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Daily Star Sign Horoscopes

Blue Wheel smallWelcome to your daily Sun sign astrological forecasts. Please click on your star sign in the menu on the left or on the horoscope wheel at the bottom of the page to find out what's happening to you today and tomorrow. The transits of the Moon, Mercury and also the Sun come into play more predominantly when looking at what will happen on a daily basis. Also, the new Moon and full Moon phases give pointers to those specific areas of your life which may be more pronounced on certain months and in particular on certain days.

By knowing in advance when these trends are likely to occur you can better plan to make the most of your life and avoid those difficult situations in which your relationships will come under fire. Health issues, psychological transitions and also professional and social events can be looked at in detail through the transit of the moon.

 In particular, in Vedic astrology the lunar position is given pride of place in determining the temperament of the person as it doesn't have much to say about the instinctive response of a person. The outer part of character is signified by the ascendant and also the Sun. The moon gives us the secrets into the true nature of a person and it's transit also shows how we may automatically react to certain circumstances the rise in our lives.

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The position of the planets helps us to establish the type of reults that may occur on any given day, month or year. Mercury relates to communication, Venus to love and social activities, Mars to physical drive, competitive sports but also injuries.

Jupiter will reveal what is happening over the longer term, say, a year and usually shows where you will expand, grow and nourish yourself. Travels and educational pursuits can also be seen from this planets transit and aspects to it.

Saturn on the other hand is constrictive and can give you a clear insight into what areas of your life will start to tighten up and challenge you. Saturn is also the planet of suffering, loss and even death and so it's transit will show those areas where you need to adjust, and perhaps sacrifice.

Uranus is everything to do with revolutionary change in your life and the unexpected events that can happen.

Neptune is a spiritual planet and like Jupiter will show you what sorts of spiritual opportunities await you. It can to some extent indicate periods of enlightenment and wisdom. By the same token it can show where you may be taken advantage of all deceived.

And Pluto is the transformative element which causes you to release yourself from past habits to become a better person but only through some very severe tests.

Check the ephemeris by clicking here. See where the daily tranists are for the rest of 2015

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