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In Roman Mythology Jupiter is the King of the Gods, a guardian and protector and is mainly connected with the day Thursday. Jupiter is also commonly referred to as the Planet of royalty, culture and philosophy.

Jupiter is a tolerant and expansive planet. Being the first of the social planet, Jupiter searches for insight through knowledge and wisdom. Keywords associated with Jupiter include morality, hope, gratitude, honor and the law, while being associated with good fortune, prosperity, growth and expansion.

Jupiter rules a person's inner sense of justice and morality, governing their ideals, higher goals, education and desire to travel. Freedom, exploration, and joviality are commonly associated with Jupiter, marking why it is the ruler of the astrological signs Sagittarius, Pisces and is also exalted in Cancer.

Jupiter has a great influence over individuals potential for growth in many different aspects of their life such as physically, intellectually, spiritually, culturally and materialistically, further proceeding over the accumulation of power and status. Jupiter reflects a person's optimism, dreams and aspirations, being the significator for children, fame, prosperity, education, political power, luck, finances and long journeys.

Jupiter is considered a transpersonal, societal planet, within astrological charts, presenting itself as a planet that’s function is larger than itself. Jupiter does not affect the psychological make-up of a personality, but rather presents itself as embracing and social by its nature.

Jupiter represents the very best of what life holds, making clear why it is seen as "everybody's favorite planet." Optimism, mental and spiritual growth fall under its rule, allowing putting you in touch with the great society's gifts, opportunities and offerings. Jupiter's greatest aspects are seen as its good humor, good will and mercy, but can be negatively viewed due to blind optimism, excess, irresponsibility and overindulgence.

Jupiter most strongly represents the way that we express our generosity and tolerance, displaying the way individuals go about trusting others and improving their own personal lives.

Jupiter is presented in many different ways in different cultural astrology's, such as Chinese astrology where it is ruled by the element wood or Indian astrology where Jupiter is known as Guru or Brihaspati and is seen as the 'great teacher'

Jupiter influenced individuals often find themselves interested in careers such as law and legislation, medicine, writing, education, religion and enterprise.

Jupiter influences health issues such as weight problems, cholesterol, intoxication, diabetes, cataracts, the liver, arteries, thighs and neck.

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