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Yearly Horoscope for Aquarius 2015 Yearly Horoscope for Aquarius

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Romance and Friendship


Jupiter's continuing presence in your zone of marriage and intimate relationships is a blessing in 2015 and indicates a happy period for you. The opposing transit of Mars in your Sun sign however does indicate a tendency to overdo things, to overreact and possibly create a few problems in these relationships so do take care not to push too hard. Otherwise, this transit can provide you and your partner an excellent window of opportunity to put your heads and hearts together and look forward to some big plans.

Saturn moves backwards and forwards through your 11th house of friendships and social activities but after 15 June moves back to Scorpio your career sector giving the opportunity to take responsibility for any unfinished business in your work arena. The may be some misgivings after this date and up until 18 September but if you hang in there you'll be able to sort out many things and will feel comfortable and confident to maintain your position for a while longer.


You want to begin 2015 with a clean slate and therefore the Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus commencing the year in your 12th house of past and hidden psychological issues indicates your deep need to resolve issues that may have been bothering you for some time now. Once you give your full attention to this and resolve within yourself those things that can't be changed, and accept where you are now, your life will move forward in a wonderful fashion. You will be finally free of those things that have held you back.

The lunar eclipse of 4th of April in your 9th house of higher learning and also spiritual and religious inclinations indicates a change in your moral and ethical viewpoints. You may also not want to associate with people who do not have the same views as you is this may have cost you a lot of energy in trying to justify your position. Further to this, the transit of Saturn through your 11th house of friends over the next 2 1/2 years highlights this fact as well and shows that you may have to part ways with those who no longer serve your spiritual or evolutionary needs.

Romance and friendship

2015 is a highly significant year with Jupiter continuing to move through your zone of marital and intimate relationships and is usually considered a positive omen in this respect. The fact that Jupiter rules your 2nd and 11th house finances shows that you may need to work through issues in this area and if money is tied in with the one you love this particular point needs to be worked through to both your satisfaction. Generally however you can expect good things with this planet in this key sector of your horoscope. It usually shows a good partner who will understand your needs and support you well.

Communications may be tricky after the 22nd January as Mercury moves into its retrograde motion. You may be hearing things in ways that are not meant that way. Listen carefully to what your lover or spouse has to say is there can be miscommunication during this cycle and this continues up until Mercury moves direct on 12 February. Communications improve after the transit of Mercury to your 2nd house on the 13th and if money has been a problem you can start to resolve this issue quick smart. This also sets the trend for laying down certain protocols in the way that you communicate. Once both of you have these guidelines in place your relationship can work so much better.

You could be overly generous in February and this is due to the opposition aspect of the Sun and Jupiter. Be careful not to give too much to those who don't appreciate the value of what you have to offer. You may feel foolish being overly effusive and giving both in terms of your time and money.

Family issues play an important role in your life after 15th and 20th of April respectively with Mercury and Sun's transit prompting you to take a keen interest in understanding your relationship with parents, siblings and other relatives. You may even want to look at working on your, family tree and other historic facts related to your upbringing.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in your 3rd house of short journeys on 10 April heralds an interest in journeys during this time may be frantically rushing here there and everywhere making contact with friends and acquaintances. You have a strong sense of purpose of this time and want to connect with people who respect that in you.

Expect some exciting times during the month of May especially if you happen to be single as this is an excellent time to seek out a partner of like mind who will satisfy you. Both Mercury and the Sun enter this important place of love affairs and the 1st and 21st of May respectively. Incidentally these 2 planets also influence your 11th house of social activities so this will be a busy time meeting with friends, lovers and other people whom you may strike up a friendship with. Take care with communications when Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th. Clarify any matter that you wish to discuss.

During June you may take interest in your own personal growth and others will notice a change happening within you. Your sense of individuality a strong and once again you need to reiterate your goals and ambitions for your relationship as you need a partner who is a strong and can also tune into what you want.

When the Sun enters your 7th house of marriage and public relations on 23rd July along with Mercury you'll be more focused on how you appear to others and the psychology of how people react to you will be of prime importance. And Venus also enters your 8th house of sexuality on 19 July spicing things up considerably particularly as it goes retrograde on the 25th making contact again with your marital sector and Jupiter on 5 August. This is an extremely lucky transit and indicates gifts, marriage, engagement and other celebrations associated with love and family.

The Sun also enters your 8th house on the 23rd so this is a very powerful time in your relationships and obviously an opportunity to deepen your intimacy with the one you love. During this period a solar eclipse takes place in this is one of the most powerful astrological events take place. No doubt this will spotlight these areas of your life in an even bigger way and it's up to you to take the opportunity to thoroughly understand the nature of your relationships and what you hope to achieve over the long term.

Venus' conjunction with Jupiter on 26 October and the period leading up to this is highly favourable and indicates fortuitous meetings and decisions that can be made particularly if they relate to long-term commitments. This also shows that you are interested in improving your social circumstances and making your life more comfortable physically. This can be a cycle of larger-than-life events and this relates to social gatherings as well.

When Venus enters your 9th house travels take pride of place in your life and you may decide to travel with friends or a lover to have an intimate break away from the day-to-day rush that you are accustomed to. This will obviously draw you closer to each other and this will be done in the setting that intellectually and culturally very stimulating. Educational pursuits may also find a harmonious crossover with friends and partners and your interests will seem to be very much the same.

One of the best sectors of the zodiac is the 11th which relates to friendships and to a large extent fulfilment of one's desires and during the transit of the Sun to this sector on 23 November there are indeed exciting times awaiting you. This transit takes you into the period just before Christmas but on 30 December Venus also enters this highly favourable zone indicating a thoroughly enjoyable family and social circle bringing with it the benefits of not only material gifts and acquisitions but also inner peace and emotional contentment. Being one of the final transits of 2015, Venus looks like messing you with continuing happiness throughout the coming months.

Work and Money

When Mars enters your 2nd house finance on 12 January you'll feel the push and power of this fiery planet and your financial instincts. You will forcefully make efforts to earn as much money as you can but you must be careful not to steamroll others in the process. You do need the group to help you with these professional and financial efforts. The Sun also kicks in on 19 February but remember that these two, hot and fiery planets can also burn a hole in your pocket if you're not careful. Be measured in the way you both earn and spend your hard earned cash in 2015.

You will your business partner may be wasteful when the Sun approaches the opposition aspect of Jupiter from the 2nd to 7 February. Try to work on getting some sort of consensus on how money will be managed during the coming months as this will help short-circuit any disagreements associated with the almighty dollar!

You mustn't miss the opportunity to contractual eyes your agreements around the 20th February as Mars enters your 3rd house and enters also a good aspect to Jupiter on 10 March. This will be important prior to the solar eclipse in your 2nd house of expenses and it may need a bit of a shakeup for you to come to any sort of practical arrangement.

Legal matters may need to be attended to after the lunar eclipse of the 4th and the transit of the Sun to the 4th house of property and real estate matters. This takes place on 20 April. The lunar eclipse occurs on the 4th so after these two dates you may be head down bum up trying to work through some of these issues and if you've been dabbling with the idea of investing in property this could well be the time that you make a decision to move forward.

The Sun and Mars enter your 5th house of speculation in May, Mars on the 12th and Sun on the 21st but once again the indicators are that you could be impulsive on many fronts in 2015 and this one is one such area you should tread very cautiously. Impulse should not dominate your commercial decisions as you may have such a strong desire to express yourself creatively that you forget about the practical implications of the expense. You are also very competitive in your business at this time but be careful not to go head-to-head with a work rival. You of all people understand the benefit of being part and working with and for the group. It's all about a team effort.

Debts may spiral out of control with the Sun entering the 6th house on 22 June and at the same time Jupiter being in opposition to your Sun sign. Due to this, you may end up reacting and taking out your frustrations and co-workers and even the people you love when Mars enters this same zodiac house on 24 June. If your problems have been caused by impulse and rash spending you need to address this within yourself and not project your anger and others. Under this transit there is also the possibility of resigning from a position at the drop of a hat. Think things through before making such an important decision.

If you are able to contain yourself then the transit of Mars into your 7th house of partnerships on 9 August will not present too many problems and in fact you need partners to help you through the difficult 8th house transits which relate to loans, taxes and other banking issues and that will occur during the transits of the Sun on the 8th house after 23 August. You are fortunate that Jupiter transits the 8th house as well on 11 August and this should act as a buffer against any serious problems that are often encountered by these transits. As always continue talking with your partner about how you should manage money and respect their view at this time.

You may need to look at mediation throughout September particularly if you haven't been able to arrive at some sort of common ground with your business partners. This will relate more specifically to those Aquarians who are in business partnerships but we can extend this to any sort of partnership where money are shared and problems can and often do arise. The lunar eclipse in Aries on 28 September is a vital celestial event prompting you to change the way in which you make agreements and if contracts need to be signed at this time don't be afraid to speak up demand your rights.

One of better times of the year is the transit of the Sun enters your 10th house of career on 24 October. Just preceding this on the 18th, Mars will conjoin Jupiter in the 8th house and this is usually fortuitous and indicates unusual or unexpected sources of income. This may have to do with the professional promotion and an opportunity also to gain a great deal of respect from your employers and co-workers alike.

The benefits of any of these sorts of accolades are seen by the transit of the Sun to the 11th house on 23 November. There may be a pay rise or some unforeseen cash coming your way but to be careful not to spend before you earn it is the final transit of the Sun to your 12th house on 22 December indicates that Christmas may indeed be a rather expensive one for you.

Karma, Luck and Meditation

You're lucky planets Mercury and Venus enter your Sun sign on the 4th and 5th of January 2015 should start off with a big bang spiritually and karmically. This doesn't mean you don't have any work to do, is always work to do but it just means that you'll be favoured by your past with karma in moving forward little more quickly in the first part of the year. The Sun although revitalises you by entering your Sun sign on the 20th. You'll be like by all and will have loads of physical energy to achieve your goals this year.

Good calmer is shown by Venus entering your 2nd house on 28 January and then on 21 February moving to your zone of travels and communications. This also some indication here that students will receive some good news in a study should go smoothly due to this exceptionally good transit.

The connection with Jupiter is always welcome and even though the opposition of Mercury and Jupiter on 2 March seems like a difficult one, it may indeed prove to be fortuitous although not without its challenges. Communicate what you want as people are likely to accommodate you.

The 5th house of your horoscope is to do with your future karma and on 12 April Venus ruling your past karma enters this zone along with Mercury entering the 4th house on the 15th stop there is a lucky cycles and bring happiness and warmth of feeling to you and your family. Connecting with these people brings you back in touch with your roots and also with a deep appreciation of who you are and what you are to become.

Remember your thinking has everything to do with your future karma and destiny is nothing other than an accumulation of your continued thinking. Think good thoughts this year and especially when Mercury enters your 5th house on 1 May remember that the ideas you have can shape what you are to become along with influencing other people. You'll clearly see the connections and implications in this type of philosophy during these transits. You may also experience the joy of being with young people and identifying this feeling inner freedom is related to spontaneous living, very much the way children live. Try to imbibe this type of philosophy as well.

The fruits of your past karma can come to light during the transit of Mercury on the Sun to your 9th house on 28 August and 23rd September. You'll be looking back over your past and can understand how what you've done in the past has now shaped your current circumstances. Meditate on these ideas as they are important in furthering your future happiness.

Dealing with the illness or sorrow of someone close to you may be part of your karma this year and that unfortunately may come to the fore in the middle of December just before Christmas. Being selfless and helping others is one of the most powerful ways of empowering yourself and mitigating the negative influence of planets. You have the support and benefit of friends with that lovely Venus aspect to your 11th house on the 30th which should compensate more than adequately for any of these difficult transits above stop.



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