent commencement to your year and promises to bring some new highlights in this area of your life. Wonderful opportunities abound leading up to 20 January when Venus and the Sun form a wonderful sextile aspect to each other. The spirit of friendship should be strong during this cycle. After 28 January however you may need some respite. Too much of a good thing may take its toll.

On 21 February Venus enters your Sun sign and this during this important phase that you may start to regain some of your confidence and charm. Others will notice you so you don't have to make too much of an effort to feel as if you are the centre of attention. This also favourably influences your marital sector if you're in a committed relationship. This could revive love affair.

Troubles could be afoot in the early part of March when Venus challenges your career sector. Divided loyalties may present problems for you so make sure that you explain yourself well and look closely at your diary so that these two areas don't overlap and cause confusion problems.

Sexual matters come to the fore around the solar eclipse of 20 March. Pent-up feelings, distort hormonal responses and other confused emotions may play out in the bedroom now. Again communication is always the key to a deeper and long-lasting understanding.

On the matter of communication when Venus enters the 3rd house on 12 April, a lift in communications can be expected in your discussions will be favourable all through to the 29th.

You are more domesticated around the 8 May and probably prefer to stay indoors with close family members during this particular phase of the year. Much can be done and this is the time to also express your love to relatives. Maybe there's been little time to do this but the love you experience through this transit can hold you in good stead for the rest of the year. There may also be some connection with romance and education.

The 5th house of the horoscope is well known as one bringing romantic opportunities and with Venus entering this zone of your horoscope on 6 June you can look forward to many opportunities. You are heightened sense of creativity, love of culture and wish to share that with someone of like mind. This is also the house of future karma and will therefore say something about the future prospects of the person you meet now. You may feel a long-term connection brewing and should therefore make time to explore this as fully as you can.

After 15 July some problems may occur in matters of love or perhaps even with the health of those you are committed to in relationship. Issues of service and unconditional love may be a big lesson for you this year. This will be more pronounced if you have many professional responsibilities that may be encroached upon if you have to give up valuable time to look after someone. Using astrology to schedule these times is a good idea. Make sure you pencil this one in your diary.

Another highlight in 2015 will be the period leading up to 25 September when the Sun forms a superior trine aspect to your Sun sign. Romance, marriage and other emotionally fulfilling episodes can take place under this exceptionally good transit. The lunar eclipse of the 28th will also deliver some interesting insights into your partnerships as a penetrating effect on your marital interactions.

Again another first rate transit of Venus into your 7th house on 9 November looks like a great way to start winding down the year. The Sun could be a deciding transit in determining whether or not a long-term commitment should be made. Often the answer is in the affirmative even if around the 25th and the 27th hard aspects wipe a little of the sheen off this aspect.

The final month of the year sees Venus moving through the sexual 8th house which also being the house of secrets and personal transformation is an important one to complete 2015 on. Romantically this will be an intense time but at least you won't be bored.

Work and Money

Venus and Saturn are the natural rulers of your career and finance and Uranus also has something to say about your business profitability. In 2015 your career sector has the fortifying influence of 4 planets, namely the Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus and this should prove to be a big bang start to your professional year. Intense communications may punctuate the first month but fortunately the presence of Venus at least in the first few days ensure that you can steer things in the way you wish even if there are some political powers obstructing you. You need to be forceful and use this solar energy to assert your strength and leadership.

By March you will be able to rely on some of your hidden resources to propel yourself forward in your profession. This requires you to think outside the square and use information and techniques that may be highly unorthodox. They will work nonetheless.

Venus enters your finance sector on 17 March and this is always an excellent opportunity to see an increase in the cash flow. Partnerships and the general public are ruled by Venus in your case and this should indicate increased spending to your benefit.

Contracts are favoured by the presence of Venus in your 3rd house of communications and therefore you should try your best to secure a good deal after 12 April. Having the Sun moves to your finance house on the 20th is a double-edged sword. Remember you may need to spend money to make it particularly if this is in reference to any ideas and agreements that are being hatched during this phase.

The all important transit of Saturn, your career ruler to the 9th house of your horoscope on 15 June signals a possible change in direction but if not an actual change in location or profession then certainly a revamping of the way in which you do business. You will start to feel as if the reasons for working as you do may not fit with your temperament or taste any longer. This transit causes you to question many of your inner motives which is a good thing. There's no rush to draw conclusions because as mentioned earlier this transit may take 2 1/2 years to complete and therefore there will be many lessons learned by those of you born under the sign of the Ram.

As the Sun is transiting the lower part of your horoscope after 22 June, expect some challenges or obstructions with those you work with or even perhaps the public at large. This also coincides with the difficult transits touched upon in your romance reading above when Venus transits the 6th house of difficulties after 19 July. Keep your wits about you during this period but make sure you account for your time as meticulously as possible and don't waste it in idle chit chat. You're going to need it.

Your creative juices can really start to flow after August when on the 11th, the 23rd, an 29th, and the days leading up to these significant dates, indicate you may have the opportunity to showcase your talents and impress others with what you know and what you are capable of.

Your personal reputation can expect a lift around 9th November as this comes on the heels of some challenging solar aspects on the 11th, 14th and 24th of October. The Sun challenges your professional sector and indeed perhaps someone you work for or with. There is a strong hint that this will be an authority figure. You will be challenged and then on the 24th you may find yourself struggling with some shared financial issues. It's best to deal with these as soon as possible rather than sweeping them under the rug.

Journeys for the purpose of career are spotlighted leading up to 23 November. This may also relate to training sessions that may be outside your normal locality. For some of you this may spark an interest or renew possible tertiary education. In any case, the closing part of the year shows that you realise that your talents haven't yet been developed to their full capacity and now is the time to start.

Karma, Luck and Meditation

The planet Jupiter is the natural ruler of spirituality as it rules your 9th house of past life but as far as karma is concerned we generally look at the North and South nodes to see exactly how your karma will play out. We see during 2015 the transit of the North node in your marital sector which indicates that for the most part dealing with long-standing issues with your partner may take precedence in your life. This will not be an easy task as the concept of sharing and unconditional love will be the key threads to improving your relationships.

Interestingly, the nodes also bring to you people whom you've had relationships in the past and it's also not out of the question that some Aries born natives may mysteriously meet soul mates whom they recognise without even necessarily having known them in this life.

On the 5th, 9th and 12th houses of your horoscope are activated by planets, especially if two or more are simultaneously triggered, then you can expect some sort of notable karmic experience to take place. We see this taking place as a result of Jupiter is transiting your 5th house. The planet of past karma is activating your 5th house of future karma which means the positive fruits of your past actions can now begin to be realised. This can take the form of a new lover, a child being born or some exciting creative endeavour which has you all fired up.

Jupiter will continue its transit through this lucky area of your horoscope until 11 August so it is important to not waste time and bring all your attention to bear upon those matters which are important and which to you signify an upliftment in your future life generally. In other words, what I am telling you is that you mustn't become distracted with the trivialities in life but rather focus on those things which are going to make a difference both to yourself and to the world around you.



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