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The Zodiac Sign Taurus

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Symbol of the Zodiac sign Taurus The Taurus Personality and Influences APRIL 21 - MAY 21


Key life phrase

I possess

Zodiac totem

The bull

Zodiac symbol

As above

Zodiac facts

2nd sign of the zodiac; fixed, fruitful, feminine and moist

Zodiac element


Key characteristics

Security-conscious, resolute, sensual, dependable, faithful,secure, proud, obstinate and decisive

Compatible star signs

Virgo, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries

Mismatched signs

Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Ruling planet


Love planets

Mercury and Mars

Finance planet


Speculation planet


Career planets

Saturn and Uranus

Spiritual and karmic planets

Saturn and Mercury

Friendship planet

Neptune and Jupiter

Destiny planet


Lucky numbers and significant years

5, 6, 8, 14, 15, 17, 23, 24, 26, 32, 33, 35, 41, 42, 44, 50, 51, 53, 59, 60, 62, 68, 69, 77, 80

Lucky gems

Diamond, quartz crystal, aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli and emerald

Lucky fragrances

 Sandalwood, jasmine, rose

Affirmation - mantra

I am secure and without need

Lucky days

Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

If you were to describe the typical Taurus temperament, you would probably use words such as "cautious", "practical" and "purposeful". One word you definitely wouldn’t use is "impulsive".

When you are making important decisions in life, decisions about things that are vital to your security and the welfare of those you love, you spend a long time on them. You want those decisions to be rock solid.

Once your mind is made up, you have amazing persistence and follow through, plus tons of energy — you rarely give up on a task once you have decided on it. And you’ll stick to your guns, even if you’re being provoked, tempted or ridiculed. This will be a blessing at some times and a curse at others.

Sometimes this ability to hang in there can turn into pride and obstinacy. At other times you refuse to accept another opinion or suggestion, even though the advice is reasonable and the person offering it has nothing but good intentions. What if the person is right?

Those who love you and offer you constructive criticism don’t mean to hurt you — they have your best interests at heart — and what they offer can be useful to you. Try to remember that.

If you look inside yourself, you’ll see that sometimes the reason you hold on to your position or opinion so fiercely is that you fear change. Because you take such pride in your ability to see things through to the end, people who try to meddle with what you have set out to do, or change the rules of the game, are likely to hear from you, loud and clear. You really, really want to finish what you start.

Also, people will not have much success if they try to push something onto you and leave you no room to control your destiny. Then the bull in you really starts to make itself heard and felt.

On the other side of the coin, you also like to take it easy. This goes back to liking to leave things as they are. You may need to keep an eye on this — complacency and apathy are down the end of that path.

Change is the only constant in life and you may need to remind yourself of this every now and then; trying to resist all change leads only to stress and dissatisfaction with your life and relationships.

You also have a great love affair with the finer things in life. If you could find a servant to help with all the boring jobs you hate, you could live the luxurious life you dream of!

You are a great mate. When you agree to help someone, you go to any lengths to keep your word. You’ll never let yourself or others down. You are extremely dependable.

You’re also exceptionally sensitive and very patient. You’re prepared to wait as long as it takes for the right moment to act and you seize the opportunity when it wanders anywhere near you. Patience is one of your greatest virtues and it usually pays off.

Having honorable intentions, plus your patience and perseverance, are what others see as your finest — and most recognizable — character traits.

Your one-track mind about doing a job right— either at work or at home — has a good and a bad side. It means you’re very focused on what you’re doing, which is good but it also means you drive people crazy by showing them the ‘correct way’ to do things. Your family may not appreciate lessons in how to clean and stack the dishes or drive the car!

Actually, simplicity is what appeals to you — you can’t stand pompousness and look-at-me behavior. You know that beauty is not about what you wear or what hairstyle you have.

You enjoy getting your hands dirty with gardening, practical hobbies and odd jobs around the home. Hard work does not scare you in the least.


Taurus is a touchy-feely sign, which means you rely on your feelings rather than your mind when you try to understand your experiences.

You trust your own intuition about others — and you are usually right. However, you have terrific reasoning skills as well, so don’t dismiss your sensible nature; balancing these two sides of yourself will increase your success in life.

If you are a Taurean born between 20 April and 29 April you are under the double influence of Venus. You are sensual, loving and destined to be lucky in love. Try to curb your appetite to have the biggest and best of everything however. Learning the art of contentment is one of your main life lessons.

Born between 30 April and 10 May? Well Taurus, I see you have a very active mind are sometimes overly critical of yourself and others. Rely on your intuitive feelings rather than analyzing every detail. This will bring you far more happiness in your life.

As a Taurean born between 11 May and 21 May you are prone to a more serious financial attitude in life. You like the idea of being practical and saving for a rainy day. That's fine but don't forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your financial sense is very strong and is one of your best assets.


April 21 - 29

Those of you born between the 21st and the 29th of April have the double Taurus/Venus energy. You are enamored by love and romance and will struggle to meet the right sort of person in your life. Once you do, you’ll be able to share the deepest parts of your personality and your emotions with them. Caring for the one you love is a high priority in your life.

April 30 - May 10

Those of you born between the 30th of April and the 10th of May have humorous, quick-witted and versatile Mercury also ruling your birth dates. This means you are a consummate communicator whose mind is constantly bubbling over with ideas. Far from your typical Taurean brothers and sisters who are a little slow off the mark, you are endowed with considerable speed and business acumen as well.

May 11 - 21

Being born between the 11th and the 21st of May makes you extremely interested in finance and it’s quite likely that you will amass a small fortune at some point in your life. You’re a practical individual who knows how to save your pennies for a rainy day. Your main objective in life is your personal security but you also care deeply for your family and loved ones and wish to take them under your wing.



Taurus - Aries cusp

You are fiercely independent having the additional character traits of the sign of Aries.  This sign is the one previous to yours and if you were born between the 21st till the 28th of April you will exhibit many of the traits of the Ram.

As well as having the fiery aspects of the Martian sign Aries, you are dependable, somewhat stubborn it always extremely reliable and also loyal.  You have an ability to express your creative desires with great energy and persuasion.  You have immense amounts of energy to achieve your objectives but no one should ever cross your path as you have a combative and explosive streak to your nature as well.

Aries born individuals are very outspoken so you will always speak your mind even if for others this is uncomfortable.  Because you have such a high level of Mars energy your drive and demands on others may be a little hard to cope with.

You will always have money and make a point to strive hard to achieve financial success and independence as well.  Even if in the early stages of your life you are not super wealthy, you will slowly but surely grow and their stake which will hold you in good stead later in your life.

Try to learn the art of flexibility and don't butt heads with others.  You may experience relationship problems if you are not more accommodating of the other person's opinion.  Developing the art of listening will be one of your main lessons in life.  Learning humility can be a key to achieving a greater level of harmony in your personal relationships-both social and marital.


Taurus - Gemini cusp

The tenacity and determination of your typical Taurus Sun sign is given an interesting intellectual twist by having Gemini as an influence on your personality.  This means that if you were born in the last week or so of Taurus that is between the 15th until the 22nd of May you will have a mixture of influences from your Sun sign of Taurus as well as Gemini.

The typical Venus influence of your Taurus Sun sign is quickened by the Mercurial and Gemini influence.  You have a curious nature and can use your imagination in a practical way.  Unlike the typical Gemini who has difficulty in stabilizing their thought you are much steadier and have greater command over your thinking processes is.  You will use these gifts to achieve success in life.

Although you still have the stability and tenacity of your Taurus Sun sign, you're also influenced by intellectual and curious Gemini.  Your communication will be interesting and compassionate at the same time.  You have many interesting things to teach others but have no time for impractical ideas that cannot enhance your life and provide the security you desire for your family and loved ones.

You're never in danger of being too impulsive or even outspoken as you have the ability to put yourself in another person's shoes and think about how they would react.  Although you are clever in your speech you measure your words and are able to make a great impression on others.  You give great advice and people come to you to receive assistance in working out their problems.  Your wealth of experience is being shared and helps the community and world at large.

You don't have difficulty in making a decision but you like to look at all the alternatives before moving forward.  Some people think you are indecisive but this is not the case.  You are careful to not only assess a good outcome but will see what the down side of situation is as well.  You cover all bases.

One area you need to be careful of is in holding too strongly to your opinions.  Even if you are right on some issues there may be times when it is better to eat a little humble pie and keep the peace.  This is an important life lesson and you must not get caught up in becoming an island unto yourself.  Give others the opportunity to express their opinions and try to see things from the other person's point of view.

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