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Astrology and The Planets


The planets are heavenly bodies orbiting our Sun and are believed by astrology to not only impact terrestrial events but also life on Earth. Different configurations and aspects of these planets creates subtle forces influencing the biological, mental and emotional states of individuals. Astrology believes that these planets indeed influence our destiny. By understanding the repeated influence of certain configurations and aspects, astrologers can determine the destiny of individuals using historic observations.

There are nine planets that we are aware of thus far that orbit the sun. Since 1992, a few additional planets have been discovered orbiting other stars. Vedic astrologers contend that there are also sub planets and the nodes such as Rahu ( Lunar North Node ) and Ketu ( Lunar South Node ).
There is an order of the planets usually listed by an outward distance from the Sun - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node and South Node.

Pluto is not always the most distant planet from our Sun, but because of its very eccentric orbit moves inside the path of Neptune for about 20 years every 248 years.

According to astrology the planets are classed as personal and impersonal. The innermost four planets -- Mercury, Venus, and Mars -- are the personal planets whereas the next five, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and Pluto -- are called impersonal. Rahu and Ketu can be classed as nebulous and at times personal and at other times impersonal. These are also referred to as shadowy planets or point sources of energy.


The planets rule the 12 signs of the zodiac in the following manner:

Leo             = governed by the Sun
Gemini or Virgo = governed by Mercury
Taurus & Libra  = governed by Venus
Cancer          = governed by Moon
Aries           = governed by Mars
Sagittarius     = governed by Jupiter
Capricorn       = governed by Saturn
Aquarius        = governed by Saturn and Uranus 
                    (In modern astrology Aquarius is ruled by Uranus)
Pisces          = governed by Neptune 
                    (In old school astrology Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter)
Scorpio         = governed by Pluto 
                    (In old school astrology Scorpio is also ruled by Mars)


There is some contention among scholars as to which signs of the zodiac Rahu and Ketu rule but some are of the opinion that Rahu rules Aquarius and Ketu rules Scorpio. Rahu is also known as an agent of Saturn while Ketu is an agent of Mars. In other words these planets give similar results to the planets of which they are agents.


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