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Daily Horoscope for Aquarius Daily Horoscope for Aquarius

26 April 2015

Ruling Planets: Uranus, Saturn

You will be overly sensitive to what others have to say today. You could be taking things too personally and this is only going to upset others as a result. Your social affairs are on the ascendancy, but you realise that someone is a little mediaeval in their ways and you have need to correct them on that. They will appreciate your concern and your intention but the outcome may not be as you expect.  In your personal affairs the one you love may be preoccupied and giving too much attention to the professional affairs or so you think. Try the approach of support and see whether that works for you.

Daily Meditation: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep the noisy your balance, you must keep moving - Albert Einstein

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Incredible but true:

Summer is statistically the most hazardous season.

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