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Aquarius Love and Romance Overview

Freedom is an essential part of an Aquarians lifestyle so many prefer to remain single for as long as possible.  Life will be made much easier for you if you're fortunate enough to meet someone who can respect this need.  This will actually enhance your love for that person. 

Your opinions about true love are quite strong and so are your feelings.  You are not traditional in nature and may show your love in a way that could be quite disconcerting to those who have not been reared in the same way you have.  You have an individual and unique view on life and the way you approach a relationship may be a little uncomfortable for others because you are just so different. It's not a bad idea to test the waters first before shocking people with your antics.

As an Aquarian you will want to have a friendship with your loved one and may even enjoy a living-apart relationship.  Who knows, this may work perfectly well for you both but only if your partner is on the same wavelength as you and understands your need for freedom.

You need relationships that can help you grow and allow your mind to remain constantly active.  Your love of exploring the possibilities that are available to you could at times break the barriers of what is considered "normal" in society.  In your young years you will push these ideas to the limits for the simple reason that you can they say "been there, done that".  Later on you may settle down to a more typical approach to relationships but with the full satisfaction of knowing that you at least explored those avenues to their natural conclusion.

The typical Aquarian will expect understanding and tolerance of their oddities and personal freedom of movement and action and will guard their independence jealously. Equality is extremely essential in any relationship and if someone tries to exert an unfair level of control over you, you can be absolutely sure that it will backfire on them and bring the relationship crashing down.  As long as you have a mutually sharing style relationship, you will be happy.

Asking for your needs to be met doesn't present you with any problems at all, irrespective of what those needs may be.  You're honest, perhaps even blunt some would say, but there'll be no ambiguity about where you're coming from.  Although you're loyal and trustworthy as a friend and lover, you need that freedom and independence to explore unique friendships along the way.  Hopefully you'll find a liberal minded partner who understands that this is just your way of growing as a human being.
You'd probably be rather embarrassed if anyone saw your secret list of the most admirable traits to look for in a partner as I can say for certainty that they will not resemble any of your friends preferences.  Your list is likely to contain some of the most farfetched and unusual points and you may in fact secretly desire someone who is very unusual in your group; a person that would be commented on to be "out there", a free thinking individual who has the world to conquer. 

There's a strong social element to the sign of Aquarius and your partner will need to accept this.  Parties, groups, clubs and other organizations which are connected with spiritual or social issues but offer a socially entertaining backdrop, are all necessary for your mental and emotional wellbeing.  If your partner is prepared to join in and support you in all these endeavours, well and good.  This will only serve to enhance the relationship and the love you have for each other.

Your search for love and meaning will continue throughout your life, on your own terms. You're not afraid of societal taboos and are in fact even likely to continue to investigate these forbidden sexual and emotional avenues. If someone is prepared to join you on this journey and share in the excitement and joy that comes from this relationships, then you'll be all the better for it.  If however you find yourself with someone who is unaware of the world's greater needs, you'll be off to greener pastures. 

Aquarius Lover

You'd be mistaken if you think that just because Aquarius is regarded as the progressive unconventional sign of the zodiac that there's no room whatsoever for conventional relationships to be part of your Aquarian nature.  Of course you do think outside the square and like your relationships to be just that little bit different but once you meet the person of your dreams you are extremely loyal and fixed just in the same way as the zodiac sign of Aquarius is fixed.

Aquarius is an experimental sign and deviation as I mentioned in the first paragraphs of your character analysis seem to be part of your development and understanding of the true nature of relationships.  I've met many of you who explain to me that in the earlier part of their lives and the many relationships that were experienced were a sort of litmus test for what was wanted and what was to be discarded and weeding out the unnecessary for that which is true and loving.

The humanitarian ideal, its progressive and experimental side of your nature is a preparatory ground for aspiring to a true love relationship in which commitment can and usually is rock solid.  Steadfastness is not often associated with the loving ways of an Aquarian but that's just not true.  We mustn't oversimplify any star sign, least of all yours Aquarius as we can see in this example.  The truth in the way you love can't be generalised through astrology books.

Perhaps part of the reason you have a playful nature and want to explore with multiple partners the arena of love and your feelings is because your fifth zone of love affairs is ruled by Gemini and Mercury.  This is youthful, playful and sometimes superficial sign that reveals a lot about how you approach love.  You hate the idea of a stale relationship.  Mercury endows you with a quick rapport, a curious nature and a feeling that you will never grow old.  You need to keep your love alive, bubbling over with communication, interest and fun.  If this is not what your partner aspires to then you may have difficulty sustaining this relationship.

When it comes to marriage the sign of Leo and the sun dominate this department of your life.  It's a well known fact the sign of Leo is one of the most loyal and trusted of the signs.  It shows too that you're attracted to people who have strong egos and radiate dramatic flair in the way they deal with the world.  You need someone who is your equal and who demonstrates loyalty to you even though you yourself may want the freedom to enjoy many friendships.  And when I say this I don't necessarily mean sexual relationships. 

Freedom at all costs!

Your spouse must be prepared to offer you the freedom to explore your intellectual and social interests as this is so ingrained in your nature.  If they can do this you are a reciprocal sort of person and are more than happy to get behind your partner, standing by them side by side through thick and thin to help them achieve their goals as well.

You bring to your friendships and relationships a sense of oneness, togetherness and group consciousness which is the underlying theme of the sign of Aquarius.  Your humanitarian ideals on a macroscopic level are also found to be just the same on the microscopic or one on one relationship.  You have a sense of oneness when you do fall in love with that special person and bring everything to the relationship to prove your love to them.

It's interesting that your domestic and family activities are ruled by the fixed sign of Taurus - earthy, conventional and stable.  At the end of the day notwithstanding all of these progressive elements in your nature you do secretly desire to have a nurturing and comfortable home life with the one you love with a family that you can support with loving attention.

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