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Love and Romance Compatibility

Love, Romance and CompatibilityHow compatible are you with your current partner, lover or friend? Did you know that astrology can reveal a whole new level of understanding between people simply by looking at their star sign and that of their partner? Here you will discover some special insights which will help you better appreciate the strengths and challenges of love using Sun sign compatibility.

The Sun reflects your drive, will power and personality. The essential qualities of two star signs blend like two pure colors producing an entirely new shades. Relationships, similarly, produce their own emotional colors when two people interact. The following is a general guide to your romantic prospects with others and how by knowing the astrological "color" of each other, the art of love can help you create a masterpiece romantically.

When reading the following I ask you to remember that no two star signs are ever totally incompatible. With effort and compromise, even the most 'difficult' astrological matches can work. Don't close your mind to the full range of life's possibilities! Learning about each other and ourselves is the most important facet of astrology. Each star sign combination is followed by the elements of those star signs and the result of their combining: for instance, Aries is a fire sign and Aquarius is an air sign and this combination produces a lot of 'hot air'. Air feeds fire and fire warms air. In fact, fire requires air. However, not all air and fire combinations work. I have included information about the different birth periods within each star sign and this will throw even more light on your prospects for a fulfilling love life with any star sign you choose. Good luck in your search for your soul mate and may the stars shine upon you. Find out about your love and compatibility now. 


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