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In introducing the general overview of the face, a couple more important points are noteworthy. They relate to the height and width of the head and face. A person with a developed back head is more emotional, family and socially orientated. The narrower the back head - the less so. The height of the crown indicates the idealism but more so the authority of the person. When the crown is low the person lacks in confidence to the degree that the crown is underdeveloped.

Obviously, an overdeveloped crown produce a tyrannical, authoritarian nature. Next time you're in the office you'll be inspecting a few crowns on superiors heads I suspect! An ambitious nature is also revealed by a well developed crown. The upper portion of the top of the head relates to imagination in proportion to its development and the dominance

Passivity can be detected by the width or narrowness of the head when viewed front on. The length of the head reveals foresight. A short head, when viewed side on indicates lack of forethought and a more live-in-the -moment attitude.

The Hair

Your hair is a measure of physical insulation, endurance and overall strength. If your hair is fine, delicate and silky, you are sensitive and also likely to be fragile physically especially if you are of a slender build. Thick wiry hair is an indication of your physical prowess and your resilience in life. You have great recuperative powers and may like a challenge in life.


The Forehead

The Forehead can be broadly categorized as follows - A wide forehead expresses your cleverness and practicality - being someone capable of executing duty diligently. This gives you high idealism and a wealth of ideas. A high rounded and deep forehead depicts your idealism, but with a focus on strong friendship. A narrow forehead is considered an obstacle to fulfillment,especially in social situations. Constraints in family life. Need to think things through.

Shallow forehead with a low hairline may cause many obstacles to your career success and parental troubles between the ages of 15 and 30.

Flat forehead gives you a more pragmatic nature, given to factual expression.

Exaggerated forehead reveals you are certainly a dreamer - one who needs to anchor your ideas firmly to a plan of achievement.

The receding or "flying" forehead betrays your impatient and spontaneous manner in life. Possessing an indented forehead is not a good omen for you employment or business prospects. Plan and work carefully. Indented with powerful eyebrow ridge means you are quick tempered, impulsive and ambitious.

A pointed forehead shows your high intelligence if your hairline is set back and not too narrow.

The Eyes 

Most importantly, look to the eyes. Prominent eyes with bright sparkle or glitter are preferable to small, squinty or shifty eyes which reveal an introverted and secretive nature. In fact the eyes are the most important feature in your close encounters of the business kind. In your search for that employee or partner, look for eyes that sit firmly whilst gazing steadily. This reflects a solid and persevering nature and a person of stability and forthright disposition. In contrast, a wandering or shifty eye portends a nature given to unsettled and inconsistent habits. Restlessness will be evident and other features supporting your observation and gut feeling, a tendency to dishonesty and unreliability will be marked in this type. In short, this is a person of meagre commitment.

Unevenly set eyes convey an unique meaning. Firstly, the person is capable of seeing things from a different perspective and applying lateral thought processes to resolving problems. These people will analyze your comments and observations with a "left-of-field" mentality. Often you will be amazed at the impromptu insights that they offer. If you are looking for someone with a flair for shifting paradigms - then here's your man or woman. These people become invaluable assets to a company looking for enginuity in it's approach.

If the eyes slant upwards the person is an opportunist - more so if the brows also slant in that direction (cats eyes look). Many models like Elle McPherson and Claudia Schiffer possess these eyes. They know how to get what they want. If the eyes are of the opposite slant i.e. slanting downwards, the person may be a little self deprecating and at the mercy of others. They are hardly able to say "no".

The late Princess Dianna and Michael Jackson share a feature of the eyes. They possess floating irises also known as sampaku. The whites are visible under the iris. This indicates an inner turbulence - a person at odds with the world. Though spiritual in nature, they are hard to please or understand and have very high expectations of others. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln also shared these traits.

The whites visible above the irises may indicate some dangerous elements within the personality. An explosive temper may be latent in this type and the nature very forceful. Caution is the operative word in this case. Charles Manson exhibited these eyes. Chinese face readers call them wolves eyes.

Look at how close or widest the eyes are. Ideally, there should be at least one eye width between both eyes. That being the case, you can assume your subject has a balanced judgement and clear view of the world. The closer set the eyes the narrower the opinion and view of the world at large. It may also reflect an overdependence on parental and family structures. These people may need a nudge to develop their own independent lifestyles. Their willpower should be strengthened in the search for their own self assurance. Employees and workers displaying eyes of this type certainly need continual encouragement to grow in self confidence. You will find these types possess little forbearance or tolerance and may crack under stress. Trivial matters can be blown out of all proportion.

In contrast, the wide set eyed character is far more tolerant and broadminded in perspective. People of this class may present a flagrant disregard for authority and advice. A delicate blend of firmness and understanding will iron out the initial stresses between you and this type. Offer them alternative choices in their decision making processes. In respect of career, these types need room to breathe. Give them plenty of space to explore their creative potential. At times these types possess too broad and superficial an opinion. Pauline Hanson is a case in point.

Deep set eyes betoken an intense, possessive, yet observant nature. When you look into the deep set eyed person you can be sure that the mind motivating them is idealistic and inspirational. Often writers and creatively driven personalities possess deep set eyes. They are romantic to the core. Omar Shariff's or Val Kilmer's eyes represent this class. This idealism is tempered after the age of 35 and surprisingly, reveals a more than capable ability in financial matters. They are of sound judgement, compassionate and serious minded. A philosopher's face may often also display a deep set "soul window". You will need to carefully analyze and balance the other facial features to see whether this type is scattered and impractical. The square or round chin will anchor this type to a more empirical lifestyle. In this case, from a commercial point of view, the middle aged with deep set eyes may be a positive asset to you.

Besides, a roving and unsteady eye, one incapable of looking at you directly, is an attempt to mask inner intentions. Sometimes though, the shy and discouraged will also reflect a similar eye. The look in these cases is an important factor in discriminating between one or the other. Through practice the "look" can be ascertained quite easily and can reveal amazingly accurate character snapshots of your subjects.

What does the look entail? Some looks are cold, others endearing, angry, weak or strong. It is the look which can override an otherwise attractive face. Soft, enticing features will be neutralized by a stern and unfeeling eye or a look which is hard and cruel. Always balance your judgement of character by the look in the eyes that present themselves before you.

Be watchful of people who look drunk even when they haven't had a single beer. Their eyelids sit very heavily over the eyes. Remember, don't jump to conclusions in any of your assessments. For example, the heavy lidded one may have had little sleep the night before. A sleepy or drunken look is one that is seen in both men and women. It offers a preview of a personality given to strong sexual desire, more so if the lips are excessively thick and slightly opened. Here is a libidinous nature, but one which may be lazy too. Periods of misfortune and despondency are also revealed in this look. Unless you prefer a casual and uncommitted worker or relationship... next please. Cold and unflinching eyes with small pupils and sharp eye light may appear cruel. If the person possesses other features such as a pointed and downward turning nose, sharp angular shaped face and tightly pursed thin lips, be certain that the individual is indeed cruel - both mentally and even perhaps physically. This is a combo for ruthlessness. Accentuated jowels add more weight to your testimony.

The "look" of the eye and its internal expression is something that cannot be taught in words but doesn't necessarily require years of experience to learn. In fact we more or less instinctively do it when we meet people in various situations.

The color of the iris is also an important determinant in your appraisal of character. A deep blue color means that you are in the company of a highly sexed yet gentle and sensitive being. Light blue eyes suppose an individual who is likely to enjoy flirting with the opposite sex.

Deep green eyes are not only highly energized like their blue eyed cousins but very inventive too - both in practical and personal affairs. You will need a lot of time to understand the spontaneous and sometimes willful mind of a green eyed person. Men and women of genius often possess this colored eye. You'll need to sharpen your intellectual skills with green eyed people.

Grey eyes reveal a high degree of intelligence and imagination but passion may be less pronounced in this type as reasoning may subdue a part of their initiative. They are a refined class of people with a fastidious streak.

Black eyes are very rare and when encountered are extremely striking. They are somewhat strong natured individuals and don’t always present their case with what you'd call, finesse. You'd need to toughen up your skin to live or work with a black eyed character. A tumultuous road lay ahead if you opt for a life of black eyed fun??.



The Eyebrows

The eyebrow speaks of reputation, fame and temperament too. In many cases I have found a developed brow line also shows a high degree of dexterity or ability with the hands (engineers, electronics, civil engineers, drafts persons and architects). Individuals who are observant and who have to combine refined measurements with dexterity will have the brow line well developed.

The highly arched or ideal brow often seen in the faces of film stars is described as a dramatic brow.

The low set brow reveals an impulsive temperament whilst a higher brow signals a more cautious attitude to decision making.

A single thick brow over the nose bridge is a sign of intensity and possessive or jealous nature.

A straight brow is the sign of an aesthetic and sensitive temperament.


The Nose

The intensity of physical action is related to oxygen intake, and the external instruments of the body responsible for that function is the nose. A good sized nose is certainly an indication of wealth too and the capacity to earn money. It shows the attitude a person has to the issue of finances. Ideally the nostrils should be well concealed for the best financial prospects. The ages of 40 to 50 are ruled by the nose.

The Ideal nose has a high, straight, full and fleshy tip with gently flared but protected nostrils.

The fleshy tip indicates cordiality and warmth of personality. Deep empathy with others. Set high standards for themselves and are good mannered (Lailin). Oversized nose tip results in violent tendencies. The larger - the more prone to an act of violence

An Aquiline Nose portrays strong will, independence and enterprise with successful mid years.

An upturned nose betokens a luck in social circumstances and a love of mixing with people.

Other noses may include :-

  • High bridge & pointed: High degree of energy and very curious mind.
  • Large: High energy levels but may be more materially concerned than spiritual.
  • Small: Reserved, shy type.
  • Thin: Highly strung, on edge and somewhat irritable with trifles.
  • Wide: Expressive but may develop a devil may care attitude.
  • Long: Prudent but anxious.
  • Short: Happy, natural.
  • Short Snub: Friendly but also secretive. Slow meticulous approach to life.
  • Straight: Disciplined nature which is methodical.


The Philtrum

The groove on the upper lip, below the nose is worth mentioning. It is called the philtrum. If it is clearly marked, deep and long, it augurs well for a strong and healthy energy levels and vitality. Flat, weak and unpronounced philtrums are a mark of reduced life force and drive.


The Mouth

The mouth is related to communication, speech and the sensual appetites like eating and sex. The lips relate to our ability to nurture others in loving relationships. If the upper lip is considerably thinner than the lower lip, it reveals an inability to reciprocate in relationships. Conversely, a thinner lower lip indicates an overly giving nature.

Lips which are full, round and even convey to you that the person is caring and sensitive. The upper and lower lips in equal distribution reveal a well meaning and communicative personality.

If the lips are large it means an expensive and somewhat luxurious taste - but an expressive and generous temperament nonetheless. Often the large mouthed person can be very vocal under pressure, needing to verbalize, sometimes excessively, their dissatisfaction and frustration.

Small lips which are also tightly pursed warn of a self centered and mean character. The downward curvature of the lips is an marking pointing to discontent in most matters. You may find it hard to please these types irrespective of what you do or say. Look for upward curved lips which indicate the opposite - someone cordial and optimistic with a sunny disposition. Ex Prime Minister Bob Hawke exhibited the thin downward turned lips.

Narrow lips reveal an unemotional character who lives more or less an internalized life, never able to enjoy the pleasure of sharing deeper feelings.

As well:-

Large lips mean a rich and luxurious taste. Expressive and generous temperament.

  • Small: Selfish, miserly.
  • Curving down: Discontented.
  • Large lips: Hedonistic.
  • Curving up: Cheerful.
  • Curved lips: Changeable.
  • Straight lips: Self-controlled.
  • Narrow lips: Unemotional.


The Chin

This relates to the stamina of the individual and the stronger the jaw line the greater the degree of stamina and endurance. People with very strong jaw lines can sometimes be considered stubborn. If the jaw line exceeds the balance of other features in the face, don't be too hasty in your judgement as this may simply mean a person who has strong convictions and who is not easily swayed by the opinions of others.

The chin should be rounded or square in shape with a gentle fullness. If this is the case, the latter part of life, during the 60's and 70's will be satisfying and lucky.

A protruding chin displays a strongly independent, determined individual.

Weak or receding chin reveals a weaker willed personality.

Jawline extending beyond earline betokens an individual who doesn't like losing and who may brook no opposition.


The Ears

The ears fall in the mid section of the head but represent the early, formative years of life between birth and 15. As such, look to the ears to determine the foundation of life and the potential for achievement especially during the mid life ages 40 - 50.

The ears should exhibit good, fleshy inner and outer helixes. Thin and poorly shaped outer helixes may reveal diminishing health.

Some other general types of ears are as follows:-

  • Set Close to Head: Plans ahead and is thrifty. Doesn't like to leave too much to chance.
  • Protruding: An original thinker. Lonely. Non conformist.
  • Ears with small lobes: Not easy to achieve sexual fulfillment Dependant and may lack initiative.
  • Ears with large lobes: Independent, strong minded.
  • Large ears: Intellectual.
  • Longer than wider ears: Keen, impractical.
  • Small ears: Instinctive.
  • Ears with no lobes: Unresponsive and lacks purpose.


The Cheeks

If status and position mean anything at all to you, you'll begin paying a lot more attention to this part of your own and others' faces. Cheeks tell the story of industriousness, power and authority in a person's life. Although as westerners we have a preference for a prominent and bonier style of cheek, the eastern (especially Chinese face readers) have a different perception.

Ideally, your cheeks should be prominent, fleshy and high set with full body, color and a warm glow. These attributes must be balanced against the position and strength of your nose. Both these features should harmonize with each other. The cheeks should stand somewhat apart from the nose not crowding it, nor too distant. The height of both should not detract from each other. If you do indeed possess fine cheeks of this description you will have very good chances of all round happiness.

In describing the ideal cheeks, Santa Clause may spring to mind with his rosy and shiny set of chubby cheeks. But according to eastern opinion, the excessively shiny cheek is indicative of digestive trouble. The cheeks are a pretty good barometer of health changes from time to time. Keep a close watch on your own biological gauge your cheeks. Other cheek colors to take note of in yourself and others are...

  • Overly red cheek: lung and bronchial imbalance
  • Shiny and red: gallbladder and/or heart problems
  • Red and rashy: trouble in the intestinal region

And in the sphere of personal relationships the color of the cheeks may also herald some very important changes. For example,

  • Blue or greenish tinge - turbulence or difficulty in love life
  • Dark or grey tinge - inner dissatisfaction and poor circumstances generally
  • Any moles or marks which appear suddenly are indicators of danger or trouble through deception

The stronger the cheeks, the more authoritative you are. Those in positions of control, executive power and leadership will often be seen to possess very strong, prominent cheeks. In romance and marriage, the partner with the more powerful cheeks is said to control the other. When meeting others of the opposite sex take note of the strength of the cheeks. Compare your own and study the play of energies between you. Who is the dominant partner? Do you or the other person own the stronger cheeks? In this way you should foster the spirit of understanding and insight into your relationships - both for business and pleasure.

If your cheeks are prominent yet not fleshy it shows your frugal and economical disposition. You have a natural thrift not only where money matters are concerned but in virtually every department of life. You hate waste! You may be the one in the family who must eat the last vegetables left on your child's plate for fear that they may end up in the bin. Or, if you have a pet, you take pleasure in seeing that no scraps have been discarded by being offered at the door of the kennel for the next morning's breakfast.

In the case of undeveloped cheeks means you or not that forceful in your communication style and tend to be a little laid back but usually quite happy with what providence brings along. You must be a little wary that this doesn't deteriorate into an apathetic stance, which may cause lost opportunities for you.

Sometimes the cheeks appear to be strong in their presentation and are pronounced but lacking at the base. This means you are a forceful individual who is combative by nature. You are reactive to the circumstances and people around you and are learning the lessons of graciously living and letting live.

If your cheeks are narrow but strong you have a very stubborn streak in your nature. You are not easily changed in opinion or swayed from the course of action you set your mind upon. You are also extremely forceful in the way you present your opinions and ideas to others. This may not serve you as well as you think - especially if you require the support of your peers and superiors in your professional arena.


VIRGO, Apr. 2nd 2015

Your energy levels should be up right now, and if you wish to have even more energy, increasing the amount of sleep...


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